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Writing an article can be one of the simplest things you ever created.  All you need is a subject and enough interest in that subject to be able to write about it.  Of course, with every writing form, there are different ways to write one!  By picking the right way to structure and present your article, you’ll be able to pull in more readers with less effort.

101 Ways to Beef-up Your Bank Account

We’re all familiar with titles like this.  Everyone wants something, and everyone, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, loves numbers!  They’re quick, easy, and to the point.  With a number comes a promise.  That promise can be anything from a Top 10 list to a massive list of 101 ways to help you get richer.  Best of all, the reader knows what they’re getting into before they start reading.  The benefit of using a title like this is you can structure your entire article like a list and deal with one item at a time.

The How To FAQ Approach

When putting together a tutorial or similar article, sometimes it’s worth the time to compile a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of likely questions a beginner is going to have.  Once you’ve asked yourself all the important questions and filled in the answers, you can assemble your article like an interview, where the question is the interviewer and the answer is the interviewee.  But don’t just jump right in.  You’re teaching something.  Let your readers know what it is you’re doing by adding a short introduction and concluding paragraph.

Alphabet Soup

Everyone uses numbers in a list, but have you ever thought of using letters?  For this method you’re going to have to get a little creative.  Assemble an A-Z, much like the How To FAQ, only this time you’re going to have 26 mini-paragraphs, beginning from A and ending at Z.  Start off your article with a word that begins with A and work your way all the way down to Z.  It will take some thought to come up with the ending letters, like Q, X and Z, but that will make the article all the more fun for your audience to read.

Doctor Who’s Got Nothing On Me!

Let’s take a moment and think about time.  It only runs one way no matter how hard you try to make that telephone booth blast off. That’s why when you’re writing an article that relates to time, you never want to jump back and forth in your timeline.  Much like a journal, label each paragraph with a date and stick to that date throughout the entire paragraph.  If you want to move onto another date, make another paragraph.  Most importantly, keep your timeline in chronological order.  For example, Steven Spielberg didn’t create Gremlins before E.T., so if your article is about Mr. Spielberg’s best films, it’s always worth starting from the beginning.

“Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Quotes, quotes, glorious quotes!  Everyone loves a good quote.  From Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be…” all the way to Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back,” quotes grab attention and can help your article flow from paragraph to paragraph.  For every line break, find a suitable quote to accompany the words to follow.  It makes for a nice transition and helps inform your audience what you’re going to talk about next.  So if you’re writing an article on money-saving tips, for example, why not assemble some proverbs that relate to a corresponding paragraph?  Give it a try!  It can be fun and really help get those creative juices flowing.

It All Adds Up

If you like the numbers idea but think order can go to hell, why not use the number’s promise in a non-order-specific way?  For instance, if your article is a cause and effect kind of piece, why not make a list of independent steps?  Things like “Write 1 page per day and you’ll write a novel in a year,” or “Bring a packed lunch to work and save $50 per week.”  Using this method allows you to make a list and form an article, but you don’t have to worry about a step-by-step order.  This can be useful to your readers because they don’t have to worry about screwing up and having to start again at step one.

The World is at Your Fingertips

Everyone loves hearing about new and fantastic places, so if you’re writing an article on travel this is the method for you.  Research the area you’re interested in and find its most beautiful sights, awesome deals, and best places to stay.  Every single place in the world has something wonderful to offer someone, so why not exploit that?  Maybe it’s the world’s largest ball of bellybutton lint, an awe-inspiring castle, or a hidden spring below a rocky mountain.  Tell your readers about area, its history, or even the haunted house on the edge of town.  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so put your own spin on it and make it shine.  Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most amusing to write about.

By choosing the right style of article, combined with a tiny bit of effort, you can write an article in no time flat.  It doesn’t have to be an important topic.  Make it hip, fun, informative, or completely random.  The possibilities on what you can write about are limitless.  In fact, the way you write an article is limitless, too.  The methods supplied above aren’t the only ways to write, but if you’re stuck and looking for ideas, they make a really great source of inspiration.

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