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Jason and I snuck one more kiss and hug before he went home and I went back in the house.  After washing up, I returned to the kitchen to help Mom get dinner ready by setting the table.

“Only set three places tonight, Alex.  Dad has another MMA match at 10:00 PM.  He’s also working with Sensei Lee to relieve some of the stress and tension that he’s been under lately.”

“I like Sensei Lee.  He’s always been good to me.  In fact, just seeing him changes my mood, so I can see why Dad honors and trusts him.”

“Yeah, the sensei only had tonight open, and your dad felt it was important.  I’ll save a portion for him and he’ll eat when he gets home at midnight.”

“I bet his hours get to him, as well, Mom.”

“They’re not really that bad, Alex.  Today he left at 1:00PM and he’ll be home by midnight.  That’s only 11 hours, and an hour of that is travel time.  Plus, don’t forget that he gets off work at 9:30 so he can be ready for his match at 10:00, so his regular workday is only 8 hours.”

“Really?  I thought he was working 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and then went to the MMA matches.”

“Sensei Lee took him off the new student classes for the time being.  He’s also paying Dad for the time that he’s mentoring him.  Let’s just hope it’s doing some good.  Your dad’s been under a lot of stress lately.”

“Wow.  I didn’t know.”

“Yes, but the mentoring seems to be doing some good.  For the last couple of days, Dad’s been a different man.  I like the changes.”

“Hmm… I haven’t seen Dad for the last two days, but Tuesday he seemed a bit stressed out.”

“I know!  It’s like the difference between night and day.  He seems much more at ease, Alex.”

“That’s great, Mom.  What are we having for supper?”

“I have a turkey breast in the oven.  It’s your dad’s favorite.  It’ll be ready in a few minutes.  Why don’t you round up Luke and get him washed up?”

“OK, Mom.  I think he was ‘doing his homework’ in his coloring book.  We’ll be right back.”

I found Luke in the living room, and after telling him how good his ‘homework’ looked, I told him it was time to get ready for supper and waited while he put his crayons back in the box.  He’s a character.  The crayons have to be in a special order, and since I don’t know what the order is, only he can do it right.  Hehe.  I’m glad he only has eight crayons in the box.  I don’t think I have the patience to wait for him to sort out 16, or, God forbid, 64.

“OK, Alex.  I’m done.  Let’s go wash up.”

“You got it, Sport.”

We walked to the bathroom near the kitchen, and I supervised while Luke washed his hands.  It seemed that he either didn’t use enough soap or he tried to use the whole bottle.  I was ready for him this time.  After he climbed up on the step-stool so he could reach the sink, I turned on the water for him.  When he wet his hands, I squirted the soap on his hands for him.  He does pretty well for three years old.  I made sure he rinsed all the soap off his hands and then I helped him dry them.  We got back to the kitchen just as Mom was slicing the turkey breast.

“Alex, I’m getting a plate for your father.  Help Luke with his, please.”

“I’ve got it, Mom.”

“Alex, can I cut my own meat?”

I put a slice of turkey and some veggies on Luke’s plate and said, “Sure, Sport.  Let me know if you need help.”

Luke tried unsuccessfully to cut the meat for about 30 seconds and said, “OK, Alex, I need help now.”

“Not bad, Luke.  You did 30 seconds all by yourself!  That’s the best you’ve done in a long time!  I bet by the time you’re seven you’ll be cutting your meat like a pro!”  I took away his plastic knife and cut his meat for him.

After supper and doing the dishes, I took Luke up to bed.  Tonight he seemed exceptionally tired, despite saying he wasn’t, and he fell asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow.  Returning downstairs, I set up my homework on the kitchen table.  As usual, I was finished in couple of hours.  I’m a “B” student (with a few “A”s every now and then).  After putting my books away, I went into the living room and watched The Mentalist with Mom.  I think she has a crush on Simon Baker.  Hehe.  When the news came on at 10:00 PM, I said goodnight to Mom and gave her a kiss.

Up in my room, I quietly undressed and went to the bathroom to go to the toilet, wash up and brush my teeth.  Fifteen minutes later I was back in my room and had my towel hanging on the rack to dry… and my washcloth was on the hook at the back of my night table.  After taking off my boxer briefs, I slid under the covers.  Tonight I reviewed more of Jason’s memories.  He told Michelle that he knew Ron Conrad, but I was surprised to see why he knew him.  Conrad was a prick and had given Jason a hard time about being gay.  Jason wasn’t the pushover that Conrad was expecting though, and the bully found himself flat on his ass.  Since then, Conrad has kept his distance.  Hmm… now I know what Conrad looks like, too.  That was convenient.

Then I got distracted by another memory of Jason’s.  This had to do with another guy, too, but it was a lot more amicable.  I felt a little guilty ‘reliving’ Jason’s memories… until I remembered that he could do the same with my memories.  Then I wondered if Jason has used my memories to jack off.  After searching for a few seconds, I found that he had.  In fact, it was last night, not long after we texted each other.  Hehe.  You dog, Jason!

Before I knew it, I had my hard dick in my hand and was stroking it.  For a change of pace, I was using my left hand.  It always seems strange when I use my left hand.  It feels different to my dick and to my hand.  It doesn’t feel the same as when I use my right hand, nor does it feel the same as when Jason stroked me.  God!  That was the best!  Other than when he sucked me, of course.  Hehe.  I settled on remembering what Jason and I did at his house this afternoon… from Jason’s viewpoint.  I tried using the technique that Jason liked: stroking the shaft rather than the head of my penis.  I used the biofeedback that I had from Jason to apply to my experience.  It was different, but a good different.  In no time at all I could feel my orgasm building and got my washcloth in place just in time for the fun part.  After cleaning up and putting my washcloth back on its hook, I fell fast asleep.




The next morning I woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off.  When I saw the time, I disabled the alarm and grabbed my towel and washcloth to ‘shit, shower and shave’, as Dad would put it.  It’s not that I had much to shave yet, but I did have a few hairs here and there and if I didn’t shave them, they looked kinda stupid.  When I got in the shower, I thought about my assignment to get with Glenn Taylor.  Glenn and I knew each other from Franklin Middle School.  He was a year behind me.  We met at a basketball game and became fast friends.  Glenn was always talking about the girls, so I obliged him by doing the same.  I have a lot of straight friends and, so far, Jason is the only guy who knows I like guys.  Jason is the only gay guy I know as well.

Back to Glenn… I can’t figure out why Ron Conrad is picking on him.  He’s not a little guy, and he was popular in middle school.  He was a bit of a geek, but he was also on the track and cross country teams.  I never heard anyone talk bad about him, so I guess I’ll have to ask him what’s going on between Ron and him.  Whoa!  All this talking about Glenn has given me a hardon.  I used the opportunity to start my day off right.  Hehe.

After my shower, I pick out the clothes to wear today and, as I’m getting dressed, Luke wakes up and asks to go to the toilet.  I lift him out of his bed and follow him to the bathroom with my clothes.  As Lucas is peeing, I finish dressing.  Then I remind him to wash his hands and help him to dry them.  Once that’s done, Lucas is back in bed and sleeping in less than five minutes.  I check myself out in the mirror and then head downstairs.

Mom is sitting at the kitchen table, having a piece of toast and a cup of coffee.  She has the cereal on the table, so I grab a bowl and spoon and set them on the table, then I get the milk out of the fridge.

“Good morning, sweetie.  Did you sleep well?

“Hi, Mom.  Yep.  I slept like a log.  When did you get to bed?”

“Your dad got home just before midnight and, after he ate his supper, we went to bed around 1:00.  We finally got to sleep about 2:00.”

“GAH!!!  That’s WAY too much information, Mom!” I said horrified.

“Haha!  Why?  What do you think we did for an hour in bed?”

“MOM!  Stop it!  It’ll take forever to get those thoughts out of my brain!”

“Alex, we were talking.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  When we have sex, we’re done in 15 minutes… tops!  Hehe.”

“Oh God!  I’m gonna barf for sure!”

“Alex, stop that!  You know your father and I created you through an act of love.  What the heck do you think that was?  You got a “B” in Biology, didn’t they teach you anything?”

“Yeah – they taught us that old-people sex is disgusting!”

“Not for the old people.  For them it’s really pretty much a fun time.”


“Oh yeah… I made your lunch for you, sweetie.  You like turkey sandwiches, right?  It’s in the fridge.  Don’t forget it.”

“Thanks, Mom.  I just hope my appetite returns by lunchtime.”

I got my lunch from the fridge, put it in my backpack and kissed Mom goodbye before heading out to the bus stop.




I kinda missed having Jason waiting at the bus stop with me, but the bus eventually arrived.  I sat down in an empty seat and Paul Wilson came over and sat down next to me.

“Hey, Blackwell, where’s your friend?  Are you gonna freak when we go over the speed bump today?”  He really seemed concerned.

“Jason is at his work-class-thingy.  He works at the hospital three days a week for three hours each day.”

“Haha!  ‘Work-class-thingy’?  Is that the technical name for it?”

I smiled.  “Yep – that’s it.  As for the freaking out part, we’ll find out soon enough.”

“Dude, just let me know.  I don’t know what to do, but I’m here for you.”

“Thanks, Paul.  I appreciate that, I really do.”  Just as I was saying that, we hit the speed bump and I went numb.

“Dude!  Puppies and kittens!  Puppies and kittens!  Are you OK?”

Paul was frantic, but the way he was saying ‘puppies and kittens’ cracked me up.  It was just what I needed… a distraction.

“Haha!  Yes I am!  Thanks, Paul, ya done good!”  And then I explained how he distracted me and brought me back to the real world.

“I can’t let anything happen to you, Alex… at least not for the rest of the semester.  Hehe.”

“Haha!  Yeah, man, and I love you too.”

The school bus pulled into the parking lot and we got off.  Paul and I walked into the building and over to our lockers.  I got the books I needed and told Paul I’d see him in Chemistry.  Then I headed over to Glenn Taylor’s locker.  He saw me approaching and waved.

“Hey Alex!  What’s up?”

“Not much, Glenn.  I saw you walking in and figured I owed you a ‘hello’.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we talked last.”

“Wow!  Has it really been that long?  Go figure.  How are you, Alex?  I’m doing gre—” but before Glenn could finish his sentence, he saw Ron Conrad was approaching and just froze.

“Hey, Taylor, you faggot!”  That was the first thing I heard Conrad say.  I had been practicing my telekinesis and decided to give it a test.  I looked at Conrad’s left foot and waited for him to start lifting it.  When he did, I held it in place for a split second.  As I figured, this caused Conrad to trip and he went face-first onto the floor and dropped his books.

“Walk much, Conrad?”  I couldn’t resist.

“Who the fuck are you, wise ass?”

“My name’s Blackwell.  When Jason Eichhorn told me what he did to you, I was impressed.  Now I’m not so sure that you didn’t do it to yourself.  Haha!”

“You son of a bitch!  When I get my hands on you, I’ll show you who did what!”  And he got up, left his books on the floor and charged at me.  I used my telekinesis to open a locker in his path and it got him in his right shoulder, spinning him around.  When he tried to get his balance back, I ‘helped’ him by sending his notebook over to him.  As I suspected, he stepped on it.  Then I moved the notebook out from under him, causing him to land on his back.  This was too easy.

“Geeze, Conrad!  You should stop before you kill yourself!”  Conrad was fuming now.

Just then one of the teachers stepped into the hall to see what the disturbance was.  “Mr. Conrad!  How many times do you have to be told that we don’t allow that kind of language here?  Those words just got you three days of detention.  I’ll see you there this afternoon.”

“But Mr. Killian, I have a job!  If I miss three days of work, I’ll get fired!”

“OK, Mr. Conrad.  Be in my office at 7:45 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning next week.  If you miss, or if you’re late, say goodbye to your job, you’ll be given detention.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, but…”

“No ‘buts’, Mr. Conrad.  Just be there.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Conrad was fuming as he bent over to retrieve his books, but he said no more.  When he had them, he walked away, staring daggers at me all the way.

“God, Alex!  That was hilarious!  Conrad was pissed to the max!”

“Hehe.  He sure was, Glenn, but tell me, what was he pissed at you about?”


“Yeah.  He started this off by calling you a faggot.  Why did he do that?”

“Alex, can we talk about this later?  I really have to get ready for my first class.”

OK, Glenn.  You have 4th period lunch, right?  Can we talk there?”

“*sigh*  Sure.  I’ll see you there.”  He didn’t seem happy, but I had to find out what the cause was if Jason and I were going to fix things.




When 4th period rolled around I hurried to the cafeteria to see if I could find Jason before Glenn showed up.  Fortunately, he was there.

“Jason!  What’s up?” I said, and when Jason shook my hand, I whispered, “Read me.  I met Glenn this morning, and Conrad showed up.”

“So I see…  Haha!  You really did that?  You’re evil, dude!”

“Well, I couldn’t have him hurting Glenn when I was there, could I?”

“Alex, be careful.  Conrad can be a mean mo-fo.  Keep looking over your shoulder until this is settled.”

“Will do, but Glenn just walked in.  I don’t think he’ll be receptive to two people, so I’ll talk with you when we’re finished.”

“Fair enough.  I’ll see you soon.”  And Jason walked away.

I hurried over to the cafeteria line and got a carton of milk to go with my sandwich.  Glenn saw me and waved.  I waved back and went to his table after paying for my milk.

“Hey, Glenn.  TGIF!”

“Haha!  TGIF, Alex!”

“Glenn, do you want to talk about it?”

“No… but I will.  All I have to do is figure out what to say, and then how to say it so you don’t end up hating me, too.”

“This’ll be easy, Glenn.  Regardless of what you say, I won’t hate you… ever.”

Glenn took a deep breath, held it for a couple of seconds and then slowly let it out.  “Alex, he called me a faggot because… I’m gay.  There.  I said it.  Let the hating begin.”

“It took a lot of courage to tell me that, Glenn.  How could I hate someone as brave as you?”


“Glenn, you just came out to me.  That took more courage than most people have.  How could I hate you after that?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Heck no!  I truly respect your courage, Glenn.  Is Conrad after you because he found out?”

“I don’t know.  He just started calling me ‘faggot’ two weeks ago and my life has been downhill since then.”

“We’ll have to see what we can do to stop him.  You know, the easiest way to get him to stop would be to come out publicly.”

“I can’t, Alex!  If the ‘rents find out I could end up living on the streets!  My dad is the biggest homophobe I know.  He told me, ‘You should play a man’s sport, like baseball or football, not a gay sport like cross country.’  My mom’s not much better.”

“Wow!  That sucks.”

“Tell me about it!  It’s bad enough that I have to hide it from my friends, but having to hide it from my parents is even worse.”

“Glenn, I guarantee that your secret is safe with me.  I’ll have to think this over.  There must be a way to get him to stop harassing you.”

“I wish you luck, Alex, but now I have to go.  I’m meeting my boyfriend for lunch.”

“OK, Glenn.  I’ll call you if… no, I’ll call you when I think of something.”

“Thanks, Alex.  Bye.”  And he walked off.  I went over to Jason and sat down.  He had picked a table in a corner by himself and had his books and papers spread open on the table to discourage others from stopping to talk.  As I walked over he spoke.

Hehe.  I see Paul Wilson helped you with your puppies and kittens this morning.”  And he flashed a huge grin.

I was getting used to Jason referring to my thoughts and said, “Haha!  Yeah, when he started saying ‘Puppies and kittens!  Puppies and kittens!’ I cracked up.  But it totally distracted me, so I guess puppies and kittens still work.”

“What did Glenn have to say?”

“Wow!  He came out to me!  He told me he’s gay!  But he doesn’t think Conrad knows about him.”

“Geeze, Alex, did he really come out to you?  We have to figure out what to do to help Glenn.  Do you have any ideas?”

“Other than beating the snot out of Conrad?  No.  Is there any way that you could ‘read’ Conrad to see why he’s doing it?”

“Ron and I aren’t on the best of terms, but we have the same PE class this afternoon.  Conrad likes to bump into me to show his prowess.  Coach said we’re playing basketball this afternoon, so I should have the opportunity without drawing suspicion.  I’ll ask Coach to put us on the same team.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to make contact with him if you were on opposing teams, Jason?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know how much I can glean if we only bump into each other.  I’ll need at least three seconds of contact to do a full read on him.  I think I know how I can do that.”

Just then the bell ending lunch rang and we got up to go to afternoon classes.  As we were throwing our trash away, Jason told me that he’d meet me at the school bus stop later.




When I got to the school bus at the end of the day, Jason was waiting for my with a smile on his face a broad as the Cheshire Cat’s.

“Success?” I asked?

“Yeah, but we can’t talk about it on the bus.  Shake hands with me and I’ll force-feed you what happened.”

I took his hand to shake it and I could feel a blast of memories entering my consciousness.  OK, now I knew, and I could see why we couldn’t talk about this on a crowded school bus.  I took out my cell and called Mom to let her know that I was stopping at Jason’s house for about an hour so we could decide what movie we were going to see tonight.  She said that was fine, as long as I was home before supper.

On the ride home, Jason and I talked with Paul and a couple of other people about the weekend and what our plans were.  When we got to our stop, Jason and I said our goodbyes, got off and walked to his house.

“Jason, before this week, I only knew one gay person – me.  Then I met you, and then today Glenn came out to me.  I was wondering how much more strange could my week get, and now you tell me this.”

“No, I’m not telling you, Conrad is.  Those were his thoughts that I fed to you.”

“But that’s insane!  Conrad has been bullying for years and he doesn’t see the hurt and the pain that he’s causing.  He has his own personal vendetta going.  We have to do something.  This can’t be allowed to go on.  How can he live with all that hate building up inside him?”

“I agree.  We have to do something, Alex… and I think I have an idea.”

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