The Umbrella Incident: Chapter Six: Brothers & Friends image


“Yeah.  Do you think they’ll go through with it, Tim?”

“I bet Greg will.  I don’t know Jeff as well, so I’m not sure about him.”

“We need a plan, just to be sure.”

“Like what?  What do we need to be sure of?”

“I don’t know, Tim.  I’m just nervous.  Look, we have more than four hours before they’ll be back.  Let’s get supper out of the way and then do our homework.”

“OK, let’s do it.”

We went back in the kitchen and started the potatoes.  While they were starting to boil, Tim had a couple of great ideas, so we returned to our bedroom and started setting up a ‘stage’ of sorts.  What we were doing is changing the way the room would appear on camera so if the Kerns showed anyone, they wouldn’t be able to relate it to us or our room.  We took a decorative screen that Uncle Pete had in the living room and draped a sheet over it for our backdrop.  Next we put our desk chairs in front of the screen and, finally, we set Tim’s laptop and camera up on the end table.  When we were finished testing everything, it was time to start cooking the rest of supper.

Tim started frying the pork chops and I fired up the burner under the veggies.  While the veggies heated up, I set the table and got the salad out of the fridge.  Tim and I love milk, so I poured a couple of glasses and set them on the table.  As Tim was serving the pork chops, I drained the water from the potatoes and poured the vegetables into the strainer and then transferred them to a serving dish.  We each grabbed a potato and some vegetables and took our places at the table.  When we cut into our pork chops we found they were still a bit pink so Tim put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and checked again.  This time they were done, so we chowed down.

“All that’s missing is apple sauce,” I told Tim, and he jumped up and got some single-serve packs from the refrigerator.

“Here,” he said, “I got these for lunches, but we need them more now,” and he handed one to me.

“We’re gonna have to keep you around, Tim.  Thanks.”

“If you think this was good, wait until you see what I have for the circle jerk.”

“You know, it’s not really a circle jerk, it’s more of a ‘pair off’.  Hehe.”

“I don’t care what they call it, Mike, just as long as this pair gets off.  Hehe.”

“No sweat, we will.”

We continued our discussion while we ate and as we did the dishes afterwards. Then we started our homework.  As usual, we were done in about two hours.  Then we discussed Tim’s plan for the circle jerk.  Neither of us wanted to be identified as the guys who were doing it, but neither of us wanted to miss the chance to participate, either.

Back in our bedroom we went through a dry run of what we were going to do.  Tim’s new stuff for the circle jerk was spot on as far as I could see.  Now we just had to wait for the Kerns to come back.




Just like clockwork, they returned at 9:30.  Before turning on our video, we went over the rules again: First, both sides can record the entire event; Second, if the either side releases any part of the video to the Internet, the other side can do the same; Third, neither side is required to show their faces; and Fourth, microphones are not required, in order to further hide identities.  Once we agreed again, Tim switched over to video mode with the mic disabled.  We noticed that the twins had created a new backdrop for their room, too.  Like ours, so little was showing that no one could tell where the video was originating.  And like us, they had their camera set to stop just below the shoulders.

All four of us were still dressed, so the twins started undressing each other.  First one shirt came off and then the other.  Next we could see one of the twins unbuckling and removing the belt from his brother.  Following that, he rubbed his brother’s crotch and we could see the resultant lump forming.  Now the zipper was slowly pulled down and a hand went into the fly of the of the twin’s jeans.  We could see the motion of the hand grabbing and rubbing the contents of the denim and, I have to admit, I started to plump up.

The target twin turned so his back was facing the camera and his brother slowly and seductively eased his twin’s jeans over his butt until they dropped to the floor.  We could see the motions as the target twin pulled his feet out of his jeans and kicked them off to the side.  He stood there and let his hands run over his butt as his brother rubbed his back.  Then the target twin turned around and there was no doubting that he was excited.  His brother stood behind him and groped and rubbed the target twin’s erection through his boxers.  We were waiting for more when the target twin went to the keyboard and typed:

u do 1

I looked over at Tim and he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I think I’m ready.”  So I reached over and lifted Tim’s shirt up and over his head.  That was easy enough.  Then Tim removed my shirt.  Now was the time for a decision; would Tim be first, or would I?  Tim decided by grabbing my hands and pulling them to his belt and saying, “Go for it, Mike.  Forget the camera, just do it.  I’m ready.”  I unbuckled and released Tim’s belt.  I don’t know who was shaking more, me or Tim.  He took a deep breath and put his hands on mine and whispered, “It’s OK, you can do this.”  He removed his hands and I began to pull his zipper down.  When it hit bottom, I reached into Tim’s pants and was rewarded by his enlarged member.  I squeezed and rubbed it as we made sure our actions were showing up on the screen.  Tim slowly turned around; I undid the button of his fly and guided Tim’s jeans over his butt until gravity took over and pulled them to his ankles.  Tim put a hand on my shoulder for balance as he stepped out of his jeans and kicked them to the side, as the twin had done.  I reached over and rubbed Tim’s cloth covered butt, and as Tim turned around, my hand was now on his crotch, rubbing his erection through his boxer briefs.  I’ve never felt Tim harder than this.  I eased off so he wouldn’t lose it because of me.  Then I went to the keyboard and typed in:

ur move

The original target twin was still hard as could be and pushing his boxers out from his body.  He turned and the side view was amazing.  He reached over and had a bit of trouble lowering his twin’s zipper because of the lump in the way.  He carefully worked his way around it and when the zipper was lowered, the new target twin’s lump was pushing through.  His brother reached in and grabbed and rubbed the erection and we could see the target twin beginning to shake at the sensations he was feeling.  Like the two boys before him, the new target twin turned around with his back to the camera and his brother undid the button of his fly and helped his jeans over his bubble butt until they dropped to the floor.  He too reached behind and rubbed his butt.  His brother turned him around and each twin rubbed the boxer covered bulge of his brother.  The first twin went to the keyboard and typed:


I’m not going to lie; I was shaking more than just a little bit, but Tim put his hand on my shoulder and reminded me of how much he was shaking on our first time.  Now Tim was steady as a rock.  That allowed me to relax a bit as Tim turned and slowly pulled my zipper down.  When he put his hand in my pants and squeezed my hardon, I got a little weak in the knees, but Tim’s encouragement kept me going.  When I turned around and Tim unbuttoned my jeans, he moved around so he was standing facing me.  My butt was facing the camera when Tim reached around me and slid his hands under my jeans and cupped my butt as he pushed the denim fabric to the floor.  As I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them to the side, we kissed for a moment and then he turned me around and, as he cupped my crotch through my boxer briefs, I could feel his hardon on my butt.  I don’t think I could have gotten any harder.

Now the twins started to move.  Both of them were still hard, as were we.  One of the twins got behind his brother and lowered his boxers.  This whole time we had not seen who was who, but the blonde pubic hair that showed let us know that this was Jeff and Greg was standing behind him.  As Greg pulled his brother’s boxer down further we could see more and more of Jeff’s prize appearing before us.  Finally, the waistband of the boxers released Jeff’s member and it bounced back up and slapped his stomach.  Jeff stepped out of his boxers and Greg, still behind him, reached around and wrapped his fingers and thumb around his brother’s stiff rod.  Slowly and sensually, he started stroking his brother’s cut member.  We could tell Jeff was breathing heavily by the rapid expansion and contraction of his chest.  Jeff grabbed the keyboard and typed:

go for it

Because of my Mexican heritage from my father, my skin is slightly, albeit noticeably, darker than Tim’s, so we were sure the twins knew who each of us were.  Tim suggested that we drop our boxer briefs together, so we faced each other and, putting our index and middle fingers into the waistbands of each other’s underwear, we slowly lowered them until they too succumbed to gravity’s pull.  Tim’s brown bush and my black bush definitely identified us.  We were both cut and average length, though Tim was slightly longer and I was slightly thicker.  We stood facing the camera and Tim’s laptop, watching as we each started to gently stroke the other.  Tim reached over to the keyboard and typed:


Jeff wasted no time in removing Greg’s boxers.  Jeff was three minutes older, which means Greg incubated three minutes longer.  That three minutes had been good to him.  He looked to be almost an inch longer than his brother.  And like his brother, he was cut.  Jeff was about the length of Tim and me.  We didn’t measure, but I don’t think we had to.  Greg was easily the longest of the four of us.

As Tim and I continued to stroke each other while watching the screen, Jeff and Greg stood sideways, face to face, and Greg grabbed both of their penises in his right hand and stroked them.  Tim and I sat down and continued stroking each other.

When Jeff and Greg sat down, they surprised us.  Jeff bent over, covering his face with a baseball cap and he took Greg’s manhood into his mouth.  Slowly, Jeff slid up and down his brother’s rod, all the while holding his baseball cap in place to hide his face.  Tim started to stroke me faster, but I told him to slow down – we have a way to go still.  The more Jeff sucked his brother, the more Greg moved around in his chair.  Then suddenly, Jeff pulled off and started stroking Greg with his hand.  In three strokes, Greg was shooting all over his chest in multiple pulses, until the volume decreased and he was only dripping his semen on his brother’s hand.  Jeff reached the keyboard and typed:

u now

I had to hand it to Tim.  He had both of us prepared for this.  We stood and faced each other so the camera was aimed at from the side.  Then I put my hands on his shoulders and he eased down and knelt before me… wearing a ski mask with only eye and mouth holes.  He took me in and I almost collapsed from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Within seconds Jeff was typing:


Tim and I laughed and Tim almost choked on me… but he didn’t.  I saw what was happening and I pulled back in time to save my best friend.  When we stopped laughing, Tim resumed sucking.  He was getting so much better than the first time we did this!  He was learning to use his tongue to stimulate me too.  I’m gonna have to try that on him in a few minutes.  I could feel his palm cupping my balls and he gently squeezed them as he paid special attention to the ‘v’ on the underside of my penis head with his tongue.  He was driving me crazy!  It didn’t take long before I felt my member growing larger in Tim’s mouth and I warned him that I was almost there.  Tim released me from his mouth and began stroking me.  In less than five strokes I was over the edge and couldn’t believe the pleasure that Tim was giving me.  I’m glad that Tim talked me into spreading towels on the floor so clean-up would be easy.  Most of my semen went on my chest and stomach, but some got Tim in the face… not quite in the eye.  When I finished cumming, I pulled Tim back up and we kissed again.

When we looked back over to the screen on Tim’s laptop, Greg was typing:

I trust you guys. Don’t post this. OK?

Tim looked at me and said, “Greg always was better at typing then Jeff.  Hehe.”

Naturally, Tim promised.  What the heck, they’re our friends.  When Tim finished typing, Greg knelt before Jeff, without hiding his face, and took him in his mouth.  It was better than any of the gay porn that we saw on the net.  Greg was very talented and Jeff was going crazy with the pleasure he was receiving.  After a few minutes, we noticed Jeff’s balls pulling up and Greg sped up his head-bobs.  We knew it was over when we saw some of Jeff’s cum leaking out of Greg’s mouth.  Greg, expert that he was, made sure that not a drop got away from him.  Finally, we saw Jeff pushing Greg off his overly sensitive member.  This left Tim waiting for his blow job.

When the attention returned to our side, Tim put his hands on my shoulders, as I had done to him earlier, and guided me to my knees in front of him.  I still had my ski mask on and I rubbed my wool-covered face all over his crotch.  He said it tickled, but it made the experience that much better.  Tim so far has held up through watching two people get blow jobs and giving one to me.  Now it was time to reward him for his patience.

His member was pointing right at his chin when I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled it to a 90 degree angle.  He was so horny that he was dripping precum.  I don’t know how he lasted this long.  I tentatively flicked my tongue over his penis head and loved the sweet and salty taste of him.  I guided him into my mouth, with my tongue under his member and feeling the way to his scrotum.  When he was all the way in, I moved my tongue around his shaft and felt the pubic hair above his manhood.  I brought my left hand up and cupped his ball sack and I wrapped my right hand around his shaft.

As I started to bob up and down, Tim began to whimper.  That was such a turn-on for me; I wished we had the mic on so the twins could hear him.  As I reached the head of his shaft with my lips, I circled his shaft with my index finger and thumb; I began to slowly stroke him as I continued to bob on him.  He grabbed the back of my head and started to forcefully shove his member into my mouth.  I could feel his scrotum tighten up and then I felt his shaft grow larger in my mouth.  After that, his circumcised head expanded as well.  He was almost there.  In only two more pumps he started to release his semen into my mouth.  After four strong spurts, he began to slow down.  After two lesser spurts it turned to just a dribble and he leaned on my shoulders for support.

I reached up and guided Tim down to a kneeling position in front of me.  He embraced me and we kissed as we never had before.  I looked up at the screen and saw that both Jeff and Greg were clapping.  Finally, Greg gave us a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

We waved to Greg and Jeff and I dragged my finger across my throat in a ‘cut’ motion.  They nodded and after Tim and I waved goodnight to them, I cut the connection.




Less than 30 minutes later, Tim and I had the room back to normal and everything else back in its place.  Now it was time for a shower and bed.  Tim and I joined each other in the shower and turned the water up as hot as we could stand it.  We sensually washed each other’s hair and then soaped up our wash cloths and washed each other.  As we hugged each other, we washed each other’s backs.  When we were all wrinkly, we decided we should probably get to bed.  After drying each other, we walked back to our room and, after closing and locking the door, we passed out in bed, under the covers.  I don’t know about Tim, but my dreams were great!

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