Dear fellow Shackers, of the Shack Out Back community,Volume 8 has arrived! In this issue, we welcome back Family, PAIN, UI, and Singletrack Mind! But if that doesn’t tickle you fancy, we’ve also collected some great writing tips, funny jokes, and even how to double-bake a potato! Gasp now, friends. You’ll need your breath.

Download PDF: Volume 8

  1. A Very Turtle Journal in Tabloid by
  2. Makk Attack: Makk in a Box in Tabloid by
  3. Down with the Blood Bank in Tabloid by
  4. Twice Baked Potatoes in Community by
  5. Standard or Daylight Saving time: which is for you? in Community by
  6. Spring and Autumn 2012 in Community by
  7. Competing Saints… in Community by
  8. Shack News in Community by
  9. PAIN: Chapter 7: Action in Library by
  10. Singletrack Mind: Chapter 6 in Library by
  11. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 7: The Truth in Library by
  12. Family: Chapter 8: Christmas Day in Library by
  13. The Grabber! in Workshop by
  14. We All Love To Be Lied To! in Workshop by

Published March 1, 2012