PAIN: Chapter 7: Action image

We walked up the steps at Jason’s house and paused long enough for him to unlock the door. Once it was opened, he led the way inside and, after I entered, I closed and locked the door behind me.

“Alex, I think he does see the hurt and pain he’s causing. He’s trying to get even with his cousin for what he did.”

Jason led the way to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator and tossed one to me. As he put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, I continued the conversation.

“Yeah, but they were 12 and 13 when that happened. Conrad’s no longer 12; he’s 17.”

“Yeah, but when it happened, the two of them swore to keep it a secret. Then his cousin told someone. And after that they both teased Conrad, starting the problem.”

“Yeah, but why did it continue after his cousin moved six months later?”

We stood in front of the microwave, watching the bag expand as we heard the kernels of corn start to pop.

“Alex, you have Conrad’s memories. Isn’t it obvious yet?”

I thought for a moment. “No. Are you sure that you went deep enough? Are you sure he didn’t hide anything?”

“Nah, he didn’t know I was reading him any more than you know it while it’s going on. Besides, once I found the incident, I went back to Conrad’s first memories of his cousin. He was two. Is that deep enough for you?”

The popping sounds diminished until it was three or four pops a second and Jason hit the Stop button.

“Yeah, but I don’t understand why Conrad is still so pissed about it.”

“Yeah, but I don’t understand why we keep saying ‘yeah, but’ so often, but it happens, Alex. Let me see if I can clear this up. Bring up the incident again.”

“OK.” While I was bringing it up, Jason opened the bag and got out some paper napkins. He placed the popcorn and the napkins on the table and we took our seats, facing each other. I didn’t need an invite to dig in.

“If you look closely, Conrad’s cousin Val started it. They were at their grandparents’ farm. It was summer and they were inseparable. Every day they went skinny dipping in the pond. No one was anywhere near them, so it got to be two kids goofing around. Val taught Conrad how to beat off that summer. They did it every chance they could find, and being left to their own devices most of the time, they found a lot of chances.”

“So? It was kids experimenting. So what?”

“‘What’ is that when Val took the fun a step further, Conrad only had one stipulation: don’t cum in his mouth. That worked out, too, until the day before they went home. They were at the pond and after Val sucked Conrad, he, in turn, gave his cousin a blow job. But Val must have figured he had nothing to lose, so he let it rip. Conrad wasn’t mad about Val cumming in his mouth. He was pissed about being called a ‘cum-drinking fag’ by Val when he introduced him to his friend a week later. That’s what ended the friendship and put the chip on Conrad’s shoulder.”

“Well, Conrad was gay, wasn’t he?”

“No. Look at what happened after Conrad got home-and the things he did before the incident. He continued to beat off, but he always did it thinking about girls. Even when he was jerking off with Val, he was thinking about girls. When Val was sucking him off, he was thinking about girls.”

“How do you find those sequences so fast? To me they’re just a jumble.”

“Alex, I’ve been doing this for years, so I’ve learned how to manipulate the thoughts like filing things in folders in real life. So anyway, Val and his family moved when his dad got transferred six months later. Val’s friend was still around, though, and Conrad felt he had to prove he was straight, in case the friend ever told anyone what Val told him.”

“That kinda sucks.”

“No shit! Especially since Conrad never saw Val’s friend again. I couldn’t find any memories of Val’s friend going to West Side High. It seems that Conrad never saw him once Val moved.”

“So all of this crap he’s doing is to prove to no one that Conrad is straight, because no one thinks he’s gay? Dude, this is fucked up.”

“Yeah, but I think we can fix it.”

“Oh? How?”

“We have to reprogram him, but I’ll need your help. It’s going to take a little more than a few seconds this time.”

When Jason told me what the plan was, I thought it was fantastic! We could do it on Monday, probably. Now we had to decide on a movie to see tonight. But first I had to ask.

“Jason, why did Conrad start picking on Glenn?”

“Oh-you missed that memory, eh? He saw Glenn holding hands with another guy two weeks ago.”

I ran through Conrad’s memories until I found it. “Shit! That’s Mike Whelan! He’s on the cross country team, too. He and Glenn graduated junior high together. Come to think of it, they were best friends in junior high.”

“OK, now we know the answers. There’s one important thing to remember, though. We can’t use this information, no matter how much we’re tempted. It’s not fair to Glenn and Mike.”

“OK, but WE can still discuss it, right?”

“Technically, yes, but it’s a bad habit to get into.”

Jason powered up his laptop and we checked out the movies that were opening today. We decided on a SciFi comedy and that left nothing to do but get ready. Jason’s dad wouldn’t be home till 5:30 and it was just after 4 PM, so I decided to show off and had Jason stand on my feet and hang on. With my eyes wide open, I raised us off the floor and glided to the stairs and then up them. Like last time, we made a pit stop, and then I glided into Jason’s bedroom.

Still showing off, I leaned back and supported Jason as we travelled to his bed and landed. I think Jason was getting used to going horizontal. He held on, but he didn’t freak out like he did yesterday. After landing on my back with Jason lying on me, I rolled over so we were on our sides and facing each other. Jason made the first move and kissed me, not that I resisted. Hehe.

“Alex, you’re controlling your powers much better. You didn’t even have to close your eyes this time.”

“I know, right? It’s getting easier and easier to raise myself and other objects. And to think, a week ago I didn’t know I could do this. This week has been killer! There’s just one thing. I haven’t been able to practice restraining anyone. I don’t want them to freak out and I don’t want to tell anyone about my power, ya know?”

“Yeah, I guess that could be a problem. But I’m here now. You can practice on me, if you’d like.”

“Thanks, Jason. I was hoping you’d say that.” I smiled as I unwrapped myself from Jason’s arms and began to levitate. I stopped when I was just below the level of the ceiling light fixture and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Haha! Go for it, Alex! Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Hehe… I think you’re gonna like this… assuming it works. Keep your fingers crossed.” And then I mentally crossed Jason’s fingers for him.

“HAHAHAHA!!! That was so cool, Alex! What else do you have in store for me?”

“Just relax. I think you’ll like this.” And I narrowed my concentration. As I looked at Jason’s shoes, I centered my concentration on his left shoe and lace. Slowly at first, but faster as it progressed, the lace began to pull loose until it was untied.

“I can feel something happening on my left foot. What are you doing?”

“Be patient. It’s nothing that will hurt you.” I moved my attention to his right shoe and soon had it untied, too. Jason giggled in anticipation. “Tell me what you feel now.” I mentally grabbed his left ankle.

“Wow! I can feel something holding my ankle, but I see you above me… not touching me. This is cool, but kinda creepy. Hehe.”

“Give that man a cigar!” As I held his ankle, I latched onto his shoe and slid it off his foot. I repeated the exhibition for Jason’s right shoe.

“Haha! Mr. Blackwell, are you trying to strip me?” Jason asked with a very wide grin pasted on his face.

“Maybe. Hehe. Would that be a bad thing, Mr. Eichhorn?” He only giggled. Next I unbuckled his belt and opened it. I followed that by opening the button on his fly. This one took a couple of tries, but I got it. When I started pulling his zipper down, the fabric of his jeans tried to follow, so I had to mentally hold on to the top of his fly as I lowered his zipper. Jason must have been enjoying what I was doing because he started giggling again, and when the zipper was down, a lump began to appear. He went to adjust himself, but he realized that his hands were being held on either side of his pillow.

“Oh c’mon, Alex! I want to adjust myself.”

“I can do that for you, Jason, now lift your butt off the bed so I can lower your trousers.” And as Jason’s butt rose off the bed, I slid his jeans and underwear down to his knees, freeing his member and allowing it to adjust itself. When he lowered his butt again, I lifted his legs up and removed his garments. “Is that better?”

“Haha! I don’t know if I like this or not, but don’t stop! And you know what? I can’t feel you holding me down. I just can’t move my arms. It’s no wonder your dad freaked out when you held him back. He must have thought he was paralyzed; that’s what I felt like.”

“Yeah, he never said a word about it to me. The ‘macho man’ didn’t want to appear to be weak, I guess. So you like that, eh? Well this should be a thrill for you.” I lowered myself to three feet above Jason’s bed. Next I caused Jason to rise up, off the bed, and float up to me. When I had him positioned properly, I took him into my mouth.

“OHMYGOD!!! You’re going right for the kill, aren’t you? This is such a turn-on… I won’t last a minute! I feel like I’m still on my bed, but it’s softer than that… much softer than that.”

I pulled off him and said, “Enjoy it, Jason. Hehe,” and I resumed sucking him off. True to his word, Jason’s member started swelling in my mouth and in less than a minute, he was pumping his cum into me; four strong spurts, followed by three lesser spurts, and then the remaining cum just dribbled out. When he stopped and just lay there in bliss, I floated up to his head and kissed him.

“Mmmm,” he said, “The only thing I like more than the taste of my own cum is the taste of yours.” And he hugged me. We kissed again, and while Jason had his eyes closed, I slowly rolled us over so that Jason was above me.

When he opened his eyes and saw where he was, I said, “Would you like to taste mine now?”

“Yes! How do we do this?”

“We’re free-floating, so you should be able to move yourself or me to any position you’d like. Try it.”

So, hesitantly, Jason held onto my arms and slowly pushed me forward. Then he repositioned and pushed me forward again, until my fly was at the level of his head. He seemed a bit nervous, but he didn’t hesitate to unbuckle my belt and open my fly. When it folded open, he gently placed his hand on my erection and squeezed me before rubbing my member gently.

“Hahaha! Are you purring, Alex?”

“Hehe. It just feels so good, dude!”

“Let’s make it feel better,” he said and pulled my jeans and boxer briefs down to my knees. Without a word of warning, Jason slid my member into his mouth and began sucking. Being the horny young man that I am, it didn’t take long to get me to the edge, but I think I lasted longer than Jason. Hehe.

“Jason, here it comes!”

“Mmpf,” he replied, as I pumped my load into his still-sucking mouth. Finally, the pleasure was too much and, as Jason was pulling off me, I lost my concentration; we dropped the three feet to Jason’s bed.

“Wow! Jason, that was fantastic! But now I have to get home.”

“After a shower, of course?” he queried.

“Haha! Of course.”

We finished undressing and walked to the bathroom. Once Jason set the water to an agreeable temperature, we got in. I don’t know what it is about sharing a shower with Jason that I like so much. It could be the sheen that the water brings to his body, or having someone to wash my hair for me. It could be the feel of his skin when it rubs against mine as we wash each other’s backs while we hug, or the fact that it just seems so natural to shower with him. I still can’t say I love him, but I heard a term the other day that describes us best: Friends with Benefits.

When we were finished, we reluctantly rinsed ourselves, turned the shower off and stepped out into the bathroom. After drying each other, we returned to Jason’s room to get dressed. I asked Jason if he wanted to come over for dinner, but he said he had to call Michelle and give her an update and take care of some other business, but he’d pick me up at 7 PM for the movie. I gave him a hug and a kiss and headed home about 5:15. Ten minutes later I walked in the door of my house.


+ + +


When I got to the kitchen, I froze. Dad was sitting there with his back to me. I hadn’t seen him since Tuesday when I used my power to stop him from hitting Luke. I decided to act like nothing happened. “Hi, Dad. I haven’t seen you for a few days. What’s been going on?”

“Not much, Alex. I just had my shift adjusted, so I’ll be gone until midnight most weekdays. Mom said you’re doing better. That’s great! Do you have any problems from the bus accident?” Wow! He’s being pleasant and he sounds sincere. Mom said he had changed, but this is unbelievable.

“Well, riding the school bus is a challenge, but my friend Jason has been helping me with it. Jason’s really cool. You’d like him.” I had walked into the kitchen and started setting the table. Dad uncharacteristically helped. What was going on?

“Is there anything specific about riding the school bus, or is it just having to get on it that bothers you?” I know! Dad’s been replaced by his nice twin! That’s it!

“Ummm… There’s one place on the route to school where we go over a speed bump. That kinda bothers me, but Jason told me what to do when that happens and it works.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

I blushed a bit before I answered. “Don’t laugh now, OK? He told me to think about puppies and kittens.”

“HAHAHA! Puppies and kittens? You’ve gotta be kidding me, c’mon, what did he really tell you?”

“Hehe, that was it, Dad. He said it was to distract me. Like you, I cracked up and when I stopped laughing, the imaginary threat was gone.”

“Hehe, I think I like Jason already. I can’t wait to meet him.”

“Really? Well, you’ll get your chance tonight. We’re going to the movies and he’ll be here at 7:00 to pick me up.”

“That’s great, do you have enough money? Do you need a ride?” Now I was getting nervous. Dad has never offered money for any reason, and he hates to drive me places.

“I have money for the ticket, but, ummm, I could use a few dollars for popcorn and a drink?” I ended the sentence on a higher pitch to make it almost a question. To my surprise, Dad reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty and handed it to me.

“Here, enjoy the movie. You’ve had a rough week and could use the relaxation.”

“Wow! Twenty dollars?!? Thanks, Dad!”

“Son, on Tuesday we had words. To be honest, it wasn’t only Tuesday; it’s been years since I’ve acted like a dad instead of a competitor. Sensei Lee has been helping me. I have anger issues and Tuesday I almost hit Luke in anger. I don’t know how I held my arm, but I’m glad I was able to. Sensei Lee said it was probably psychosomatic and I held my own arm because I knew Luke was innocent and so I stopped myself from swinging at him.” That was good enough; I didn’t volunteer the real reason.

“Dad, don’t you need this twenty dollars to pay my hospital bills?”

“Tuesday I wouldn’t have offered it. No, I don’t need it to pay the hospital. I told Sensei that I had the extra bills and he asked why I didn’t use my health insurance to cover it. I told him the truth. I didn’t want the rates to go up. Sensei Lee pays for all of the insurance, and it’s expensive. He told me it was a noble gesture, but insurance is useless if it’s not used. He told me to let him worry about his bills and that I should only worry about mine. Your mom paid the co-pay today and we don’t owe a cent. Enjoy the movie tonight, Alex. You deserve it.”

“Thanks, Dad, and you deserve a hug.” I saw my dad suddenly tense up at the mention of a hug, but just as quickly, it went away. He stood and walked over to me.

“No, Alex, you deserve a hug.” And he gave me a hug in the middle of the kitchen. I was gobsmacked! Naturally, I hugged him back. When we parted, I wasn’t the only one with moist eyes. This is crazy! Dad never shows emotion!

Like me, Dad wasn’t sure what to do next. Then I thought of the obvious. “Whatever Mom is cooking smells great! What is it?” This was our cue to separate. He walked back to the table and I lifted the lid on the simmering pot.

“Lamb stew, I think she said. I don’t know if I’ve ever had it, but I agree; it smells great!”

“Where is Mom?” I asked as I stirred the stew.

A voice came from behind us. “I’m right here,” she said. We turned and saw she had Luke in her arms. He looked like he just had a bath. Luke held out his arms to me and, after covering the stew again, I took him from my mother.

“Hey Sport! How was your bath?”

“I had fun! The ducky sank the battleship!”

“Yep. Duckies are like that. They rule the bathtub.”

In a matter of minutes we were eating and had the best time I could remember since I was 8. When we finished and I loaded and started the dishwasher, I ran upstairs to change my clothes. I already had a shower, so that made it faster. As I was coming down the stairs, I heard the front doorbell ring. “That’s probably Jason,” I called out, “I’ll get it!”

Sure enough, Jason was at the door. I invited him in and introduced him to Dad. They seemed to hit it off right away, starting with the strong handshake. Dad hates a weak handshake. After talking with Mom, Dad and Luke for a few minutes, Dad offered to drive us to the theater. Jason accepted for us. I let Jason sit shotgun; after all, he was the guest. But next time he gets the back seat. Hehe. When we got there, Dad even offered to pick us up, but Jason said his dad already volunteered to do it. In fact, he would have driven us there, but he had to put in a couple hours of overtime at work. Dad looked relieved. I told him that I might go to Jason’s house after the movie and Dad asked if I was spending the night there. I looked at Jason and he quickly volunteered. Dad’s eyes were smiling in the rear-view mirror… I think he’s planning on getting lucky tonight. Hehe.

The movie was fantastic. Both of us really like SciFi and this was about a college guy who can change his appearance at will. All he has to do is see a picture of a person, or have a memory of one. I hope Mom and Dad don’t see it. That could bring up too many questions. The main characters were bisexual. No, they didn’t show anyone ‘doing it’, but they sure hinted at it. Hehe. Jason and I were in the back row, but it was so crowded that all we could do was hold hands a bit. Maybe next time…

After the movie, Jason called his dad and sprang the news about me staying the night. On the ride home, Mr. Eichhorn asked about the movie and Jason told him about all the steamy scenes. My jaw dropped. I could never have told my dad about it that freely and not suffered a head slap à la Gibbs & DiNozzo.

“Alex,” Mr. Eichhorn said, “Jason tells me you’re gay. When did you find out?” I froze! He knows! I hesitated…

“It’s OK, Alex, Jason and I have no secrets. I know he’s gay. In fact, I was the first one he came out to. I felt honored.”

“Mr. Eichhorn, I-”

“Call me Rick, please.”

“Ummm, Rick… I’m not as lucky as Jason. I’m not out and I don’t think my parents would be as cavalier as you are about it. Please don’t out me, sir.”

“That’s not a problem, Alex. I understand. My brother is gay and I was the only one in the family he told for the longest time. When he graduated from college he made it official. Mom and Dad told him it was about time he admitted it. Hehe.”

“Yeah, that’s cool and all, sir, but still…”

“Don’t worry, Alex. Your secret is safe with me. So when did you realize you were gay?”

“I guess I was around 12 or 13. All the guys started talking about girls and I realized that all I wanted to talk about was guys. Fortunately, I had the common sense not to let them know… Umm, Rick, I feel a bit uncomfortable. Can we change the subject, please?”

“Sure. How do you like being the newest member of P.A.I.N.?”

Again my jaw dropped. This time I recovered quickly. “I like the idea behind it and I’m looking forward to working on projects with Jason. We have a project now and I can’t wait till Monday to see if Jason and I can help Glenn.”

“Actually,” Jason interrupted, “we might get to do it tomorrow, if you’re up for it.”

“Tomorrow? Sure! I can’t wait!”

We continued idle conversation the rest of the way to Jason’s house and when we got there, Rick and Jason led the way up the porch steps and in the door. Again, after I entered, I closed and locked the door. Jason made a big production of holding up his left arm and looking at the nonexistent watch on his wrist.

“Well would you look at the time! 11:30 already! Well, Dad, I think Alex and I should get to bed if we’re going to be ready to help mankind tomorrow.”

“Horny again?” Rick asked.

Jason had a faux surprised look on his face and asked, “How did you know?”

“You mean other than the fake announcement you just made? And the fact that you’re a teenager? By your hardon. Skinny Jeans don’t hide much. Hahaha.”

“Hehe… you got me.” Jason hugged his dad good night and started dragging me up stairs.

I called over my shoulder, “Good night, Rick. Thanks for the ride and the cot.”

“Good night, boys. Don’t break the bed, OK?”

“No promises, Dad,” Jason called back, laughing.

When we got to Jason’s room, we turned on the light. Jason stripped and walked to the bathroom naked to take a piss. I was surprised, but I stripped and joined him. When I got there, he was shaking it off and had flushed the toilet. I took his place at the bowl and relieved myself. After a couple of shakes and a flush, I walked over to the sink. Jason handed me a brand new toothbrush, still in the packaging. I had to ask, “Do you make a habit of having boyfriends over? Hehe.”

“Hehe, nah.” He opened the cabinet and I saw a half dozen new toothbrushes on a shelf. “Those are from our semiannual visits to the dentist. I use this.” He picked up an electric toothbrush.

“That’s convenient.” After removing the toothbrush from its package, I noticed the dentist’s name imprinted on the handle.

“They’re our ‘guest’ toothbrushes. You can leave it here or take it home. Your choice.”

“I think it might be better here,” I said, and I brushed my teeth.

When we got back to Jason’s room, we turned off the lights and he guided me over to his bed. We got under the covers and lay facing each other. I had to ask.

“Jason, we didn’t close the door. Aren’t you afraid that your dad will come in?”

“No. His bedroom is on the first floor. The entire second floor is my domain. He caught me masturbating once when I was 13 and he was so embarrassed that he stopped coming up unannounced. If he’s going to come up, he’ll give us plenty of warning.”

“That’s a relief. Are you left or right handed?”

“Right. Why do you ask?”

“In a minute. Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”

“Yeah, but-”

“Don’t worry, just get the lube out and we can try something I’ve been dreaming about since I learned how to beat off.” Jason got out the lube and handed it to me. “Now get the towel ready.” He reached over his head and removed his towel from the headboard. I took the lube, got out from under the covers and laid down on Jason’s right side with my head at his feet. Once I was settled in, I took the lube and poured a few drops on Jason’s hardon and gave the bottle to him. As he was lubing my hardon, I started stroking his. In a moment, Jason had me lubed up and was stroking me as well.

From all the insinuations in the movie tonight, the site of Jason’s hardon since we got to his room afterwards and Jason stroking me as I was stroking him, I couldn’t take any more and I passed the point of no return. Jason must have felt the same because we started cumming at the same time. When we finished, we lay there spent for a minute or two, but when I felt my cum starting to drip a bit, I sat up and wiped it up with Jason’s towel, then I wiped Jason. Jason took the towel wiped his hands, as I had already done, and then he tossed the towel on the floor. I moved around and lay down next to him again and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks,” I said, “that was great!” He returned my kiss.

“Jason, something is different about my dad.”

“How so?”

“Mom told me his attitude was improving, but tonight before supper was the first time I had seen him since Tuesday. He’s not the same man. I mean it. It’s like the evil twin was replaced by the nice twin.”

“That’s good, right?”

“So far. I hope he doesn’t change back too soon… like before Luke and I move out. Dude, he gave me twenty dollars to go out tonight! Dad NEVER gives me money! Volunteering to drive us was another first. I figured we’d have to walk. He looked relieved when you said your dad was picking us up, and he was ecstatic when he found out I was spending the night at your place. I think he’s planning on getting lucky tonight. Hehe.”

“Yeah, my dad leaves a sock tied on my bathroom door when he has, ummm… shall we say ‘company’ over. It’s my cue to get dressed before coming downstairs. If he leaves money, it means to go out to breakfast and don’t come back till 3 PM at the earliest. Hehe.”

“Hahaha! Do you eat out often?”

“About once a month. That’s cool, though.” Then he changed the subject. “Alex, I’m so glad we met, and not only for the great sex we’ve enjoyed. You’re a great guy and you’re turning out to be an even better friend.”

“Jason, my life has changed so much in the past week. I found out about my power, I met you-that in itself was a bonus. I found out that I can use my power to help others, and now my dad is turning out to be a human again. I can’t wait to see what will happen next.”

“Well, for me the next thing will be sleep,” he said, and then he hugged me as we drifted off.

+ + +


When we woke, we could smell bacon frying, so we hurried and peed and brushed our teeth before dressing and going down stairs.

“Good morning, sleepyheads.”

“Good morning, Dad.”

“Good morning, Rick.”

“Did you guys sleep well?”

“We did after we went to sleep. Hehe.” That was Jason, naturally. I turned bright red.

“I see Alex agrees with you.” I didn’t think it was possible, but I got even redder.

“Please, Dad, Alex looks like a thermometer that’s about to explode.” I punched him in the arm.

“Stop it, both of you,” I said as I worked on getting the red out of my face. They laughed in response.

“OK, Alex, we’ll be good. What do you have on the agenda today, Dad?”

“Well, I laid the brickwork last weekend and today it’s ready for the grill insert to be added. Sunday we should be having a barbeque. Build up an appetite. Alex, you’re welcome to come, if you have the time.”

“Thank you, sir. I’d like that.”

“Alex, Dad is the best barbeque chef around! His burgers taste like steaks!”

“Wow! That’s a good chef! I’ll definitely be here now.”

“Jason is bragging, Alex… but I am that good.”

That made me laugh. By now we were sitting at the table and Rick set down a couple of plates with bacon, fried eggs and hash brown potatoes. They looked good, smelled better and I couldn’t wait to taste them. As we were digging in, Rick set a plate of hot toast on the table and we each grabbed a slice and buttered it. While I was buttering my toast, I noticed Jason’s eggs were sunny side up and mine were over easy. Then it hit me. Jason must have told his dad the way I liked them. Everything was perfect, too. “Rick, these eggs as good as my mom makes. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Alex. Now if only my son would appreciate my cooking. *sigh*” And then he and Jason started laughing. It must have been some inside joke between them. They really did love each other.

Then Rick asked, “What are you guys doing today, Jason?”

“Dad, do you remember when I told you about the guy who called me a fag and tried to kick my ass?”

“Oh yeah. The one you knocked on his, if I remember.”

“That’s him. He’s our first project for PAIN. Michelle called and said he was really coming down on a freshman, and she asked us to look into it and see if we could ‘correct’ the situation. It turns out he’s harassing any student that he thinks is gay because his cousin introduced him to a friend as a ‘cum-drinking fag’. Now he thinks he has to protect his rep.”

“Why doesn’t he just get on his cousin and his cousin’s friend?” Rick asked.

“From what I was able to find out, his cousin moved out of town five years ago, and the friend hasn’t been seen since, either.”

“Well that’s kinda stupid,” Rick said.

“Yeah, but it’s still happening. That’s OK though, because we know what we’re gonna do. All we have to do is get him relatively alone, and that’s going to be today.” And then Jason told his dad our plan.

“That sounds like a solid plan, but where will you find him today?” Rick asked.

“We were on the same team yesterday in Gym class and he was bitching about having to do yard work at his house this morning. I coaxed the information out of him. He starts about 10 AM and it takes a couple of hours. So Alex and I are going to stop by and volunteer to help. The rest we just told you.”

“It sounds like an easy task, but good luck just the same.”

“Thanks, Dad. So it’s 9:30 now and the guy only lives a few blocks from here. We’ll take off at 11 just to be sure we don’t miss him. In the meantime, can we help you with the grill?”

“That’d be great, especially with Alex’s talents. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to jockeying the grill into the brick frame.”

“It’ll be fun for me, Rick, as well as practice using my ‘talent’, as you say. Hehe.”

After we finished breakfast and cleared the table, Rick led the way to the backyard. The grill was sitting on the back deck. The brickwork was ready to go, too. After Rick told us what he wanted to do, we acted as though Jason and I were carrying the grill insert, but I had levitated it and we were just guiding it to the brickwork frame. Rick had double checked everything and all I had to do was allow the insert to slowly slide into the frame, and then lower in into place so the mounting bolts in the brickwork came through the mounting holes of the insert. That took less than five minutes and then Rick began bolting it in place. The hard part was done and Rick thanked us and told us that he could get the rest of the job alone.

We still had more than an hour to kill, so we went back in the kitchen and cleaned up after breakfast. Finally, after forever watching the clock, it was 10:45 and we took off for Ron Conrad’s house. The plan worked so well it was anticlimactic. He was putting the lawnmower back in the garage when we got there. He had his back to us and I used my power to hold him in place.

Before he knew he couldn’t move, Jason put his hand on Conrad’s bare back and hypnotized him. He started by making Conrad think he was standing there waiting for a bus. I know it sounds silly, but Jason fed him the visuals that he needed to make it seem real. Next he ‘changed’ the memories that Conrad had about his cousin introducing him to his friend so it was a normal introduction. The third step was the hardest part so far. Jason had to actually delete each memory of Conrad messing with a gay or suspected gay kid. Jason knew which memories Conrad had. The difficult portion was adjusting the related memories so he didn’t end up with a ‘hole’ where the deleted memory used to reside. For instance, Conrad had to remember that he had to be at Mr. Killian’s room on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:45 for swearing, but the memory of the act would be fuzzy.

The final step was the most important. Jason left a post hypnotic suggestion that Conrad would adjust his attitude. It wouldn’t be an over-night change, but he eventually would become less belligerent and more tolerant of others. This one might require a tune-up once in a while so it remains a gradual change, but his homophobia was gone instantly once the cause was altered or deleted. Now we just had to test it. I released my hold on Conrad and Jason woke him from his trance and removed his hand from Conrad’s back.

“Hey, Ron. Alex and I stopped by to see if you needed any help.”

Conrad jumped a foot. “Geeze! Way to sneak up on a guy, Eichhorn! I almost crapped my pants! Thanks for the offer, but I started early so I could finish before the heat arrived. Hey Alex, have we met?”

Jason told me to be ready for this and we discussed my reply beforehand. “We met in the hall at school yesterday. You tripped and dropped your books and I helped you pick them up. Remember?”

“Oh yeah, thanks for the assist.”

“It was the least I could do after Mr. Killian got you for swearing. Three days! That sucks.”

“Yeah, but I knew what would happen if I got caught again. It’s just tripping and dropping my books really pissed me off. Mom’s been telling me for weeks to watch my language. I wish I had paid attention to her now.”

“You seem in better spirits today, Ron.”

“Yeah, Jason, it’s not worth it to get upset at as many things as I have been. When I woke up this morning, I decided to change. Hey, do you guys want a Coke or a Pepsi?”

“A Coke sounds good to me,” I said. Jason chose the same. Ron led us to the patio and we took a seat while he got the drinks. A minute later, he reappeared with two Cokes and a Pepsi. We spent the next half hour just shooting the shit and having a good time in general. Ron was really a nice guy, when he let it show. It was just after noon when we made our excuses and left. Ron actually thanked us for stopping by. On the way to my house, we began critiquing our first mission. Jason started.

“The initial results look promising, but we have to keep monitoring Ron to make sure it’s working.”

“Jason, that was great! I couldn’t believe the changes in Conrad; it was like the difference between day and night. How long will it take before you’re sure it’s permanent?”

“Let’s give him five weeks for starters. Every time you or I see him in the halls or in class, just be friendly and ask him what’s going on. You can check in with Glenn Taylor on Monday morning and tell him to watch for changes in Ron’s attitude. From what I’ve read about post hypnotic suggestions, any act suggested should become a habit in a month. If he lasts five weeks without problems, we can check up on him less often.”

“Wow! I told Glenn I’d let him know when I had a plan. Now I just have to figure out what to tell him.”

“Tell him the truth… up to a point. Tell him we stopped by to help him with his yard work since you felt at least partly responsible for getting him put on detention. Then let him know that we ended up having a long talk with him and to expect a change the next time he sees him.”

“Hehe. Well, that’s not a lie. I think I could live with that.” As we walked, I called Glenn and gave him the good news. Glenn was elated. He said he had to let his boyfriend know the good news. As I hung up, I said, “Say hello to Mike for me.” Within five seconds my phone was ringing.

“You know! How do you know?”

It was Glenn, of course. I laughed and told him that Conrad had seen him holding Mike’s hand and that’s what started the whole thing. Then I came out to him and, with Jason’s permission, I told him about my special friend. I emphasized that we weren’t boyfriends… yet. Glenn and Jason laughed.

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