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Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the Shack Out Back is waking from a long winter’s nap. With all that happens in a month, it can be really hard to keep up with everything, so in case you’ve slept your winter away, here’s what’s happening in the Shack Out Back Community:

In early February, Imagine Magazine announced the launch of the Shack Out Back Summer Collection story drive! Between Valentine’s Day and July 3, 2012 (The eve of America’s Independence Day), we’ve asked the community to write a story with the theme: “First day at/in/as _____.” You fill in the blank! It can be anything from a first day at school, new job, or new town or city. It can be the first time something was accomplished, achieved, or overcame. The only limitations to what you can fill that blank space with is the blank space in your imagination, so be creative! Check out the IM Online section over at Imagine Magazine for full details:

Over at the Chat Shack, our friends have been busy collecting all sorts of new stories, movies, and all sorts of wonderful new treasures! If you have never visited the Chat Shack, be sure to pop in and take a look over at the Chat Shack website. There’s always something new being added, which means there’s something there for everyone! Check out page 13 of this magazine for more details! But before you do, keep reading! There’s still a ton of stuff for you to discover:

Despite his busy schedule, Comicality has been spending a lot of time over at the Comicality Cafe, within the forums, writing wonderful reviews and recommendations on some fabulous stories, including: “Derailed”, by LemonFresh, “A Life Forever Changed”, by BensonRob, and “Feels Like Falling”, by Jay Gordon. So if you’re looking for a new story to check out, be sure to pop in over at the Comicality Cafe:
Very recently, Comicality unveiled the brand new home for the Gone From Daylight Blood Bank. It’s now jam-packed with all sorts of new goodies for anyone and everyone who loves a healthy dose of darkness in their day. Check out the “Vampire Sightings” section from a massive collection of videos and images, then jump on over to the “Stories” area, where you can read anything and everything GFD. Love what you’re reading? Flip over to page 37 for further details, or visiit:

By now, many of us have had a chance to read Comicality’s new story, “The Boys of Widow Lake”. Although the exact date hasn’t been set yet, book two called: “The Boys of Widow Lake: The Legend of Lady Margaret” will appear before the month is out!
In all of this commotion, Imagine Magazine is not sitting idle! We’re constantly collecting new and exciting material for our next issue. Of course, that’s not all we’re doing! The Imagine website is always changing and growing to better serve its visitors, and March is no exception! Join our forum, subscribe to our newsletter, or drop in on either our Google+, Facebook, or Twitter page for inside scoops and surprises! Everything you need to stay in the know can be found on our home page at:

Much love,

-The Imagine Team

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