DST Countries Map

Disclaimer: TimeZoneBoy, is the author of the map. He has allowed Imagine Magazine to use his work for this article, but that does not indicate that he endorses anything written here or in Imagine Magazine.

Orange is Southern Hemisphere DST elements

Blue is Northern Hemisphere DST elements

Grey is non-DST elements
It’s coming up on that time of year again: Time to change the clocks.  Whether you move them forward or back depends on which side of the Equator you reside.  The Northern Hemisphere is going into Daylight Saving Time and they will turn their clocks forward an hour to provide an extra hour of daylight to the workday.  The Southern Hemisphere is returning to Standard Time and will be turning their clocks back an hour.  Again, this is to provide more daylight during their workday.  Now the only question is who does what when?  There are different times of the day or night that the clocks are changed, but you probably know when that is for your country (or province or state), so now all you need to know is what day to change over.

You might be thinking, “This is a waste of space.  I know when my country changes the clocks.  It’s been the same forever.”  Well what about your friend on the other side of the world?  Does he have the same changeover day as you?  What if he asked you to voice chat on Windows Live at 10 AM his time?  Can you figure that out?  I personally am pretty good at knowing what time it is around the world, but because I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, I don’t always remember when my friends in the Southern Hemisphere switch from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time and back again.

Assuming that our demographic for Imagine Magazine is the same as for Comsie’s Shack Out Back and the Chat Shack, this article only covers New Zealand, Australia, the European Continent, Ireland and the United Kingdom, and Canada and the United States.  If you live in a different country, you can find it listed online here:


I’m beginning at the International Dateline and moving west.

New Zealand

Start DST the last Sunday in September; End DST the first Sunday in April.


New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia

Start DST the first Sunday in October; End DST the first Sunday in April.

The Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia do not observe DST.

European Continent

All countries in the Continent except Belarus and Russia observe DST.

Start DST the last Sunday in March; End DST the last Sunday in October.

Ireland and the United Kingdom

Start DST the last Sunday in March; End DST the fourth Sunday in October.

This is not always the last Sunday in October because in some years October has five Sundays.

Canada and the United States

Start DST the second Sunday in March; End DST the first Sunday in November.

Saskatchewan, Arizona and Hawaii do not observe DST.

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