The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 7: The Truth image

I woke up to a rocking motion: Tim was shaking me.

“Mike, Uncle Pete’s home!”

“Wow!  When did he get in?”

“I don’t know.  I haven’t been out there yet.”

“Then how do you know he’s home?”

“Don’t you smell the coffee?”

“Yeah, I do.  But you know what?  I have to piss.”  So I got out from under the covers and put on my boxer briefs before opening the bedroom door and going to the bathroom.  Tim followed behind me and, after closing the door, we shared the toilet.  After flushing and washing our hands, we went back to the bedroom and put on our gym shorts.  Suitably dressed, we went to the kitchen.

“Good morning, boys.  I hope you slept well.”

“Hi, Uncle Pete.  Yeah we did.  When did you get home?”

“About an hour ago, Tim.  I’m just having something to eat before I go to bed.”

“Where were you Uncle Pete?  We were looking for you the other day.  The Kern twins tried to sneak into Raccoon City, but they got caught.  Someone shot them with tranquilizer darts, then took them back to Rapid City and left them in the park near their home.”

“Mike, I got your text, but I couldn’t reply until today when I got back.  I figured it would be too late now.  How are the twins?”

“They’re okay, they weren’t hurt.  Tim and I talked with them online yesterday.  They were stopped from entering the city, but we don’t know who did it.”

“They have several security organizations there, but I don’t think any of them would have taken them to Rapid City.  I think the twins should just count their blessings and stay away from Raccoon City.  Let me change the subject for a second.  When do you guys get out of school today?”

Tim fielded this one.  “Classes let out at 3 PM.  Why do you ask?”

“There’s something I need to talk to you boys about.  When will you be home?”

“About 3:15 or 3:20.”

“Good.  I’ll see you then.”  Uncle Pete must have noticed the looks on our faces.  To put us at ease, he said, “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.”

“Whew!  We were wondering what we had done to deserve a conference.  Hehe.”

“It’s not what you’ve done.  It’s what I’ve neglected to do.  I’ve been busy with work stuff for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t been able to talk with you guys about anything.  I just have a little more information that I want to give to you.  It’s probably something I should’ve told you already.  But it’s waited this long, so another eight hours isn’t going to hurt.  In the meantime, I’m going to bed.  I’ll see you this afternoon.  Have fun in school.  Hehe.”  And he got up, walked to his room and closed the door.

“Wow… I was nervous for a minute there.”

“Me too, Mike.  Why is it when adults say they want to talk to us we get nervous?”




+ + +


School seemed to drag by today.  I don’t know if it was from the excitement of yesterday or the nerves that were still jangling about what Uncle Pete wants to say to us.  Tim and I hurried home and walked in the back door at 3:13.  Uncle Pete was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for us.  He had a couple of Cokes out and some pizza rolls to snack on.

“You guys made good time getting home.”

“Hehe.  You gave us motivation with your mystery talk.”

“I guess that would do it, Tim.  Why don’t you guys put your stuff up, take a leak if you have to, and get back here in five minutes.”

We were back in three.  We took our seats at the table and attacked the pizza rolls as Uncle Pete started.

“First of all, I know you guys like each other.  You’re more than just friends.”

“Sure,” I said, “we’re best friends.  We always have been.”

“Nice try, Mike.  Tuesday night when I met with Jacqui Hart, I got home 20 minutes early.”

Tim and I froze and looked at each other and then at Uncle Pete.  I almost choked and had to take a swig of Coke to clear my throat.  Tim wasn’t looking much better.

“Yes, I saw you guys in the shower together and, fortunately, the hammered glass door obstructed my view.  I quietly left and went down the street for a cup of coffee to give you time to finish.  I knew my trip was coming up and I didn’t have time then to talk with you about it.”

“We can explain!” I said.  Uncle Pete sat and waited.  ‘FUCK!  What do I say?  How do I tell him?’

“I’m waiting, Mike.”

Finally Tim spoke up.  “Would you believe that we were trying to save on water?”  That caused all three of us to crack up.

“Sure, Tim, and you were making sure that Mike was clean enough to eat off of, right?”

Uncle Pete waited through our silence for another minute and finally said, “Boys, it’s OK.”

Now we were really confused.  It’s OK?  Really?

“Uncle Pete, did you just say it was OK?”

“Yes, Tim, I did.  Do you remember me talking about Greg Mueller?  Greg and I were lovers for years.  Yes, lovers.  Why do you guys think I kept coming back to Raccoon City almost every weekend?”

We couldn’t believe it.  Uncle Pete was gay?!?

“OK, Tim, Mike.  You can lift your jaws up.  You might let a fly in.”

“Uncle Pete!  Are you saying that you’re gay?  Really?”

“Actually, Mike, I like girls too, so I’m bisexual, not gay.  But yes, that’s what I’m saying.  The main reason for the meeting is that I’d like to talk with you guys about safety and sex.  I know you’re taking Biology this year, but I’m not sure how the school treats same sex relationships.  Regardless, kids think they’re indestructible.  I know I did.  In order to be a responsible guardian and adult, I have to ask.  Have you guys had partners besides each other?”

We both answered in the negative.

“Have you had anal sex yet?”

“Ewwwwww!!!” we both answered.  Uncle Pete started laughing.  Then he opened a bag and dumped the contents on the table.  Tim and I gave nervous laughs; the bag contained condoms and lube.  I could feel my face turning red and Tim’s did the same.

“Mike and Tim, I know this is probably embarrassing, but condoms protect you from disease and if you have a girlfriend, they can save you from a paternity suit.  You guys are 15.  Do you want to get married now, or wait until you’ve finished school?”

“We don’t want to get married!  Who said anything about marriage?!?”

“I agree with Tim!  We’re way too young to get married!”

“Well, both of you have dated girls.  Was that just a front to hide the fact that you’re gay, or are you like me and like men and women?  You can speak freely; you sure as hell won’t shock me with your answers, regardless of what you say.”

Tim spoke first, “I like their tits.  Hehe.”

“Hahaha.  Me too, Tim,” Uncle Pete replied.  Then he looked me in the eyes as asked, “What about you, Mike?”

“I think I’ve just been going along with the guys to hide the fact that I’m gay,” I said, and then I lowered my head.

Uncle Pete reached over and lifted my chin to reestablish eye contact.  “Mike, never, and I mean NEVER, be ashamed of who you are.  First of all, it’s not a choice that you made.  Second, your sexuality isn’t ALL of you; it’s only a minor, albeit important, part of you.  Most of the time you spend in bed you spend it asleep.  What you do in bed the rest of the time is nobody’s business but yours, and your partner’s, if you have one.  That’s why you have a door on your room and that’s also why I put a lock on it for you.”

A tear had formed in my eye and I wiped it away.  “Thanks, Uncle Pete.”

“You’re welcome, Mike.  And that goes for you too, Tim.  I told you guys that Greg Mueller was my lover.  Greg was gay and I’m bisexual.  That’s why I appreciate a woman’s body, Tim.  In fact, I dated all through high school and college, but I kept coming back to Greg.  The girls were nice; fun even, but I was in love with Greg.  Oh, I’ve had other guys, too, but I kept coming back to Greg.  He knew I would, and he waited patiently for me.  I finally realized that satisfying my libido wasn’t bringing me half the happiness that Greg gave me just by being there.  Then the bastards at Umbrella Corp killed him, my sister and my two best friends, your parents, Tim.  Tim and Laura, Terri and Tomas, and Greg and I were always together.  When Tomas died in Iraq, Mike, your mom was devastated.  That’s why I stayed with you guys for a week.  When I heard about the Raccoon City disaster, I wept.  But I also knew that you guys were in Germany and started the ball rolling to get you back here with me.  Now that you’re back, I just want to make your lives a little more normal.”

“Thanks, Uncle Pete,” Tim said and he got up and hugged him around the neck.  I joined in to make it a group hug.

“OK, enough of this Kumbaya stuff.  We still have to finish our talk.”

We sat down and I saw that Tim, like me, was wiping his eyes.  Then Uncle Pete got quiet for a minute.

“Look, guys, I wasn’t born 42 years old.  I was actually a baby who grew into a toddler, preteen and finally a teenager.  About 13 I noticed that I was getting hard, and often, and I couldn’t control it.  I asked my dad about it and he laughed and said it wasn’t just happening.  I guess I had been getting hard all my life, but I never noticed it till I approached the teen years.  That’s understandable, my hormones were taking over and I guess I just noticed it more then.  I thought it was way cool when my pubic hair started growing… I felt like a man!”

I looked over at Tim and saw the smirk on his face.  I’m sure mine was the same.  Hehe.

“But I noticed that as the other guys were talking about girls more often, the boys were getting cute as well, although I noticed the girls too.  Hehe.”

Tim and I both giggled.  It was so cool to have an adult who would admit to being human.  I bet my dad would have been that way, too.  Tim and his dad seemed close, but not close enough to come out to, I guess.  Heck, I wouldn’t have come out to Uncle Pete if he hadn’t caught us in the act.

“Both of you have noticed the boys getting cuter, and Tim, you’ve noticed the girls, too.  Mike, don’t hold that against him; like you being gay, Tim never chose to be bisexual either.  So give him a break when he talks about tits and pussy.”

“Are those the technical names for women’s body parts, Uncle Pete?”

“Haha!  Yes, Tim.  Actually, you guys are taking biology.  I should be asking you.” And he smiled at us.  “Do they have a section on sexual preference?”

“If they do, they haven’t started it yet,” I volunteered.  “Uncle Pete, I have a question.  Should I come out to my friends?”

“Mike, that question has been bothering teens forever.  Look, you just got to Lombard a few weeks ago.  I haven’t really heard about any of your friends, so I don’t have much to go on for an answer.  Why don’t you play it by ear and see what happens?  You see, coming out is like frying an egg.  Once it’s done, you can’t undo it.  If you meet a guy and he becomes a friend, you might want to tell him, but my straight friends don’t introduce themselves by saying, ‘Hi, my name’s Bill and I like to fuck women.’”

That cracked us up.  “Haha!  I see what you mean.  But how can we tell if the time is right?”

“Well, Mike, it’s not like asking a girl on a date.  With a girl, the worse that can happen is she’ll say ‘no’.  The risk is much greater when you announce your sexuality is different than the expected, and you have to decide if you’re willing to take the risk.  If you chose your friend wisely, it should go well.  Don’t expect him to be gay; after 42 years I have never found gaydar to work.  But likewise, if he’s your friend, he’ll appreciate that you came out to him, or that you have an interest in him.  The problem comes in when your alleged friend walks away.  Sadly, he can out you when you’re not ready to handle it.  The results are like trying to get the genie back in the bottle.  The bottom line is that it’s your call, Mike.”

Tim and I started looking at the condoms again.  This led Uncle Pete to ask, “Do you know how to use a condom?”

“You just put it on your hardon, right?”

“Hehe.  There’s a bit more to it than that, Tim.  Would you like me to demonstrate?”

“GAH!!!  NO!” we both screamed.

“OK, then you guys can show me how it’s done.”  And he smiled.

“I don’t think I want to, Uncle Pete,” I said.

“Me neither, Uncle Pete,” Tim echoed.

“You know, being gay or bisexual doesn’t make a person a pedophile.  I wasn’t going to show you mine and I don’t want to see yours, either.”  He got up and walked over to the counter.  When he came back, he handed each of us a banana.  “Here.  Use these and I’ll talk you through it.”

The relief on our faces was obvious.  “Now before you start, if you’re uncircumcised, you should pull back the foreskin before you put on the condom.  Whether you’re cut or uncut, you might want to use a bit of lube to make the condom easier to put on and remove.  Here’s some lube.  You should be able to buy lube and condoms at any drugstore.  If you’re embarrassed to buy them, let me know and I’ll go with you.”

“Whew!  That would make me feel a lot better, Uncle Pete.”

“Tim, I didn’t say I’d buy them for you, I’ll just go with you for moral support.  Hehe.”


“Not yet, Tim – you still have to put the condom on your banana.  Hehe.”

We cracked up again.

“OK, each of you open a condom.”  We did.

“Do you see how the condom is rolled?”  We nodded.

“Pour a few drops of lube on your bananas and rub it around to coat them.”  We giggled as we did what he said.

“Now take the condom. Do you see the nipple at the end of the condom?”

“Yep,” we said in unison.

“It’s called a reservoir.  Its purpose is to catch and hold the ejaculate when you cum.  Make sure that the reservoir is loose at the end of your banana.  Now just roll the condom down.  If the condom doesn’t reach to the end of your banana, you’re a better man than I am.  Hehe.”

Again, we cracked up.

“Now you can add lube to the outside of the condom, too.  It allows you to glide a bit more easily if your partner is dry, whether it’s a dry vagina or anus.”

Again we both said, “Ewwwww!”

“I can understand your feelings, but the condom does more than protect you from STDs, it also keeps your banana clean if you choose anal sex.  Any questions?”

“Yeah,” Tim said, “Do we have to have anal sex?  I mean, that sounds pretty disgusting to me.”

“No, Tim, you don’t.  In fact, a report from the National Institutes of Health several years ago said that only two-thirds of gays have had anal sex at least once in their lives.  The most popular choices seem to be oral sex and mutual masturbation.  I downloaded their PDF.  I’ll email it to you.”*

Tim turned red as a tomato and said, “Oh.  Thanks.  I think.”  I didn’t say anything because I felt as red as Tim was.

“From what I saw the other night, you guys are like the majority of gays and prefer oral and mutual masturbation.”

“Uncle Pete, can we change the subject, please?”

“Sure, Mike, but if you have any questions, please ask me before you ask your friends or search on the Internet.  The Internet has excellent resources, but they also have some kooks out there.  There’s one more thing I wanted to talk about with you.”

“What’s that?” Tim asked.

“Using your webcam on the Internet.  I just have a couple of things to say.  First, once something is on the Internet, you can NEVER remove it.  Someone will have a copy of it somewhere.  And the second thing is a quote from Ben Franklin: ‘Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.’  Think about that.  Now take your condoms and lube and enjoy the weekend.  Wait.  That came out wrong.  Hehe.”

“Haha!  I think we know what you mean,” I told him.

“Yeah, and thanks for the information, Uncle Pete.  But most of all, thanks for being so understanding.  When you said you knew about us, I was scared to death that you were going to punish us.”

“Tim, it neither surprises nor upsets me that you guys were having fun with each other.  I think Greg and I were about your age when we first experimented and it made our relationship even better than it was.  And like you two, we prayed that no one would find out.  It seems that Greg and I had better luck than you and Mike.  Hehe.”

“Well, if we had to get caught, I’m glad it was you, Uncle Pete.”

“Thanks, Mike.”

As we were taking the condoms off the bananas, I sniffed at mine.  “Uncle Pete, my banana smells like strawberries!” I said.

“Mine too!” said Tim.

“Yes they do.  The lube is strawberry scented and flavored.  I think strawberries and bananas go great together,” Uncle Pete told us.  I looked over to Tim and we grinned at each other.


+ + +


That evening, Tim and I experimented with the lube.  OhMyGod!  That was sooo much better than not using lube!  And when we sucked each other, the taste was fantastic!  I think we came twice as fast as we usually do, and that’s saying something!  When we finished, we went to the bathroom and washed our crotches and hands to get the lube off.  When we were finished, we went into the living room to watch TV with Uncle Pete.  The first thing he said was, “I love the smell of strawberries.”

“But Uncle Pete, we washed it off already.  How can you smell it?” Tim asked.  Then he realized what he just admitted to and brought his hands to his mouth and turned a bright red.

Uncle Pete ignored Tim’s color change and responded with a question: “Did you brush your teeth?”

“No,” we said.  Now both our faces turned bright red.  Then we started laughing and Uncle Pete joined in.

Later, when the news came on, Tim and I got up to go to bed.  We said our goodnights to Uncle Pete, and, after a step or two, Tim turned around and asked, “Uncle Pete, is it OK if we still take our showers together?  Me and Mike, not me and you.  Haha.”

OhMyGod!  I don’t believe he just asked that!

Uncle Pete looked over with a grin on his face and said, “If I say ‘no’ you’ll just do it when I’m not home, so yes, Tim, it’s OK with me.”

“YAY!!!  Thanks, Uncle Pete!”  And we hurried to our room.

When we got there we started undressing and I looked at Tim and said, “I don’t believe you asked him that… but I’m glad you did.”

“I almost didn’t, but then I figured, what the heck, the most he can do is say ‘no’, right?”

By now we were undressed and we wrapped our towels around us and headed for the bathroom.  When we got there, we closed the door and Tim started the water while I took a piss.  I stepped into the shower and tested the water while Tim took a leak.  By the time he joined me, I had the water adjusted and we stood under the cascading shower and kissed.

“Tim,” I asked as I hugged him, “Do you really like girls?”

“Yeah, Mike, but not as much as I like guys, and YOU are my favorite guy to like.”  And he returned my hug and kissed me again.  I still didn’t understand, but I accepted his answer and started washing his hair.  He returned the favor.

“Tim, we have to get some strawberry shampoo to hide our breath.”

“Hahaha!  I don’t think that would fool Uncle Pete.”  Then he lathered up his washcloth and started washing my arms, chest and stomach.  By the time he got to my belly button, I was showing my appreciation.  He ran his cloth over my member and when it wouldn’t go down any further, he released it and it flew back up and smacked my belly with a wet slap.  He had me turn around and washed my back and my butt, paying special attention to my butt crack.  When he was done, he had me rinse off.  We’ve only been showering together for five days, but we were starting to get a routine down already.

Once I rinsed off, I lathered my washcloth and started on Tim’s arms, chest and stomach.  Neither of us was especially ticklish, so we could run the cloth over each other as gently or as roughly as we wanted without either of us giggling like a school girl.  We might not have been ticklish, but that didn’t stop our dicks from showing their appreciation.  As I rubbed the cloth over Tim’s lower stomach and into his pubic region, he was at attention.  I gave his shaft a single stroke with the cloth and asked him to turn around.  Reluctantly, he did.  Tim put his arms out and leaned on the wall as I soaped his back.  I moved down until I was at his cute butt.  I ran the cloth over it and between his legs, feeling the start of his hard shaft behind his scrotum.  Then I ran the cloth up and down his crack, making several passes over his butt hole.  When I was finished, I hugged Tim and told him to rinse off.

As he rinsed, I knelt down so I could wash his legs and feet.  In just a moment he turned to face me.  I took my soapy washcloth and started on his legs, paying close attention to his inner thighs and his ball sack.  I worked my way down to Tim’s feet; I washed both of the soles and between his toes.  When I finished, I worked my way back up and I noticed that his scrotum was tightening up.  I used the cloth to slide up and down his shaft with my right hand, while my left hand cradled and gently massaged his testicles.

“Rinse,” was all I had to say and he turned under the shower head again and rinsed the soap from his crotch, legs and feet.  He knew to turn back around, and I was waiting for him.

I took his now-familiar member and sucked it into my mouth as I allowed my tongue to slide down his shaft to his scrotum.  When I felt his pubic hair on my upper lip, I pulled back off him until just the head of his penis was in my mouth.  I licked around his head and l dabbed at the slit on top and licked away his precum before I again slid down his shaft to begin all over again.  His precum was coming out in a constant drip, and as I sped up my ministrations, I felt a shudder run through Tim’s body, as he once again whimpered.  I knew he was close and I would show him mercy and allow him to cum.  While massaging his shaft with my tongue as I slid my lips up and down it, I felt him expand in my mouth.

Just as he released, he grabbed onto my head and thrust deeply into my mouth.  I knew the floodgates opened when I tasted his thick creamy load.  I swallowed rapidly to keep up with the torrents that were entering my mouth.  Finally, Tim slid his hands from my head to my shoulders and sighed.  He lowered himself to his knees and gave me a thank-you kiss.

“That was great, Mike!  I’m gonna have to keep you around.”

“You’re welcome.  You know, I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.  You fit perfectly into my mouth.”

“Enough talking, Mike.  I have to take care of your growing problem.”  And he slid his hand up and down my shaft.  Then he let his hands slid down to my butt and he took hold and raised me until I was standing in front of him, my crotch was at the level of his head.  He soaped up his washcloth and started at my left hip and proceeded to wash my legs and feet.  As I did for him, he took special pains in cleaning my inner thighs.  When he felt he had finished, he slid his soapy cloth to my penis, grabbed me, and slowly stroked up and down my shaft.

“Now, Tim, now!” I said with urgency.  He knew what I meant and he allowed me to rinse my legs and crotch as he knelt there, waiting for my return.  A moment later, he was rewarded for his patience when I turned around and offered my shaft to him.  He sucked in his bounty and began to bob up and down on it eagerly.  “Oh Tim!  This feels better than before.  I’d swear you were practicing if I didn’t know I was with you all day.  Hehe.  I don’t care how you learned this, but, please, don’t stop.  Don’t stop!”

And Tim didn’t stop.  He brought me to new heights as he continued to slide up and down my member.  When I felt myself expanding in his mouth, I warned him of my impending doom, but his only reaction was to redouble his efforts.  In physics they say that for every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction.  His actions were rewarded mere seconds later as I began to fill his mouth almost faster than he could swallow.  I grew weak in my knees and leaned on Tim’s shoulders for support.  Finally, I was finished and as Tim sucked the last of the cum from me, he allowed my penis to slide from his lips.  I was exhausted as I lowered myself to my knees in front of Tim and eagerly embraced him, as we again kissed.  In just a moment I recovered, and we stood to rinse off one last time before turning off the water and exiting the shower.  As is our new custom, we dried each other then wrapped our towels around our waists.

The last thing to do for the night was brush our teeth.  Once that was completed, and after a quick kiss, we opened the bathroom door and made our way to the bedroom.

Uncle Pete called out from the living room, “Is there any hot water left?  Hahaha.”

“Yes, Sir,” we said in unison.

After closing and locking our door, we took off our towels and hung them to dry.  Within minutes we were under the covers with the lights out.

“Mike, I’ve been thinking about what Uncle Pete said.”

“OhMyGod!  Don’t tell me you want to have anal sex!?!”

“Fuck NO!  The other thing he said.  You know, about stuff on the Internet never being able to be removed.”

“Yeah, that’s run through my head a couple of times too.  So has Ben Franklin’s saying.  Let’s make sure we don’t piss off the Kern twins.”

“No kidding!”

As we hugged each other and intertwined our arms and legs, we settled in for a restful night’s sleep.  I could feel that Tim was at least as hard as I was.

*NOTE: You can find the NIH publication here:

Or here:  (This address is case sensitive: 1MjD does not equal 1mjd)

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