Fellow Shackers! From wars against peanut butter to the first day at a new school, we’ve rounded up all sorts of goodies this month, with some added fun hiding around the corner. Check inside for surprises, prizes, and so much more!

Download PDF: Volume 9

  1. Train Yourself to Write Better in Only 15 Minutes Per Day
  2. Flash Your Plot: A Low-Tech Approach in a High-Tech World
  3. Family II: The Special Friend: Chapter 1: School Fears
  4. PAIN: Chapter 8: Conspiracy
  5. Singletrack Mind: Chapter 7
  6. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 8: The Whole Truth
  7. Chocolate-Marbled Cheesecake
  8. Mint Creations
  9. Earth Day
  10. Uncle Jim’s Gallery Extraordinaire
  11. The History of April Fool’s Day
  12. Plastic Wrap du Toilette: Of April Fools
  13. Down with the Blood Bank: The Beginning of an End
  14. War of the Peanuts

Published April 1, 2012

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