Fellow Shackers! From wars against peanut butter to the first day at a new school, we’ve rounded up all sorts of goodies this month, with some added fun hiding around the corner. Check inside for surprises, prizes, and so much more!

Download PDF: Volume 9

  1. War of the Peanuts in Tabloid by
  2. Down with the Blood Bank: The Beginning of an End in Tabloid by
  3. Plastic Wrap du Toilette: Of April Fools in Tabloid by
  4. The History of April Fool’s Day in Community by
  5. Uncle Jim’s Gallery Extraordinaire in Community by
  6. Earth Day in Community by
  7. Mint Creations in Community by
  8. Chocolate-Marbled Cheesecake in Community by Derros Bloodmoon
  9. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 8: The Whole Truth in Library by
  10. Singletrack Mind: Chapter 7 in Library by
  11. PAIN: Chapter 8: Conspiracy in Library by
  12. Family II: The Special Friend: Chapter 1: School Fears in Library by
  13. Flash Your Plot: A Low-Tech Approach in a High-Tech World in Workshop by
  14. Train Yourself to Write Better in Only 15 Minutes Per Day in Workshop by

Published April 1, 2012