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As we were walking back to my place, Jason called Michelle and filled her in on what happened with Ron Conrad. After starting the conversation, he put her on the speaker so we could both listen and talk. Michelle was happy that we were so confident that Ron was taken care of that she asked if we wanted another assignment. I nodded my head and Jason told her we did, but we wouldn’t be able to start for a couple of days because we had to monitor Conrad’s actions on Monday. She agreed and said to call her on Tuesday after school and let her know how it went. We agreed and Jason ended the call.

“Wow! Another job so soon? Is it always this busy?” I asked.

“Sometimes, but we usually get a break between jobs. Of course, my last job started last Monday night when Michelle called me to say you were in an accident and acted like you were in a trance. Hehe.”

“That’s right! So you’ve been on back-to-back jobs with me and then Ron. I never thought of it that way. Was it hard working with me?”

“Yeah, Alex, but I like you when you’re hard. Hehe.”

I punched him in the arm again, but I couldn’t help laughing, too. In about 15 minutes we got to my house. When we walked in, we found Luke watching Cartoon Network and laughing.

“Hey Sport! Whatcha watching?”

“Tom and Jerry! They’re my favorites!”

“Mine, too, Luke,” Jason said as he walked over to sit next to him.

“Luke, where are Mom and Dad?”

“They’re up in their bedroom. I think they’re playing because I heard them laughing a lot. They told me to go watch cartoons.”

“Hmmm… Tom and Jerry are almost over. Would you like to go with me to White Castle for some sliders?”

“YES!!!” And he squealed so loud I thought I’d go deaf.

Then Mom called down, “Luke! Are you OK?”

I called up to her right away. “It’s OK, Mom. I just told him I was taking him to White Castle.”

“Oh. I didn’t know you were home, Alex. Sure, I bet he’s starving.”

“OK, Mom. We’ll be back in an hour or so.”

“Do you need any money?”

“No ma’am, I still have some left over from what Dad gave me last night.”

“OK, you boys have fun.” And I heard her shut the door. I had Luke go to the toilet and got him ready to go out. I called up the stairs to say goodbye and then Jason, Luke and I headed out to White Castle.


+ + +

“You sure exited there quick!”

“Yeah. It’s after noon and they were still in the bedroom? I didn’t want to interrupt what they were doing. Hehe.”

“OhMyGod! Hahaha! Why didn’t I figure that out?”

“Now I should be on Dad’s good side. I not only left, but I took Luke with me so they won’t have any distractions,” I said, as a grin grew across my face.

“I’m gonna get a kids’ meal! What toys does White Castle have, Alex?”

“Luke, I don’t know if they have kids’ meals at White Castle, or if they even have toys. But they have the perfect size hamburgers for you. You can actually hold them in one hand, Sport.” Hearing that, Luke looked at his hand and squealed again.

Laughing and putting his fingers in his ears, Jason said, “Thanks Alex. Now my hearing’s gone for sure!”

“Hahaha! It’ll come back… at least it always has for me… so far,” I assured him.

As we continued walking, Luke was having trouble keeping up, so I bent over and scooped him up and put him on my shoulders. No sooner had I done that than we heard a loud BANG a half a block down the street. A bus that was doing the legal limit down the roadway sideswiped the curb. The driver lost control and the bus rolled over on its side. The police were right behind them. They skidded to a halt, their lights flashing, and exited their car. While one officer called in the incident, the other ran to the bus to help the victims.

“Jason! This is just like what happened to ME! A loud bang and then the rollover!”

We ran over to see if there was anything we could do to help, but the police told me to get Luke away; it wasn’t safe. I heard the cops talking to each other. “The bus is on its doors, Bill! We need to get this back on its wheels if we’re going to save anyone!” Then they squatted down and tried to lift.

That’s all I need to hear. This was the biggest object I’d tried to move so far, but after five or six seconds, it started to move! It was like trying to lift a whale, but I couldn’t back off! Jason and some of the passersby ran over to help the police lift the bus and that gave me the advantage that I needed! With a little more mental lift, the bus slowly rose to an upright position and rocked for a few seconds while it stabilized. The driver was conscious, but he had a cut on his forehead. Still, he tried to open the doors, but the controls didn’t work; the doors were jammed from the hard fall that the bus took when it rolled over.

By this time, the Paramedics and Fire Department arrived and they brought out the Jaws of Life and started forcing the front doors open. I saw some other firemen pulling on either side of the rear doors, trying to pull them open, but without much luck. They were determined, so I gave them a hand… mentally. Damn! Lifting the bus was hard, but the doors were a lot easier! I ripped them off their hinges! I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought of Bullwinkle saying, “Ooooo! Don’t know my own strength!”

The passengers started piling off of the bus and the passersby were escorting them away from the wreck so there was room to allow the others to exit as well. The Firemen and Paramedics entered the bus and searched from front to back, making sure everyone was evacuated. The two police officers were assisting those who had been on the bus, when two more squad cars arrived and two of the cops started directing traffic while the other two checked in with Officer ‘Bill’ and his partner.

From start to finish, this took about 20 minutes and it looked like there were only minor injuries. Of the 15 or so passengers, only 6 wanted to go to the hospital, one being the driver. Jason and I waited so we could tell the police what we saw and heard before the crash.

Finally, they had a free moment, but when I started to tell them what we saw and heard, he thought we were just looking to be on TV. Then Jason took over. He grabbed the cop’s hand and shook it.

“Hello, Officer. I’m Jason Eichhorn and my friend is Alex Blackwell. Alex is the sole survivor of the bus crash last week. He needs to talk with you about the two accidents. You have time, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. What do you have for us, son?”

Wow! That was a quick turnaround in attitude. Jason must have done his thing when they were shaking hands. I wondered if he could make him go to his partner and say, “These are not the droids we’re looking for.” Hehe. I’ll have to ask.

I looked at his name tag on his shirt. “Officer Janczuk, I heard a loud bang before the first bus crashed and rolled over, and I heard one again today before the second crash as well. That’s too coincidental. I think someone might have been shooting out the tires on the busses.”

“Let’s see what we can find, son.”

Then we followed him as he walked around the bus. Three of the tires were still inflated, but the fourth, the passenger-side front tire, was flat. Looking at the remains of the tire, he saw something suspicious.

“Alex, I think you might have something here. I can’t tell just from looking at it, but I think our lab guys should check out this tire. What else can you tell us?”

“Well, Sir, in the first crash, the one I was on, the driver seemed to lose control of the steering. Then we went over the curb and rolled over. Again, we initially landed on the door-side of the bus. If it would have stopped there, we all would have been trapped in the bus until we came to our senses and figured out we could use the emergency windows of get out.

“In this crash the driver seemed to lose control after Jason and I heard the loud bang, too. If it weren’t for you guys getting the bus upright, a lot of people could have been a lot worse off than they were. That was great the way you guys lifted the bus back up!” Jason was standing next to Officer Janczuk and was having a hard time not laughing.

“Thank you, Alex. I’ll get this information to the detectives. Can I get your contact information so they can reach you with any questions they might have?” Naturally, Jason and I gave Officer Janczuk our names, addresses, home phone numbers and cell phone numbers.

Finally, with Luke still on my shoulders, we went on to White Castle. Luke loved the ‘baby burgers’, as he put it. I got two for him and four for me and we shared an order of fries. Jason had four sliders and an order of fries. We all had Coke, Luke having a small one, of course. As we were eating, I had to ask. “Jason, what do you think the next project will be?”

“To be honest, Alex, I haven’t got a clue. Michelle never tells ahead of time, only when the assignment is handed out. We’ll find out Tuesday. Until then, let’s hope the fix on Conrad works.”

“OK,” I said, “but what do you think about the second bus accident in less than a week?”

“That is strange. Like you, Alex, I think someone is shooting out the tires, but I don’t know if they’re just dorks getting their kicks, or if it’s something else. If they find that the bus you were on also had the front passenger-side tire shot out as well, I think we have a trend beginning. I don’t know if we’d be assigned to work it, though. After all, you’re kinda close to the incident.”

“Yeah, but I’d also like to find the guy and get him off the streets. It’s not normal to be afraid to get on a school bus.”

“I agree, but enough shop-talk. We should invite Glenn Taylor and Mike Whelan to the cookout tomorrow, too. Let’s see if we can get enough of us guys around to make my dad nervous.” And then he put on a shit-eating grin.

“Hahaha! Jason, you’re evil. Do you really want me to call Glenn and ask?”

“Sure, why not?” So I did; he and Mike would love to come. I texted him the time and the address and then we started for home. When we got to Pine, Jason said goodbye and high fived Luke before heading to his place.

“Jason, I’ll text you later,” I called after him. He turned and gave me a thumbs-up.

We arrived home a few minutes later and Mom was in the kitchen reading the paper. It just seems so strange that there are still newspapers in existence. By the time they’re printed, they’re outdated. I think I use the Internet for all my news stuff. It’s so cool when I look at the articles and see they’re ‘updated 15 minutes ago’. But Mom’s old school and I love her to death.

Luke ran in to see her and screamed, “Mommy! We saw a bus fall over!!!” I almost died laughing.

“No, Luke, the bus tipped over when it hit the curb,” I corrected.

“That’s right, Mommy, it tripped on the curb and fell over!”

“Hahaha! I give up!” I said.

By now Mom was laughing too. “What happened, Alex?”

“Mom, it’s not really funny. Jason, Luke and I were walking down Carver to White Castle and about a half a block in front of us, just past Sawyer, we heard a loud bang and the bus swerved, hit the curb and tipped over onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, no one on the sidewalk was injured. The bus was lying on the passenger side, so the doors were covered. Jason and I ran over to help, but one of the cops told me to get Luke out of there, so I backed off. Then the cops and Jason and a bunch of passersby lifted the bus back onto its wheels so the doors could be opened.”

“Oh my goodness! Was anyone hurt?”

I recounted the story for Mom, and then told it again for Dad when he got back from the store. We watched the news coverage on the TV that evening. Of the six people who went to the hospital, only the driver was kept for observation. They didn’t say anything about the tire being shot or even about the loud bang before it happened. As the news was ending, the doorbell rang. I answered the door and found Officer Janczuk there with another guy in plain clothes.

“Hi, Officer Janczuk. I assume this is about the bus accident. Come in; my parents are in the living room.” They followed me in and Officer Janczuk introduced himself and the other man to my parents and me.

“Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell, as Alex mentioned, I am Officer Dan Janczuk, and my associate is Detective-Lieutenant Martin Ashburn.” Detective Ashburn showed his badge and ID card as he shook Dad’s and then Mom’s hand.

After introductions were completed, Dad said, “Alex told us about the accident and what a great job you and the other officers, firemen and paramedics did. Congratulations.” Mom nodded in agreement. Officer Janczuk smiled and nodded.

Detective Ashburn started. “Sir,” then glancing to Mom he added, “and Ma’am, we’d like to ask your son some questions about what happened today and about last Monday’s incident. Is there some place where we can speak with him privately?”

Dad fielded the request. “Detective, because of the severity of the incidents, I’d rather you question him with us present. He’s only 15 and as his father I feel it’s my…”

“Of course, Sir. Where can we talk?”

“Is right here OK?”

“Yes, Sir. Just two things; I’d prefer that you stayed on the couch where you are and let Alex sit in front of you on a chair. The second thing is to not speak or try to guide Alex’s responses.”

“That’s agreeable,” Dad said and then he got the love seat from near the window and placed it in front of the couch. The officers moved two chairs so they were facing the love seat. Dad turned the TV off and we began.

Thirty minutes later, the detective and Officer Janczuk thanked us and left. I don’t know if I told them any more than I did in the first two interviews, but they seemed happy. I moved the loveseat back to the window and Dad put the other chairs back where they belonged. Then I asked, “Dad, why didn’t you let us talk alone?”

“Alex, you’re 15 and still susceptible to verbal manipulation. They might have made you say something that you didn’t mean to say.”

“Really? That would be a cool power to have. Hehe.”

“Yeah, but when the police question you, it’s always a serious occasion. You didn’t do anything wrong and you volunteered to assist, which is good, but you’re still a minor and it’s better to have a parent with a minor to back him up.”

“I’m glad you spoke up, Dad.”


+ + +

The rest of the evening was routine. I texted Jason and let him know what happened with the cops and he said they showed up at his place, too. I asked if his dad was in the room for the questioning and he said, “Of course!” Since it was Saturday, I went to another friend’s house and we played Risk for two hours! And I won! YES! I was home by 10PM and in bed by 10:30… and I put the washcloth on the hook at 10:45. Hehe.


+ + +

The sun woke me Sunday morning just before 8AM. I was ready to go to the cookout, but I had six hours before it started. It was going to be great having four gay guys there so we didn’t have to worry about what we said or how we acted. As I was having breakfast, Jason texted to remind me to bring a swimsuit, and to remind Glenn and Mike. I forwarded Jason’s text to Glenn and when he responded, I replied to Jason. The weather was perfect! It was forecast to be in the 80s with ‘severe clear’. Hehe. Time virtually stood still as I waited for 1:45 to roll around. I don’t know how many times I looked at my board shorts in the mirror. Finally, it was 1:45 and I texted Jason to see if he wanted me to bring anything.

‘jst ur pretty body’ he texted back.

I laughed and left the house. Ten minutes later I was entering Jason’s back yard.

“Welcome, Alex! You’re the first to arrive.” It was Jason’s dad.

“Hi Rick! It looks like the weather gods are smiling on us today.”

I walked over and looked at the finished grill. It was fantastic! “Rick, that really turned out well! You did a great job! I hope Jason was at least half right about your cooking skills.”

“If anything, Alex, he played it down.” We both laughed at his bragging. Then he walked me over to the picnic table and offered me some chips and dip. “Sodas are in the cooler next to the table, help yourself to everything,” he said. And I did. As I was taking a seat in a chair at the pool, Jason came out in his board shorts and did a cannon ball that soaked me! Haha! Now I was on a mission! I got up and dove into the water and aimed for Jason’s legs. I used my power to flip him in the air. Jason was squealing like Luke did yesterday. That sure got Rick’s attention.

“Geeze, Jason! The neighbors are going to think you’re being slaughtered! Hahaha!”

“But Dad! He flipped me in the air!” Jason sputtered.

“Yeah, and you were totally innocent, right? Hehe.”

“Kinda.” I cracked up at his ‘innocent’ act. We both went under and swam to each other. When we arrived, we kissed. After surfacing, Jason gave me a hug and thanked me for coming.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!” I told him. A few minutes later, Glenn walked in and Mike was following him. Jason and I got out of the pool and welcomed them.

“I hope you brought your suits,” Jason said. And both guys pulled down their shorts a bit to show the tops of their suits.

“Sure did,” Mike said. “Thanks for inviting us! I’m Mike Whelan, by the way.”

“Hi Mike, I’m Jason Eichhorn and the guy at the grill is my dad, Rick. You guys already know Alex.” We did a round of fist bumps and walked to the grill so they could greet Rick.

“Hi, Mr. Eichhorn, I’m Mike Whelan and this is my boyfriend, Glenn Taylor.”

“Hi Mike, Hi Glenn. One thing though, Mr. Eichhorn is my dad. I’m Rick,” and he smiled. The guys shook his hand and it looked like they were really starting to relax.

Just then Jason called us all from the pool. “Hey! Last one in the pool is a queer… too!” I jumped in as Glenn and Mike stripped to their swimsuits and jumped in hand-in-hand. We swam and had fun for about an hour when Rick called us to eat. We got out and dried off a bit and fixed our plates. When I took the first bite from my burger I found that Jason was understating his dad’s cooking skills. These burgers were fantastic! Rick kept putting food on the table until we begged him to stop.

When we finished, we helped Jason clean up and thanked Rick again. Then we sat around the table and talked about nothing and everything for the next hour or so. Jason and I assured Glenn and Mike that if they would leave Conrad alone, that he would leave them alone, too. It was easy getting the boys’ word on it. Now all Jason and I had to do was stop by every day to monitor the success. We told the guys to let us know if Conrad did any backsliding. Then the games began!

Jason got a soccer ball and tossed it in the pool and we challenged Glenn and Mike to a water polo game. That was a great time! I hadn’t seen Glenn and Mike without shirts since a B-ball game of shirts and skins a couple of years ago. These guys were really filling out nicely. Glenn had a swimmer’s build and Mike had a decent six-pack going for him. Soccer was treating him well. Every time a point was scored, the scoring team kissed. I don’t want to say what the final score was, but Glenn and Mike were kissing a heck of a lot more than we were. I think they set us up! Hehe.

After the game, we dried off and sat around the table and talked some more. Glenn told us how good we looked together and Mike readily agreed. I think I blushed a bit, but I told them that I was thinking the same about them, and Jason agreed with me. Then I asked Mike how he got such a great six-pack going. He ran his hand over it and told us the exercises he did every day. I don’t know about Jason, but if that’s what it takes, I won’t be showing one very soon. Hehe.

About 8:30, Glenn and Mike headed out so they could be home by Mike’s curfew limit – 9PM. That seemed kind of early until Mike explained that Sunday was a school night since he had school on Monday. Then it made sense… in a way.

After they left, Rick said he had an early start in the morning and told Jason to get to bed by 10. We said good night and Jason said he would; He reminded his dad that he had to work at the hospital in the morning. When Rick left, Jason suggested that we take a swim and turned off the yard lights. The pool lights were still on and he dimmed them to just barely glowing. Before we got in, I told him that I had to walk home in these shorts and they were finally drying out.

“No problem,” he said, “just take them off.” And he took his board shorts off, got in the pool and waited for me. I could feel myself becoming aroused as I lowered my shorts and slid off the edge of the pool, into the water.

“Won’t the neighbors see us?” I asked.

“Take a look for yourself,” Jason responded. “Do you see any of my neighbors’ windows from the pool?” I looked around and I couldn’t see any.

“This is so cool! Was the pool built here intentionally for privacy?”

“No. Dad just wanted it near the house and we discovered the privacy of it after we started using it. The only windows that we can see are in my kitchen and my bedroom. If we can’t see them, they can’t see us. The six-foot fence around the yard keeps it private from the street and the neighbors’ yards. So the seclusion of it is pure serendipity.”

We swam around a bit before meeting in the center of the pool. The water was still warm from the heat of the day and feeling it all over my body was exciting. I’ve never felt this free before. As we moved around, treading the water, we moved closer to each other. Finally we embraced and he kissed me. It was just a small peck in the lips, and then he hugged me. I couldn’t help but hug him back. I could feel our penises hardening and rubbing on each other until we were so hard a cat couldn’t scratch us.

Remaining in the hug, I brought one hand between us and grabbed our members and started jacking us together, but slowly. I could feel Jason shudder and then sigh. He walked us to the edge of the pool, lifted me onto the side of it and positioned himself between my legs. The next thing I knew, he was swallowing me and I gasped at the feelings he produced with his mouth and his tongue. After being half naked with him all afternoon, it didn’t take me long to cum. I had to rest my hands on the deck behind me as I climaxed. My whole body shook from the sensations of pleasure Jason gave me. He kept me in his mouth until I started to go limp, and then he pulled me back into the pool and into his embrace.

“My God, Jason; that was wonderful! Don’t ever lose that talent!”

“Mmmm… Alex you taste so good!” And then he kissed me and I could taste my cum in his mouth.

I could feel that Jason was still as hard as a steel rod. “I see you still need some attention. Let me see if I can take care of that for you.” And I moved us to the concrete steps and had him lie back on them. His hips rose above the water and I went bobbing for his penis. I loved the texture of his member and I still couldn’t believe that something that soft and smooth could be so hard as well. I slowly began rising up and going back down on his member, as my tongue would feel all around the shaft, trying to feed more of him into my eager mouth. When I was finally able to bury my nose in Jason’s pubes, I began moving up and down faster and faster. Jason’s hips started bucking and feeding his member to me. Within minutes, Jason made a final thrust and held my head to his crotch as he started cumming. I could feel the motion of his cum through his penis, and finally, the gush as it exited into my mouth. His several spurts started strong and slowly weakened, until at the end, he was dribbling. Finally, his body went limp and he reclined on the steps. As his penis went limp, I released him and pulled myself up to his head and shared another kiss with him. “Mmmm…” I said, “Friends with benefits, indeed!”

Once we recovered, we swam around for another 15 or 20 minutes. It was actually more walking than swimming. We talked, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what we said. Finally, we both knew it was time for me to go, though neither of us wanted to part. We walked to the steps and climbed out of the pool and, after finding towels, we dried each other off. I put my shorts and T-shirt back on and slipped on my shoes and tied them. Jason was still standing there naked with his towel over his shoulder. We gave each other a parting peck on the lips and I walked home.


+ + +

When I got home 10 minutes later, I went to the kitchen and Mom and Dad were talking with our neighbor, Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was retired from the phone company, and he had a lot of stories to tell. I don’t think he’s ever told the same one twice. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:55. Mom asked how the cookout was and I told all but the last hour’s events. She said I should probably get to bed, so I said goodnight to Mr. Johnson and my parents and gave Mom a kiss on her cheek before going up to my room.

Looking over the events of the last seven days, I realized that my life has been anything but boring recently. I got undressed and walked to the bathroom with my towel around my waist. Since I only had my board shorts on when I went to Jason’s place, I wasn’t wearing underwear. I went to the toilet, washed and brushed my teeth before returning to my room and closing the door. Luke was sleeping when I slid under the covers and rubbed one out thinking of the events of the afternoon. Once my washcloth was back on its hook, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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