On May 2, 2012, Shack Out Back Superstar, Comsie Cality celebrated his birthday!  In the spirit of the event, the Imagine Team got together to create something special for him on his special day.  In the beginning we tried to work with his boyfriend, Erick; however, Erick kept screaming at us about trying to seduce him and threatening to tell the on us, so we had to scrap him.

For three long weeks the Imagine Team slaved away, designing a super-special birthday cake, and JayDee spent three whole nights preparing it.  The cake itself, after being baked, had to be flash frozen so that it wouldn’t go off before the party, so poor old JayDee had to work in the freezer!

Meanwhile, Pete and TurtleBoy worked together on the decorations, invitations, and super-secret surprise!  All that was left to do was make the arrangements with a super-secret person.

Come the evening of May the second JayDee was rushed to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia and frostbite, while Pete ushered everyone into the back room of the Shack Out Back.  Back in the Kitchen, TurtleBoy and our Super-Secret Guest were busy preparing for the final surprise!

The lights were out, all the guests had arrived, the candles were lit, and the cake was carefully being wheeled toward our birthday-boy.  Immediately following the song, the second the candles were blown out, the entire cake exploded in everyone’s face and out popped out Super-Secret Guest…

For some reason, Comsie wasn’t all that impressed with all of our efforts.

Bort-in-a-cake image

In our defence, Bort assured us that he was his father’s favourite.

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