On Wednesday, April 25, our bestest Bwctwriter, Matt, bought himself a new car!  A few of you may be thinking that Matt just bought a new car, but that was like six years ago, so he sold that one because it’s now an antique.  He got $26 for it!

Now, Matt’s new car is the awesomest ever!  It’s black and eco-friendly and comes with its own windshield wipers.  In fact, it’s so awesome and black and eco-friendly that the Caped Crusader borrows it on weekends.  He’s saving 35% of his annual rocket fuel costs!

You may be asking yourself, “why am I even reading this?!” Or better yet, “what does Matt get out of this deal?!”  Well, the Imagine Team can’t reveal all the dirty details, but what we will say is that Matticakes just bought himself an orange cape.  We managed to sneak the following photo before Matt hurt us:


As you can see, Matt is nowhere to be seen, and Mr. Caped Crusader’s looking awfully flush.  Well, as flush as the Dark Knight could ever hope to flush.  However, the Imagine Team ensures you that Matt is there!

Below is a snapshot of Bwctrider in his new super-suit:


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