PAIN: Chapter 9: Encounter image

‘Note to self: Don’t drink a large glass of water before getting into bed at night.’

I jumped out of bed as quietly as I could and, grabbing my bathrobe, I went to the bathroom as quickly and as quietly as I could manage.  I didn’t want Luke to wake up this morning.  I don’t think I could lift him out of his bed without pissing all over myself.  When I got to the bathroom and closed the door, I had to lean all the way forward to get my dick to aim inside the toilet without breaking off.


Almost as soon as I began pissing, my dick started losing its stiffness.  Sheesh!  This was a killer piss-hard!  As I was finishing, I heard my alarm go off.  Christ!  What else is gonna happen?  I shook off, flushed, tied my robe and hurried back to my room to see if I could shut it off before Luke woke up.  No such luck.

“Hi, Alex!”

“*yawn* Good morning, Sport.  Do you have to go to the bathroom?” I asked as I shut off the alarm.

“Yes, please.”

I lifted him up and walked with him to the bathroom and waited while he peed.  Then we washed our hands together and I dried his off, then mine, and then we went back to our room.  One good thing about Luke is that he really seems to like to sleep.  He was out again in a few minutes.  I got some clean underwear, grabbed my towel and washcloth, and headed back to ‘shit, shower and shave’, minus the shave part.  Hehe.

Fifteen minutes later I was back in my bedroom getting dressed.  I’m glad I have simple tastes in wardrobe; a T-shirt and shorts was the uniform of the day.  Ankle socks and Walmart running shoes rounded out the ensemble and I was off to the kitchen for breakfast.

As I started down the stairs I could smell Mom’s coffee.  I’m gonna have to try that someday.  What the heck, I was in high school, right?  Mom was sitting in her chair and reading the paper with her morning coffee.  “Good morning, Mom,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

“Good morning, Alex.  Did you sleep well?”

“I was totally dead to the world.  We had a great time at Jason’s house yesterday.  Did I tell you that Glenn Taylor and Mike Whelan were there too?”

“Yes you did… when you were giving us a rundown of your activities.  I haven’t seen Glenn since you started high school, but I don’t think I’ve ever met Mike.”

“Probably not.  Like Glenn, he’s a year behind me.  I’ll have to have both of them stop by some day.  I’ll let Glenn know you miss him.  You always did have a thing for younger guys.  Hehe.”

“Haha!  Oh stop!  But it would be nice to see Glenn again.”

I got out my cereal and milk and started breakfast and then I got up and grabbed a coffee cup and poured half a cup (I might not like it, hehe).

“I see my young man is getting older,” Mom said as she watched me pour the coffee.

“Yeah.  I love the smell of your coffee every morning and I think it’s time that I found out what all the fuss is about.”

“Well, take it easy, Alex.  It’s pretty hot.”

“Thanks, Mom.  I’ll eat my cereal first and give it a chance to cool down.  Any more in the newspaper about the bus accidents?”

“Not really.  They just rehashed what we already knew and the police say ‘the investigation is ongoing’.  What’s on your schedule today?”

“If the weather gets any better, I think hooky will be in my future,” I told her, and I gave her a grin.

“And if I get a call from school asking where you are, I’ll tell them you’re back in the hospital, because that’s where you’ll end up, mister.”  She was smiling back at me.

“Yes, ma’am.  Hehe.”

I was finished with my cereal and getting ready to try the coffee.  I brought the cup to my lips and blew over it to cool it a bit more before I tried it.  Sure, it was hot, but it had cooled enough to drink.  It was also kinda bitter… but I liked it!

“Wow, Mom, this isn’t bad!”

She looked over.  “Are you drinking that black?”


“And without sugar?”

“Yes.  Isn’t that how you drink it?”

“Well, yes, but I’m surprised that you liked it that way.  When I started drinking coffee, all my friends used milk and sugar.  They thought I was nuts for drinking it plain.”

“What do they know, right?”  I refilled my cup.

“Not too much, Alex.  The caffeine will have you wired ‘til lunch.  Hehe.”

“So that’s why you drink it, eh?”

“Well, this isn’t too bad… it’s half-caf.”

“So Mountain Dew has more caffeine, right?  I’ll be OK.”

As I waited for my coffee to cool, I checked my backpack and made sure I had my homework and books and stuff.  When I looked in the fridge I saw two lunches were made and I grabbed the one that said ‘Alex’.  With my bag zipped up and ready to go, I came back to the table and drank my coffee.  This was starting to grow on me.

Well, I’m off, Mom.  Thanks for making my lunch.”

“You’re welcome, son.  Have fun at school.”

I groaned and kissed her on the cheek.  “Later, Mom.”


= = =


I waited about five minutes before the bus showed up.  Getting on it was easy enough, now if I could make it past the speed bump I’d be good for the day.  As I got on the bus, Paul Wilson called to me.  I sat next to him and, after the mandatory fist bumps, he asked me if I did my homework for Chemistry.

“Yep, it’s all done.”

“Umm… Can I copy it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What?!?  C’mon, dude!  We’re lab partners!  Did I piss you off or something?”

“No.  I did the READING assignment and I don’t think you can copy that very easily.  Remember?  Mr. Zorojan told us to read the next chapter so we’d be ready for a quiz today.”

“Oh crap!  I’ve had it now.”

“Take it easy, Paul, You should be able to read it during lunch.  And don’t you have a study period this morning, too?”

“Well, that’s gonna be a problem.  You see, Maggie and I are supposed to cut the study period and lunch and go to her house for…”

“Stop!  I don’t want the details.  If you tell me, I might have to testify against you.  Here’s an idea.  Why don’t you tell Maggie that you still have a reading assignment to do?”

“What?  And give up our important meeting?”

“Either that or you could tell Mr. Z that this was more important.  Maybe you could let him smell your fingers.  Do you think he’d buy it?  Hehe.”

“Geeze, Blackman, you’re not helping.”

“Look, it’s not my fault that you’re pussy whipped.  Why don’t you think of Maggie as an elective sport and you can’t participate if your grades don’t stay at C or better?”

“Fark!  If I was playing a sport, I could get the coach to intercede for me.  This really sucks!  He’s unreasonable giving homework over a weekend!”

“Face it, Paul.  You’re a horndog.  Get help.  Do you want me to talk to the guidance counselor for you?”

“You didn’t notice it, did you?”

“Notice what?” I asked.

“We drove over the speed bump a couple of minutes ago and you didn’t even notice.  Are you over your fear of buses?”

“Well how about that?  I was so wrapped up in your ‘sex vs school’ problem that I didn’t even notice.  Hehe.  Did you do that on purpose?”

“Hehe.  I was just trying to pay you back for all the times you let me copy your homework, bro.  Thanks.”  And a smile spread across his face.

“So you did read the chapter?”

“No, but I’ll get it in study period.”

I just shook my head.  We were pulling into the school’s bus stop and soon we were off the bus.  I gave Paul a one-armed hug around the shoulder and thanked him.  When we entered the school, I told him I had to see a friend and I’d see him later.  Glenn was standing at his locker when I got there.

“Sup, Glenn?”

“Nada.  I saw Conrad when he was coming out of Mr. Killian’s room.  All he did was nod at me and keep going.  What did you guys do to him, Alex?”

“It’s a professional secret, Glenn.  Just keep watching and let one of us know if he backslides.  Have Mike pay attention, too.  This was a new technique and Jason wasn’t sure if it would work or not.”

“No problem, man.  We can’t thank you guys enough!  That cookout yesterday was fantastic!  Is Rick a chef at a restaurant or something?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and finally I found the right memory.  “No, he’s a Ford Sales Manager.  But I think he might have missed his calling.  I’ve never had burgers like that!”

“No kidding!  And that grill was unbelievable!  Was this the first time it was used?”

“Yeah.  He built the brick frame from scratch last weekend, and then Jason and I helped him get the grill placed on it Saturday.  Other than that, he did it all himself.”

“I’d love to be able to do that someday.”

“Me too, Glenn.  Oh yeah, my mom said she loves you and misses you.  She wants you and Mike to come over, but remind him that I’m not out yet, so he prolly shouldn’t introduce you guys as ‘boyfriends’.  Hehe.  I have to get to class.  I just wanted to make sure everything was OK with you guys.”

“You tell your mom that all she has to do is divorce your dad and I’m all hers.  I’ll call before we come over.  Thanks, Alex.  I’ll remind Mike about it too.”


= = =


I guess the day was beginning better than I thought it would.  Paul really distracted me with his homework rant.  I’ll have to tell Mom about that tonight.  And Ron Conrad seems to be coming along well, too.  Jason will be happy.  This might turn out to be a breakthrough for treating bullies.

My morning classes went by in a flash.  Mom and Dad were right; when I do my homework, the classes are almost easy.  When I got to the cafeteria at lunchtime, Jason was already sitting at a table in the back corner with his books and homework spread out to discourage people from sitting there.  I grabbed a carton of milk and headed over to his table.  He saw me coming and cleared a place across from him and I sat down.

“How’s the King of the Dishwashers doing today?”

“Haha.  I’m doing great!  One of the orderlies called in sick, so I got to deliver meals again.  No dishpan hands today for me.”

“Cool!  Hey, Jason, I talked with Glenn this morning and he said Ron Conrad was civil this morning; he just nodded and kept going.  It looks like your fix is starting off well.”

“That’s great, Alex!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.  Have you heard any more about the buses?”

“No.  Mom said the paper reported that ‘the investigation is ongoing’.  There was still nothing about the bang or the tires going flat.”

“Yeah, but that’s Police 101: Don’t give out all the clues that you have.  My dad knows and so do your folks, but I don’t think we should let it out that we know what might have caused the accidents.  It might get back to the bastard who’s doing this and warn him.”

“Good point.  The bus ride this morning was uneventful.  I didn’t even notice the speed bump.”

“You’re kidding!  Really?”

“Yeah, Paul was giving me some sob story about why he couldn’t do his Chemistry homework.  He kept asking me for advice and kept me busy when the bus rolled over the speed bump.  It turned out he distracted me on purpose so I wouldn’t freak out.”

“What a great guy!”

“I know, right?  Now we have to see if I notice it tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, will you be riding the bus with us again?”

“Yeah.  I think Dad likes not having to drive me to school, so I’ll be taking the bus from now on.”

“Speaking of Rick, you really understated what he could do with the grill!  Glenn and Mike loved it too!  I’m gonna have to learn his secret!”

“He’s tried to show me how to do it a dozen times, but I can never get it quite as good as he does it.  He was born to grill.  Haha.”

We finished lunch and went our separate ways, but we met at the bus stop after school.  As usual, I stopped at Jason’s house when we got home.  We grabbed a snack and then headed upstairs to Jason’s room.

He left his computer on all day and when I bumped the mouse, I was surprised by what was on the screen.  It was two guys having anal sex.  I have to admit that I was curious about it, but most of the stuff I read talked about how it really hurt at first, but then it turned to pleasure.

“Wow, Jason!  Have you ever done this?”

“Not yet, but I kinda wanna try.  Have you done it before?”

“Jason, I never did anything until we started messing around.  This does look interesting, though.  But I don’t know if I could take it up the butt.”

“To be honest, I’ve messed around with carrots and I’ve really wanted to do it with a guy.  Do you want to do it with me?  You can be on top.”

“I don’t know… are you sure I won’t hurt you?”

“If it hurts, I’ll tell you and you can just wait a minute or so until I tell you to continue.”

“OK.  Geeze!  I don’t know if I’m feeling excited now, or scared.  Do you have any condoms?”

“Hehe.  Me too.  Yeah.  I have condoms and lube.”

“Hehe.  Let’s do it!”

I was starting to shake a little bit.  God!  I’ve seen this on the Internet several times.  It shouldn’t be difficult.  Why am I so nervous?  Jason told me to get undressed and he’d be back with the lube and the condoms in a few minutes.  Then he went into his bathroom and closed the door.  I took my clothes off and in no time I was as hard as a rock.  I was afraid I’d cum from the anticipation of the pleasure I’d be receiving.  Hehe.

True to his word, Jason came back naked and had the condoms and lube with him.  He gave me a hug and started kissing me.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him as close to me as I could.  Then I had an idea.  I used my power to lift him up and I gently laid him back and had him levitating.  He was looking at me and had a huge grin on his face.  I took one of the condoms and opened it, but before I could put it on, Jason stopped me.

“Put a little lube on your dick first.  It’ll help the condom to go on and off easier.”

I did as he said.  The condom went on easily.

“Put your ankles on my shoulders, Jason.”  He did.  Now I applied some lube to my fingers and inserted one into Jason’s hole and worked it in and out.  When he loosened up, I added a second finger, and then a third.  When my fingers were moving in and out of him freely, I removed them and looked into his eyes.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.  My legs are touching your skin, so I can let you feel what I’m feeling.  I can also feel your emotions.  Calm down, Alex.  This will be fun.  Go ahead and enter me.”

I added lube to my condom.  Then I aligned my penis with his butthole and pushed, slowly, but steadily.  I felt myself enter him!

“OhMyGod, Alex!  You feel huge!!!”

“Oh no!  Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No!  Don’t stop!  This feels great!  Just go slowly, OK?”

God!  I couldn’t believe the feeling I was getting.  At the same time, Jason was giving me biofeedback for what he was going through!  I was awash in pleasure.  I’m sure Jason was feeling the same.  Slowly, I started pushing in until I felt my pubic hair rubbing against his butt.  Then I started to retreat.  I felt my penis hit something inside him and each time I did, Jason would whine.  Then it struck me – I was hitting his prostate gland.  I saw his member grow until it was straining to split his skin.  I poured some lube over his penis head and started to stroke him in time with my thrusts.

“Alex!  I have never felt so good in all my life!  Speed it up a bit!  I love what you’re doing!”

Not only did I increase the speed of my thrusts, but I increased the speed of my strokes on his penis as well.  Soon he was pleading for more.

“Faster, Alex!  Faster!”

Again I complied.  I’m sure that he could tell from my biofeedback that I was getting close to cumming.  I received the same signals from him.  By now I was sweating profusely.

“Jason!  I’m almost there!”

And then the end came… as I filled the condom with my seed, Jason shot straight up almost three feet and then it came back down again.  He shot several volleys before he finally just oozed the remainder out.

This time I kept my wits about me and held him in place as I pulled out of him.  Then I lowered him to his bed and released him.  With this completed, I turned around and fell back on the bed and lay there with him while we recovered.

“Jason, that was awesome!”

“Haha.  I don’t think I can even move now!”

As we slowly recovered, we kissed again and again.  I felt the condom loosening as I began to soften.  Slowly, I got up and deposited the condom in the toilet and flushed it.

Jason followed behind me and started the water in the shower.  When it was ready, we entered and hugged while standing under the flow of warm water.  Finally, we began to wash each other.  It seemed we were too tired to even speak.  Finally, Jason looked me in the eye and asked, “How’s that for a benefit, friend?”

We both cracked up.

“I think next time I want to try it, Jason.”

“Bottoming?  Really?  That would be so cool!  I bet you love it as much as I did!”

When we finished showering, we turned the water off and again dried each other.  Jason had his clothes in the bathroom, so he picked them up and we went back to his bedroom to dress.  I was starting to feel revived and the short walk home was just what I needed to get going again.


= = =


Mom was in the kitchen getting supper ready when I got in.  I put my backpack in the hall and went in to see if I could help her.  She had the radio on and we looked over when a bulletin came on.

“We’ve just received word from a listener of another bus accident.  This one was reported at 22nd Street and Elm Street.  Our caller reports that the police are on the scene and, like the first two bus accidents, it has rolled over.  We’ll have more news when we get our news team in place.  Stay tuned.”

Just then I got a text from Jason about the roll over.

“Mom, Jason heard the report, too.  What the heck is going on in this town?”

I called Jason and told him I was going to put him on the speaker so Mom could hear, too.

“Alex, I’m on my way over there on my bike.  I want to see if it has a flat front passenger-side tire.  If it does, I’m going to hang around a bit and see if I can talk with any witnesses.  I want to know if any of them heard a loud bang before it happened.”

“Jason, you be careful and keep out of the way of the emergency workers.”  That was Mom.

“I’ll be good, Mrs. Blackman.”

“OK, Jason.  Text me if you find anything.”

“Sure thing, but I have to get over there before the witnesses leave.  Bye!”  And he hung up.

Now we had to wait…

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