The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 9: ...And Nothing But The Truth image

We arrived home with Uncle Pete at about 3PM.  After making a quick stop in the toilet, Uncle Pete said that he had a couple more places to go and warned us again about the need for secrecy if we were to prove that Umbrella Corporation was responsible for the destruction of Raccoon City.  We told him that we understood and that he could trust us.  With that, he left.

When we got online, we found that two more German Club members had checked in.  Tim seems a bit happier that Jennifer Gomez was back than Matt Spenser.  Hehe.  Jennifer is the girl Tim was dating back in Raccoon City.  It wasn’t a regular every week thing.  It was more of a when he needed a date for a dance thing.  I think she only went out with him because I’m his friend.  She used to hang with us all the time at lunch and stuff.  She asked me to go to a dance with her once, and when I backed away, Tim jumped in and volunteered to take her instead.  Now every time we meet at lunch, Jennifer insists on sitting between us.  Tim says she has the hots for me, but I don’t see it.  Jennifer’s Aunt Julie in San Antonio, Texas took her in after the disaster.  At least she’s in San Antonio and I don’t have to worry about it.  Hehe.

Tim and I Skyped her, and we talked for half an hour.  It was surprising how many questions she had for me and how few she had for Tim.  I made an excuse to leave the room and Tim came and got me when he finished talking with her 20 minutes later.

“Thanks, dude.  I really appreciate what you did for me.”

“What are friends for, Tim?  You know I’m not interested in her, so why not let you get lucky over the phone?  You didn’t show her your pee-pee, did you?  Hahaha.”

“No!” he said and slugged me in the arm.  “Not that she didn’t ask…”

Now we were both laughing.

Matt is a cool guy, too.  Matt lucked out.  His family was in Orlando at Disney World, so he’s the only one of us, so far, who hasn’t lost a family member.  Like a quarter of the town, Matt’s and Jennifer’s parents worked for Umbrella Corporation.  Matt’s dad is in management and was transferred to another city.  That was lucky.  In fact, when we looked at his Skype profile, we saw that he was now in London, United Kingdom.  When we asked about it, he said, “My grandfather lives here and Dad wanted to be closer, since Granddad is getting older.”

Then Tim noted, “That’s great, but did your family have their passports with them in Florida?”

“No,” Matt answered, “Umbrella pulled a few strings with the State Department and they were able to get new ones in less than a week.  That was fine with me; I was supposed to meet them in Disney World anyway, so I had a great time going through the parks.  We even got over to Universal, too.”

“What time is it there, Matt?” I asked.

“We’re six hours later than you guys.  It’s 11:15 PM.”

We talked for another 30 minutes or so.  Tim and I gave the rundown on where we were and told him about Lombard High School, our classes and our new friends and the teachers.  I almost told him about where Uncle Pete works, but Tim kicked me in the ankle while he was getting up and when he got off camera he made a slashing motion at his throat.  God!  I can be so stupid at times!  When Tim came back in the shot, he handed me a Coke and changed the topic.  Finally, we were all caught up and we let Matt go.

After we disconnected, Tim gave me a headslap and called me a bone head for almost screwing up.

“Geeze, asshat!  Uncle Pete just told us, at least twice, not to say anything about what we saw today.  Have you been taking stupid pills?!?”

“Well you didn’t have to kick my ankle so hard!  That really hurt!”

“Yes I did… I couldn’t get to your nuts!  That’s where you deserved to be kicked!”

This went on for a couple more minutes until we broke into a Three Stooges routine and cracked up.  As we were winding down, Tim’s mobile phone rang.  It was Jerry LeBlanc.  He wanted to know if we wanted to go to a movie at the Yorktown AMC.  Tim asked me and I agreed, but told him to ask if his mom could pick us up, since Uncle Pete was still gone.  The date was on and they’d be over to pick us up at 6:30 for the 7PM movie.

We still had almost 30 minutes to get ready, so we nuked some hot dogs and a can of beans.  While the food was heating, Tim and I sliced some tomatoes, onions and pickles.  Then we grabbed some paper plates to make cleanup a little faster.  Our timing was great.  Just as we finished cleaning up and leaving a note for Uncle Pete, Mrs. LeBlanc honked for us.  We grabbed our jackets and some money and headed out.  Mrs. LeBlanc has an SUV and we got in the back seat, said hello and thanked Jerry’s mom for the ride.  The ticket line was pretty short and we were inside in a matter of minutes.

When we got to the refreshment stand, we got one Jumbo Popcorn for the three of us to share and we each got a Coke.  We went to Theater Seven and the lights were still on, so we looked around for people we knew.  Not seeing anyone, we started looking for three seats in a row.  We found three about the middle of the theater and sat down with Jerry in the center, me on the left and Tim on the right.  Since it was a community popcorn bucket, Jerry got to hold it.  He warned us not to get fresh with him or we couldn’t have any.  We laughed and agreed.

Finally the lights dimmed and the previews started showing.  Fifteen minutes later, the film started.  It was a comedy-action-drama that held our attention all the way to the end.  Tim wanted to stay till the credits played, just in case there was a hidden scene at the end, but there wasn’t.  On the way out, we commented about how the protagonist was both funny and a badass.  Tim and Jerry started making their Kung Fu moves and I was just cracking up watching them.  I called home and Uncle Pete answered.  He said he got our note and asked if we wanted a ride home.  We did.  He said he’d be here in 15 minutes and hung up.  Then Jerry called his mom and said that he was getting a ride and he’d be home in half an hour or so.

“Mom sounded relieved that she didn’t have to pick us up.”

“Yeah, it’s getting a little nippy out here,” Tim said.  We decided to stay inside the lobby and wait until Uncle Pete pulled up.  We were hoping that the heat was working in his car when he got here.  When 15 minutes were up, Uncle Pete pulled up to the theater and we ran to the car.  I got in the front seat and Jerry and Tim got in the back.  After Jerry gave Uncle Pete his address, we were on our way.

“Jerry, this is our Uncle Pete.  Pete O’Brien.  Uncle Pete, this is our friend Jerry LeBlanc,” I said as an introduction.

“It’s good to meet you, Jerry.  Are you in your second year, too?”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. O’Brien, and yes, Tim and Mike are in several classes with me.”

“Well anytime you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and get those guys off the computer and out into the fresh air.”

“Haha.  I think you’re asking the wrong guy, Sir.  My mom’s always getting on me about spending too much time online.”

And the conversation went on until we pulled up to Jerry’s apartment building.  Jerry thanked Uncle Pete for the ride and said good night to us and we waited until he entered the building.

“Jerry seems like a good kid.  How many other friends have you guys got so far?”

“Well,” Tim began, “we have several friends who we sit with at lunch, and a few others who have a different lunch period.  I guess we have around ten guys and girls so far.”

“That sounds pretty good for the first month and a half at a new school.  Any pretty girls… or boys?  Hehe.”

“A few,” we said in unison.  By now we were pulling into the driveway.  When we got inside we hit the bathroom for a quick wiz and then I grabbed a couple of Cokes and met Tim and Uncle Pete in the living room.

“Uncle Pete,” I said as I handed Tim his Coke, “today we heard from two more of our German Club friends!  Jennifer Gomez and Matt Spencer.  Tim has the hots for Jen.  Hahaha.”

“A lot of good it does me… she’s madly in love with Mike, Uncle Pete.”

“Should I install bars on the windows, Tim?  Will you be safe here?” Uncle Pete kidded.

“Yeah, I’m OK.  She’s in San Antonio with her aunt, Julie Mercado.  But I think you should ask Mike if he wants the bars on the windows.  Jen only went out with me so she could be near him without looking suspicious.  Hehe.”

“Oh?  Is that right Mike?” Uncle Pete asked.

“Can we change the subject, please?  Matt Spenser lucked out!  His family was at Disney World while he was in Germany with us!  He was scheduled to meet them there when we came back to the States.  So his family was there and he didn’t lose anyone in Raccoon City.  Is that lucky or what?”

“Mike, that does sound lucky!  Where are they living now?”

“The family moved to London.  Matt said his grandfather is getting older and his dad wanted to be closer so he could watch over him,” I told him.

“I bet it would be cool to go to school in England,” Tim volunteered.

“I don’t know, Tim,” Uncle Pete countered, “Do you know how to tie a tie?”

“A tie?  Why does that matter,” he asked.

“In most U.K. schools, a uniform, including a tie, is mandatory.  I could teach you how to tie one, if you’d like.”

“Ummm… I think I’ll stay here in Lombard, Uncle Pete.”

“Haha.  OK.  Hey guys, it’s getting late.  Why don’t you guys take your shower and get to bed?”


= = =


Once he was sure the boys wouldn’t notice that he left, Uncle Pete slipped out and parked his car next to McDonald’s so he could use their WiFi.  He sent a coded message and returned home before the boys finished their shower.


= = =


A few minutes later in their apartment on the northwest side of Chicago, Rolf Berghoff said to his wife, “Frieda, grab your suitcase, we’re going to London.”

Five minutes after that, they were on their way to O’Hare.  Thirty minutes later they had their first class tickets to Heathrow and were standing in the security line at Terminal 5.  At 12:54 AM, their BOAC flight took off.


= = =


“Tim, did Jen really ask to see your dick?”

“Not in so many words, but her meaning was hardly concealed.”

“Hehe!  You said ‘hard’.”

“Mike, why don’t you see if I’m hard?”

“It’s too dark to see in here.  Why don’t I taste instead?”  And I knelt before him and swallowed him whole.

“Oh. My. God!  I’ll give you five dollars and twenty minutes to stop that!”

I had to pull off, I was laughing so hard.  “Tim, are you trying to choke me?  It’s difficult to suck and laugh at the same time!”  Now Tim was laughing, too.  I swallowed him again.  In a matter of a few minutes he was releasing his sperm into my sucking mouth.  With my tongue on his urethra I could feel him cumming.  As he slowed down, he leaned on my shoulders for support.

“Oh Mike, that was the best yet!”

“Enough talking, where’s my five dollars?  Hehe.”

“Ummm… Mike, I don’t have five dollars.  Can I pay you in services instead?”

“Hehe.  I was hoping you’d say that.”  And I pulled Tim down on his knees and kissed him to give him a taste of his semen.  Soon he lifted me by my butt and took my hard member into his mouth.  Almost as fast as he started, I couldn’t wait and I let it go into his waiting mouth.

“Mmmm… that was quick and good!  I guess I turn you on, eh?”

Now leaning on his shoulders, all I could do was nod my head in agreement.  He soon stood up and held me in his arms under the warm shower’s spray.  When he kissed me I could taste both his and my own cum in our mouths.

“You know, Tim, both of us taste a lot better than just one of us.”

“How very true.”

We checked to be sure we had rinsed off completely and then Tim turned the water off and we exited the shower.  Next on our ritual was to dry each other before brushing our teeth.  As we left the bathroom, we heard Uncle Pete coming in the back door.

“Did you go out again, Uncle Pete?” Tim called out.

“No, I forgot something in the car and had to get it,” he replied.

We shrugged, hugged him, said goodnight, and went to bed.


= = =


When we woke up on Sunday, we grabbed breakfast and started our homework.  As usual, we were done in a couple of hours.  The rest of Sunday was a lazy day spent watching sports on TV and playing games on our PS2s, we also Skyped with several people whom we knew from Raccoon City and from Lombard.

For supper, Uncle Pete took us to the Outback Steakhouse in Villa Park.  When we went to be seated, the server wanted to put us in a booth.  Tim and I were all for it, but Uncle Pete said he’d rather have a table.  Our server said that would be fine and showed us to a table for four.  Uncle Pete thanked her and took the seat that was facing the windows and the door.  We didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Tim and I had their bacon cheddar burger and fries, and Uncle Pete had a rib eye steak and veggies.  Uncle Pete teased us about the burgers.

“I could have got you a couple of Quarter Pounders with Cheese at McDonald’s for a lot less than what those cost.”

“But Uncle Pete,” Tim said, “these have cheddar and bacon.”

“Kids,” he said, and that was it.

While we were eating, Uncle Pete seemed to be distracted and looking past us to the door or the windows and the parking lot.  It was probably my imagination.  After supper, we went home and vegged out some more.  Then came the question we always used to dread.

“Have you guys finished your homework?”

“Yes Sir,” we chimed in and showed him the stuff we did this morning.

“Haha… I’ll catch you guys yet,” he said in reply.  “OK, enjoy your evening then.  I have to go see Jacqui Hart about some things.  I’ll be back in an hour or so, but that doesn’t mean you can leave the bathroom door open during playtime.  Got it?”

Again we agreed and started laughing as we turned red.  After Uncle Pete left, we had our ‘playtime’, as he called it and then it was off to bed.  We were asleep before he got back.


= = =


Monday morning Uncle Pete was gone when we woke up.  We could smell his coffee, so we knew he came home.  We just shrugged it off and got ready for school.  When we saw Jerry at lunch, he mentioned that Ms. Hart was kind of groggy this morning.  “It looked like she was up all night,” he said.  Again we shrugged and said nothing, but we were wondering if she and Uncle Pete were doing the horizontal bop.  Why else would she be so tired?

While we were talking, Ed Kirby, one of the guys from our History class, walked over and sat down.

“Did you see the posters yet?” he asked.

“Which posters?  New ones are popping up all the time,” Jerry said.

“The one for the Gay Straight Alliance!  We’re getting a club for fricken queers!”

Then Tim spoke up.  “So how does that affect me?”

“Dude!  They’re gonna have a club for fircken QUEERS!!!  Don’t you get it?!?”

Tim again: “Ummm… no.  What will that cause?”

“Tim!  Dude!  It’ll make you QUEER if we have one of those clubs!!!  NOW do you understand?!?”

“Oh!  Like having the Chess Club made me a world-class chess contender?”

“No, man!  Be serious!”

“Well, Ed, you still haven’t told me how that’s going to happen.  If that’s the case, wouldn’t having other clubs make me like they are?  Why is it that the Gay Straight Alliance is going to turn me gay?  Wait a minute, will it also turn gay people straight?  Is that what you’re saying?  Hehehe.”

I had to join in the fun.  “Tim, I think you’re right.  If we had a Math Club, everyone in the school could max their calculus tests!  Sweet!”

Then Jerry chimed in as well: “When we had the French Club, I had this uncontrollable urge to wear a beret.  I’m glad it’s gone now.”

“You guys are being dicks!  How can you sit there and not care about this?”

“I do care, Ed, but it seems that you have no solid facts for your statements other than you’re a homophobe.  Why do gay people scare you like that?” Tim asked.

“Being gay is just wrong!  It says so in the Bible!”

“Ed, the Bible also says that wearing a garment made with ‘two threads’ is wrong.  That means your cotton-poly blend shirt is against the Bible, too.  Are you ready to burn all your clothes?  And your parents are divorced.  Jesus said, ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.’  By your way of thinking, since your mom and dad both remarried, both of them are adulterers.  It says so in the Bible,” Jerry added.

“The Bible also says it’s OK to sell your family into slavery.  When are you going to be sold, Ed?”

Ed was doing a slow burn.  “You guys are ridiculous!  Nothing you’re saying makes sense!”

“Ed, you’re saying that a club just existing has the power to turn people gay.  Does that make sense to you?  It makes none at all to me,” Tim countered.

Ed got up and stormed away.  “Wow!  I don’t believe he actually said that.  Does he even go to church?” I asked.

“I think he stopped going when his folks divorced,” Jerry answered.

“Where did he get all that hate?  I hope he wakes up soon,” Tim said.

As they were returning their trays, the bell ending their lunch period sounded and the three boys went on to their next classes.


= = =


After school that night, the boys were talking with Uncle Pete about Ed’s weird assumption.

“We didn’t have a Gay Straight Alliance when I was in high school.  Are you guys going to join?”

“I don’t think so, Uncle Pete.  I’m not out and I don’t want to be.  Not if there are nutcases like Ed Kirby running around loose.”

“I don’t blame you, Mike.  Just being a member could make you a target for the haters of the world.  I have to say, I’m proud of you three for trying to show Ed how silly his argument was.”

“Thanks, Uncle Pete.  I’m not sure why I spoke up in the first place.  I think the most surprising thing was Jerry joining in with us.  Who’da thunk?”

“Tim, it seems you guys picked your friends well.”


= = =


Late that night, after Tim and I were asleep, Uncle Pete went out to his car and brought in a device and hooked it up to his computer and then connected his Ethernet cable to it.  When he was finished and had tested it, he closed the door to his room, sat at his computer, put on his headset and typed in the IP address to his company’s system.  When the connection was made, he flipped a switch on the box he had added and typed in a command.  Then he waited.

Five minutes or so later, a secure connection was made between him and London.  He paused a moment and turned on another device in the room to mask what he was saying so prying eyes and ears couldn’t see or hear what he was doing.

“What have you to report?”

“We found and neutralized the subject.  We will return on the next flight.”

“Roger.  Out.”

And he disconnected from the call, turned off the equipment and went to bed.

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