It’s the Shack Out Back’s 14th Anniversary! To celebrate, we’ve added 4 bonus pages, more stories, an article on writing-tips from our Head Chief, Comicality, and a ton of great articles and events.

Download PDF: Volume 11


  1. Comsie Talks: Characters
  2. Family II: Chapter 3: The Bully
  3. My Story
  4. PAIN: Chapter 10: Clues
  5. The Quest
  6. New Kid In School: Chapter One
  7. Singletrack Mind: Chapter Nine
  8. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 10: So Help Me God
  9. Father’s Day
  10. Enchilada Myth
  11. Changing Seasons and Constantly 180° Out of Phase
  12. Fun Facts #1
  13. Some Creative Moments
  14. Emails of Interest

Published June 1, 2012

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