Have you ever wondered why we have seasons in the first place? Why are there summer and winter, spring and autumn? Seasons come from the Earth being tilted on its axis. No, really! That’s what does it. Only 23.5° and we have four seasons. But don’t believe me. Google “world globe on stand” and look at the images in the results. Virtually every globe will be tilted on its axis, the same as in this picture:

Earth Axis Tilt Marker

Since this is June, summer in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s look at the Season 1 picture. You’ll notice that the light is reflecting on North Africa (western Libya to be exact). That is what puts the Northern Hemisphere into the season of summer. You’ll also notice that not all of South Africa is visible, and none of Antarctica is, putting the Southern Hemisphere into the season of winter.

As Earth continues on its trip around the sun, we come to September. In September, as displayed in Season 2, both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are equally lighted by the sun. The Northern Hemisphere is in their season of autumn and the Southern Hemisphere is waking up and their spring is beginning.

Three months later in our continuing journey, we come to December and Season 3. As you can see, Southern Africa is receiving most of the sun’s light. Not only is Antarctica visible, but Europe is not. This is putting the Northern Hemisphere into winter and the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying summer.

Finally, March returns and again, as shown in Season 4, both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are equally lighted. But now the Northern Hemisphere is waking up after winter and spring is arriving. At the same time, the Southern Hemisphere is entering their autumn.

And so it continues, season after season, year after year, but now you know why. (o:

Season 1_JD

Season 1

Season 2_JD

Season 2

Season 3_JD

Season 3

Season 4_JD

Season 4

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