Volume 12

The Shack Out Back community returns with a spectacular assortment of goodies for your reading pleasure. Returning this month is PAIN, Umbrella Incident, Family II and My Story, along with tons of great, new articles. Make sure to check out Uncle Jim’s Graffiti Gallery, then finish off with another set of far fetched tales in the Tabloid!

Download PDF: Volume 12

  1. Scrivener: All-in-one Writing Tool
  2. Make Your VoyForum Post Pretty!
  3. Family II: Chapter 4: It Breaks
  4. My Story: Chapter One
  5. PAIN: Chapter 11: Caught
  6. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 11: Not Quite
  7. Uncle Jim’s Graffiti Gallery
  8. The Shack Out Back’s Top 10 Stories
  9. Canada Day
  10. Independence Day
  11. Celebrating 1 Full Year of Awesome!
  12. Comsie’s Fun Facts #2
  13. Daenerys Targaryn
  14. Bastille Day
  15. The Orvus Ultimatum: Christening of a Dead Man
  16. The Erickoey Virus
  17. Matt & Pete’s Bogus Vacation

Published July 1, 2012

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