Game of Thrones is a popular medieval fantasy series, found on HBO. It is an adaptation of the popular series of books called “A Song of Ice and Fire”, written by George R. R. Martin.

The story takes place on two fictional continents by the names of Westeros and Essos, jam-packed with sex and violence and moral challenges relevant in even today’s culture. Throughout the current five stories, George R. R. Martin has described more than 1000 characters, and has created 31 main characters.

The series is written in the third person and jumps from one character to another between chapters. Although this technique annoys some readers, it doesn’t seem to enable them to put the book down.

Now, with the series into its second season, ratings continue to grow and books leap off the shelves almost as quickly as they can be stocked. Due to popular demand, the books have now been translated into more than 20 languages and the series can be watched in almost 80 countries.

Daenerys Targayn is one of the primary characters of this story.

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