Comsie's Fun Facts

#1- Your fingernails grow faster on your dominant hand. So whether you’re right handed or left handed… expect to cut them more often.

#2- At age 14, Jeremy Sumpter became the first ‘boy’ to ever play the live role of ‘Peter Pan’ in a movie. The role was always played by women on screen and stage before that.

#3- Rain water contains vitamin B12.

#4- Actor Vin Diesel’s real name is actually Mark Sinclair Vincent… and he has an identical twin brother named Paul.

#5- Years before my story, “Dream Lover”, ever came to be, I actually did experiment heavily with lucid dreaming… and it really DOES work! I used many of the techniques and lessons I learned to write that story. And I still have a dream journal from when I was about 16 or 17 years old. Hehehe… don’t ever keep track of how horny you were as a teenager! Wow! LOL!

#6- Time Magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’ for 1938… was Adolf Hitler.

#7- It is rumored that, for many people, sucking on a copper penny will cause a breathalyzer test to read 0.

#8- To figure out your true dog’s age in human terms, you’d have to count the first full year as 15 years, the second full year as 10 years, and all of the following years as 3 years each. In other words, a 5 year old dog would be: 15 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 34 years old.

#9- James Cameron actually wrote the very first script for the movie “Rambo” before it was changed to fit Stallone’s ‘acting ability’. (And there was a role for a ‘sidekick’. Set to be played by John Travolta).

#10- Skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands on each letter when typing.


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