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Although the idea to create a community-driven magazine for the Shack Out Back originally came to be in December of 2010, Imagine’s first release wouldn’t appear until August 2011. Since that date, the magazine has had both its ups and downs. There were many unforeseen problems, a lot of confusion and tons of improvisations were made. However, with every single release, Imagine grew stronger.

The magazine is nothing like I had envisioned it would be, but I believe that’s what makes it wonderful. It’s unpredictable and always evolving into something new, and we have you, the Shack Out Back, to thank for everything that it is and will become. With your support, we have and will succeed. We will leave a voice of the here-and-now in the past and look to it in the future. We’ll be able to share our experiences, our humour and our problems with friends we’re yet to meet. We’re making our community better.

To celebrate Imagine’s first full year in existence, I would like to make you a promise—a promise that Imagine Magazine will continue to grow and evolve; that it will continue to seek inspiration and inspire creativity; to be the vast and ever-growing memory of the Shack Out Back entity; that it will strive to entertain and inform and to help all those who are willing to listen.

Imagine isn’t just a magazine. It’s a record of who we were, who we are and who we will become. With your help we can be better, stronger and more productive. Whether it’s a submission, donation, comment on an article or the occasional show of support, Imagine Magazine will continue to flourish. And to everyone who is, was and will become part of the Shack Out Back community, we thank you for our first full year of awesome.

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