This past July, our very own Matt flew to Chicago to meet our bestest pal, Pete! However, unknowingly to Pete, Matt’s visit had been jam-packed with an ulterior motive: Matt planned to embark on a quest to unveil our beloved Comicality. He covered his tracks by posting a rouse of snapshots during his trip and shared images, like at a Cub’s game, a comedy club, the Willis Tower and the Navy Pier, in order to prevent the community from uncovering his true endeavour. Little did he know that Pete was on to him.

Pete’s suspicion first began to grow after Matt’s insistency to ‘browse’ every last music store that they just happened to cross, but it wasn’t until Matt expressed interest in sitting outside a post office for hours on end that Pete was certain. That night, Pete sent a secret email to Comsie, informing him of Matt’s bogus vacation.

The next morning, Pete lured Matt to an abandoned junkyard, where old, rusted cars were stacked even higher than the perimeter fence that jailed them. Once there, the two were accidently separated, and Matt was left to find his way out of labyrinth of life-forgotten.

After hours of unsuccessful journey, the sun slowly eased itself to rest behind the horizon of mountainous vehicles, leaving Matt alone in the dark. It wasn’t until the gentle buzzing of a streetlamp began to chime to life behind a pile of discarded Civics that Matt was given some relief. He followed the dim orange glow through the ever-winding maze until coming to an opening in the yard.

To his left he could see a lonely trailer, where a soft, flickering light caused the window’s torn curtain’s to shine and shimmer, like a flame dancing was dancing on the walls. In front of him, though, no more than ten yards away, was a collection of chairs and old car seats, all arranged in a circle around an old, charred drum, obviously used frequently at night to keep warm from the cool Chicago air.

And as Matt contemplated his next move, the darkness surrounding him seemed to have come to life. His ears betrayed him, confused by the sound of his constant, thumping heartbeat, and his eyes were now playing tricks. In the distance, from all directions, pairs of glowing orbs radiated from deep within the black. The air now smelled stale and his skin became sticky with sweat. And as the glowing orbs grew closer, Matt fell to his knees and wept. Reaching deep within his pocket, he pulled out his phone and dialed an unknown number.

When the call was answered all Matt could hear was the gentle sound of someone breathing, and it was tickling the back of his neck.

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