The love affair between Bort and Orvus has crumbled, bringing unbalance to the community once again. While Bort prepares to attend at GreenHill Academy, Orvus’s soul is withering away. His hurt is now what fuels his rage, and his anger toward the vampire race grows stronger by the second.

In a desperate attempt to reclaim his love, Orvus has sworn allegiance to the Dark Power of Sakdhshakajkallaka. As payment for his devotion, The Great Sakdhshakajkallaka awarded Orvus The Gift of Death and was reincarnated by The Blessing of Hatred and Vengeance. And although Orvus is now more powerful than ten elder vampires, his life force is now controlled by The Great Sakdhshakajkallaka.

In exchange for his life, Orvus has been granted the will and means to destroy all those who came between him and Bort and will stop at nothing to fulfil this desire. Beware Shackonians of the First Order, for he will come for you first. Upon your demise The Great Sakdhshakajkallaka will rise again, bringing an evil to the world that will rein for one thousand years…

…Unless The Scroll of The Prophecy is recovered and our hidden hero is unveiled. The search for the scroll must begin immediately if we are to prevail and triumph over this unspeakable evil. All that is known is of the scroll’s whereabouts is told in an ancient rhyme:

Beyond the Seas of Shackonia, cradled deep in the heart of The Beast

Lies the Singular Gem of Ambrosia, heeding way to where immortals feast.

Become one with rock and sea and air, only then will your hearts swallow whole

The depths of the cave of the vile Serpent’s Lair, deep within you’ll uncover the scroll.

Shackonians of the Sixth Order, the Shack Out Back’s archivist monks, are scurrying to find a map old enough to include the long-lost Sea of Shackonia, while Shackonians of the Fifth Order, the Shack Out Back’s linguistics department, are working with the Shackonians of the Fourth Order, the Shack Out Back’s literary branch, to translate and identify exactly what this rhyme means.

In the meantime, those of you in the Third, Second and First Order must prepare for the worst. Orvus is building an army and getting stronger by the day. Prepare yourselves fellow Shackonians, for this is only the beginning.

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