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Top 10 Stories Tid-Bit:Imagine helps you get your story noticed!The proof is in the pudding: 8 out of the 16 stories selected originally appeared in Imagine’s magazine or anthology and 4 of those made the Top 10!

Our Top 10 Story winners:

10: Pete’s     “The Umbrella Incident”

9: Ben’s     “Parallels”

8: Comicality’s    “The Secret Life of Billy Chase”

7: Echo23’s     “Christmas”

6: JayDee’s     “Singletrack Mind”

5: Comicality’s    “The Boys of Widow Lake”

4: LemonFresh’s    “Derailed”

3: Mike’s     “Opportunities Lost”

2: TurtleBoy’s    “The Ghastly Obscenities of Brady Jeston”

1: Comicality’s    “Gone From Daylight”


Honorable mentions go to:

JayDee’s    “Singletrack Christmas”

Pete’s     “PAIN”

TurtleBoy’s    “A Very Brady Christmas”

Remijay’s    “Modern High”

Joey’s     “Football”

Erick’s     “Unscripted”

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