Comsie's Fun Facts

  1. If the Earth was actually smooth, the oceans would cover the entire surface of the planet to a depth of 12,000 feet.
  2. Karate was not invented in China. It actually originated in India.
  3. ‘Ariel’, from “New Kid In School” and “Kiss Of An Angel”, is a very real boy indeed! I had such an infatuation with him! Hehehe! But… his FIRST appearance in my stories didn’t occur in “Angel”, OR “New Kid”. Even though I changed his name… this super shy art student first appeared in one of the first stories I ever wrote for the site! “Boy Next Door”! Yep… that’s him. Sighhhh… so cute!
  4. If someone is flipping a coin, call tails. The odds are slightly better. The design of the ‘face’ on the heads side is heavier, so it’s more likely to land face down. (Call heads if they catch it in their hand and flip it over, of course.)
  5. There are two different types of cannibals. Exo-cannibals eat their enemies to gain their strength. Indo-cannibals eat their friends and loved ones to keep them close.
  6. The children’s nursery rhyme ‘Ring-Around-the-Rosie’ actually refers to the Black Death, which killed about 30 million people in the fourteenth-century.
  7. It has been theorized by scientists that there is approximately 200 times more gold in the world’s oceans, than has been mined in all of human history.
  8. The biggest ant colony was found on the Ishikari Coast of Hokkaido: 306 million worker ants and 1 million queens lived in 45,000 interconnected nests over an area of 2.7 square kilometres (1.7 square miles).
  9. Your average adult laughs approximately 15 times in a single day. Your average child? Over 400!
  10. In the James Bond franchise, Roger Moore filmed 7 movies. He is the ONLY Bond who never smoked a cigarette… and never drank a Vodka Martini.


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