Originally written in 1999 by TurtleBoy

There are only two paths to discovery: trial and error; and because we cannot leave our lives to chance it is only through determination that we will come out as victorious!  Alas, it is true that along the way accidents will occur by the many, yet without ever trying, again and again, where would we be today?  Mistakes are what make us who we are.  They supply us with challenges and motivation, and through trial and error they define all that we are and everything we will become.

In order to surpass discouragement, one needs to feel challenged.  It is the hope and promise of success that encourages us to continue and compels us to keep trudging forth.  If for every time we attempted something only to give up after a single failure, nothing would ever have been accomplished.  Instead, the entire human race would still be living in caves and dragging around our women by the hair.  As a result of failure we will experience inadequacy.  However, our deferred success fuels the phenomenon of intrigue, and our attempts will surmount to the many.  It is not in our ways to let the impossible win.  In fact, it is that unreachable height that stresses our thoughts and stretches our minds to obtain that which has yet to be conquered.  When at last we prevail, emotions of pride and contentment become all-consuming, and in that exact moment, all past attempts are no longer wasted time but rather earned accomplishment.  It shows us that, no matter what it is, through building upon our mistakes we can solve any problem that dares to disturb our wake.

Throughout all of time man has lived in wonder and thrived to do better, but have you ever stopped to think what our lives would be like if we had simply given up?  What would your childhood have been like without ever learning to ride a bicycle?  Or how would we travel the world in a single weekend if Orville and Wilbur Wright had “packed it in” after their first failed Flying Machine?  If Sir Isaac Newton had never come up with the Third Law of Physics, then Albert Einstein may never have solved the infamous E=mc^2!  If the human race were no more than quitters, we would still be awaiting the All Mighty Boom in the Sky to grace us with its flash of light to award us with its all-powerful fire.  For every mistake we embrace we will not only pave the way to a better tomorrow, but also provide a trail of breadcrumbs from which we came.

Being human, we are not amateurs but entrepreneurs.  Through our mistakes we define who we are and what awaits us in times yet to come.  Our very souls have been crafted by our experiences, and our character screams loudly its dreams.  Upon failure we admit not to defeat, as our determination speaks heavier than limitation.  However, if it were not for misfortune we’d never have discovered creativity.  Equally, by retaining knowledge and sharing problems we continuously become better than we were the day before.  We’ve mastered the art of imagination, so whenever we fall we get right back up and test another way.  Our scars may be many but our advancements worthwhile.  We’ve become strong and unstoppable.  Henceforth, intimidation shall become a thing of the past.  Innovation is what we look toward, for we know now that nothing is impossible.

We are not defined by our dreams but by our actions.  With every mishap or discovery, we create a better route for others to follow.  With our accomplishments we inspire others to succeed, and by our mistakes we teach ourselves a better way.  We learn from everything that we do and shape our identity with everything we experience.  We yearn to excel and surpass expectations every single day.  Therefore, our very being is a result of countless trials and error.  It has been said in many forms throughout history that “to try and live your life without mistakes would be the biggest mistake of all,” and in those words, whether you acknowledge it or not, we have based our very existence.

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