It’s ‘Red October’ over at the Shack Out Back community and we’re celebrating! We’ve come across some creepy movie facts, a ton of continuing stories, part 2 of ‘The Erickoey Virus’ and a brand new ‘Comsie Talks’, specially crafted for Red October! Of course, like always, there’s much, much more inside. Check it out and enjoy!

Download PDF: Volume 14

  1. The Erickoey Virus: Escape From LA in Tabloid by
  2. PAIN II: Chapter 1: The Problem in Library by
  3. My Story: Chapter 3 in Library by
  4. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 13 in Library by
  5. Today Is the Day in Library by
  6. Days of Reckoning: Chapter 1 in Library by
  7. Family II: Chapter 6: Ben, Finally in Library by
  8. TurtleBoy’s Top 10 Movies in Community by
  9. The Shack’s Top 10 Boys 2012 in Community by
  10. Uncle Jim’s Gallery in Community by
  11. Comsie’s Fun Facts: Halloween in Community by
  12. August Rush: An Essay in Community by
  13. Comsie Talks: Red October in Community by

Published October 1, 2012