It’s ‘Red October’ over at the Shack Out Back community and we’re celebrating! We’ve come across some creepy movie facts, a ton of continuing stories, part 2 of ‘The Erickoey Virus’ and a brand new ‘Comsie Talks’, specially crafted for Red October! Of course, like always, there’s much, much more inside. Check it out and enjoy!

Download PDF: Volume 14

  1. Comsie Talks: Red October
  2. August Rush: An Essay
  3. Comsie’s Fun Facts: Halloween
  4. Uncle Jim’s Gallery
  5. The Shack’s Top 10 Boys 2012
  6. TurtleBoy’s Top 10 Movies
  7. Family II: Chapter 6: Ben, Finally
  8. Days of Reckoning: Chapter 1
  9. Today Is the Day
  10. The Umbrella Incident: Chapter 13
  11. My Story: Chapter 3
  12. PAIN II: Chapter 1: The Problem
  13. The Erickoey Virus: Escape From LA

Published October 1, 2012

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