“Alex, have you ever met Paul’s older brother Jordan?”

“No, but Paul talks about him all the time… come to think of it, he said Jordan was doing great in school, but I haven’t heard much about him so far this school year.”

“Jordan graduated from West Side High a couple years ago.  He was popular, intelligent and athletic.  When I read Paul a few minutes ago, he was worried about Jordan.  His brother was picked up for possession of drugs…”

“So are a lot of kids.  That shouldn’t be enough to get us involved, should it?”

“…with intent to sell.”

“Oh no!  Jason, lunch is almost over.  Why don’t you try to read him again on the ride home this afternoon?”

“I think I’ll do that.  In the meantime, don’t act suspicious.  You’re a friend, so he might confide in you, but if he catches on, you’ll lose a friend and Paul might lose his brother.  Got it?”

“Got it.”

Just then, the bell rang, ending lunch.  Jason and I took our trash to the bins and dropped it in on the way out of the cafeteria.

= = =

That afternoon, I had more than a bit of trouble concentrating on the lessons.  I had Chemistry first.  That’s the class where Paul was my lab partner.  I kept thinking about his brother, but I couldn’t ask him anything.  Now I kind of wish Jason hadn’t told me about Jordan.

But once class started, I noticed that Paul was totally not paying attention.  He was more distracted than I’ve ever seen him.  We had just started a lab experiment, so we were talking with each other about the steps we had to follow.  His head wasn’t in the game, so I had to ask him.

“Wilson.  What’s up, dude?  I’ve never seen you zone out like this.  You know, just copying my homework won’t cause you to pass the tests.  You have to do that part on your own.”

“I know, I know, but…  No.  I can’t say anything.  This is personal.”

“You didn’t get Maggie preggers, did you?”

“Come on, Blackman, you know that’s not in the plans for me OR Maggie.  Neither of us wants kids.  And to tell you the truth… we haven’t done it yet.  But it’s sure not from me not trying.  Hehe.  Maggie just doesn’t want to.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.  After all, she’s the one who would have the kid.  But if it’s not that, what is it?  C’mon dude, you’ve known me for ages.  I can keep a secret.  What’s eating you?”

“I can’t tell you, man.  It’s personal.”

“OK, but just remember, I’m here if you need someone to talk with… about anything.”

“Thanks, Alex.  I appreciate that, but could we just drop it for now?”

“Sure… if you can start being a lab partner.”

“I’m sorry, Alex.  What do you want me to do?”

The rest of the class was a bit better, but Paul was still obviously distracted.  When the bell rang, we said we’d meet on the bus and fist bumped, as usual.  I was distracted for the rest of my classes as well, but I managed to pay attention and follow the teachers.  Finally, the last class was over and Jason was waiting for me at the bus stop.

“Alex, I got the information.  Paul is already on the bus and waiting for us.  I gave him a post-hypnotic suggestion to talk with you about his brother.”

“Wha… How did you do that”?”

“I froze him in place, like I did with Conrad.  I only needed a few seconds, so he didn’t notice the delay.”

“You’re unbelievable.  Hehe.”

We got on the bus and Paul called out to me.  He was sitting towards the back and had saved me a seat.  Jason took a seat just ahead of us.  I put my hand on Paul’s shoulder and asked if he was feeling any better.  He confessed that he wasn’t, so I asked again if he wanted to talk about it.

“OK, OK… but Alex, you gotta swear that this will stay between us, man.  Swear it!”

“I swear; my lips are sealed.”

Paul leaned over and whispered to me, “My brother Jordan was busted for possession of marijuana.”

I shrugged and said, “I thought the cops were kinda letting people go with only a small amount.”

Paul hung his head, shaking it.  “I wasn’t a small amount.  He had half a kilo.”

I was stunned!  “OhMyGod!  What was he thinking?!?”

Paul let out a sigh and continued.  “He says he was holding a package for a friend, but now the friend is missing.  If I could find the guy, I could clear Jordan.”

“Is he out of jail?”

“Yeah.  Mom and Dad used the house for collateral for his bail.  He was arraigned yesterday and the first court date is in a month.  They charged him with felony possession with intent to sell.”

“Yeah, half a ki is a bit more than what’s necessary for personal consumption.  Is there any way Jordan can cut a deal?”

“There doesn’t seem to be.  No one believes him.  I think even Mom and Dad doubt his story.  That’s why it’s so important to find the guy.  Alex, I know I’m his little brother and that he’s always been my hero, but I truly believe Jordan.  He has never lied to me.  He’s not lying now.  If he says he was holding the box for someone else, then he was.”

“Where is Jordan?”

“He’s still in Phoenix at Arizona State.  He’s a sophomore there.”

“Do you remember the name of Jordan’s friend?”

“Nah, but I could call him and ask for it.”

“Yeah, do that, and let me know what you find out.  My stop is the next one, so see if you can get the information by tomorrow, OK?”

“I’m sure I can.  We Skype every night.”

“Thanks, Paul.  The bus is slowing down; I gotta go.  See you tomorrow.”  And I got up to go to the exit.

Jason got up too, and as he passed by him, he said, “Later, Paul.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jason.”

= = =

As we walked to Jason’s house, we discussed our options, which in my mind weren’t very many, if any.

“Jason, I gotta admit that I’m stuck here.  What can we do to find people?  If the police can’t find the guy, and they’re the pros, how the heck can we do any better?”

“Don’t count us out yet, Alex.  You’d be surprised what a psychic can do.  For instance, some of us can even levitate themselves and others.”

“Hehe.  Yes I can, but that’s not gonna solve our problem.  I think this might be beyond our abilities.”

“Alex, we’re the only guys on our team, but we’re not the only psychics.  Why don’t we run this past Michelle?  If this isn’t a case of injustice, I don’t know what is.  After all, we are the Psychics Against Injustice Now.  Stop and think; this probably isn’t the first missing persons case that P.A.I.N. has handled.”

“Geeze, I forgot about the rest of the organization.  How many psychics are there?  And where are they located?”

“Only the head guy knows that for sure, but I don’t even know who the head guy is.  I suppose we could do a Google search, but that would only show our website and a few newspaper articles that demean us.  Like I told you the other day, being demeaned works right into our hands.  It causes people to ignore us.  But there’s a bit of safety built into the system.  For instance, our names are never mentioned, so the bad guys can’t come after us.  If anyone learns anything about us, there are telepaths, like me, to visit those in question and clear their memories.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.  Why don’t you call Michelle now?”

“She’s at work.  She usually gets out at 5:00 PM and makes it home by 5:15.  I’ll call her then.  In the meantime, do you want to go for a swim?”

“That sounds like a plan.  Let me call Mom and let her know where I am.”  And I took out my phone and dialed Mom’s cell.

“Hi Alex.  Are you going to Jason’s house?”

“Geeze, Mom!  Are you a mind reader?  Yeah.  Jason asked if I wanted to take a swim in his pool.”

“No, I’m not a mind reader.  It’s just that since you met Jason you seem to go there after school a lot.”

“I don’t have to go there if you want me to come home, it’s just that the sun is still out and the weather is perfect for it…”

“I’m sorry, honey.  I wasn’t trying to discourage you.  That’s fine.  Just be home before six.  By the way, do you have your suit with you?”

“No.  I’m gonna borrow one of Jason’s old ones.  Thanks, Mom.  I’ll be there well before six.”

“OK, sweetie.  Have fun!”

I said goodbye and hung up.  Then I looked at Jason.  “You do have a suit I can borrow, don’t you?”

“That’s no problem,” he said.  Then he grinned and said, “Or we could go skinny dipping.  Your choice.”

I thought for a minute and said, “You know, it would be easier for you if I didn’t add to your laundry, so I guess going without a suit might be better.  Hehe.”

Jason chuckled and said, “Isn’t that just like you?  You’re always trying to make things easier for others.”

I shrugged and said, “I guess that’s just the way I was raised.”  By now, we were at Jason’s house and he opened the front door.  We walked through the house to the kitchen and I got a couple of Cokes for us while Jason started a bag of popcorn in the microwave.  In a couple of minutes, we were sitting at the table and feasting.

“Jason, have you ever worked with other psychics?”

“Besides you and Michelle?  No.  But Michelle has.  I already told you that Michelle is a human lie detector.  She said she had an assignment where she needed help.  She called the head guy and he notified someone in Phoenix who knew Divination.  He could find lost articles.  What happened was a little girl was lost.  Michelle had questioned everyone and found that no one was lying and everyone was concerned, so she was able to rule out foul play as a reason for the girl’s disappearance.  After trying for six hours, the head guy called in the help.  Usually, divination can’t find people, but the little girl had a necklace on and he found that.  He came down in a private plane and, not 25 minutes after he arrived, he found the girl.  She had always wanted to go to school, so she decided to hide on a school bus.  She heard the people calling her name, and then she was afraid that she was in trouble, so she didn’t answer.  All the guy needed was a picture of the necklace.  Michelle said she couldn’t believe how the guy stood still, then turned in a circle, and then he just walked right to the bus company.”

“That is pretty amazing.  I bet the girl’s parents were thrilled.”

“I know if she was my kid, I sure would have been.  OK, the popcorn is gone.  Take me up stairs and we can leave our clothes up there and trade them for towels.”

“I can do that.  Stand on my feet.”  Once he did, Jason and I hugged each other.  Then I lifted up a couple of inches and started gliding down the hall to the stairs leading to the second floor.  We floated up the stairs and stopped at the bathroom to tap a kidney then continued to Jason’s room.  We got undressed and Jason got out two towels.  We practically ran down the stairs and to the back and to the pool.

When we got there, we dove in and just enjoyed the water.  As we floated around the deep end of the pool, Jason told me he found out that my ability to levitate and climb the stairs had a name – Transvection.  It actually includes flying.  I never really thought of that part of it, but I guess gliding up the stairs did qualify as flying.  Who knew?

While we were floating on our backs, Jason reached over and grabbed my member.  It didn’t take long to expand.  Hehe.  I returned the favor.  With us shoulder to shoulder, it was a bit difficult to keep afloat as we stroked each other, so Jason turned around so we were head to toe.  Although we were stroking each other, we were also holding each other’s member for balance.

“Jason, has anyone ever just walked into the yard here and caught you skinny dipping?”

“The FedEx guy came around one time, but the gate was closed and he knocked on it first.  I called out for him to come in and he caught me wrapping the towel around me, but he didn’t say anything.  Other than that, heck, it’s a six-foot fence and it blocks the view.  You saw last Sunday that none of the neighbors’ windows can see into the yard, so that’s never been a problem.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe that where the pool was placed also acted to block the view so well.  One more thing, do you ever think you’ll find a boyfriend?  You know, like Glenn and Mike.”

“I suppose it could happen, but I’m not actively looking for one yet.”

“That’s how I feel, too, but looking at Glenn and Mike, they sure look happy all the time,” I said.

“Sure they are, Alex, but we have the best of both worlds.  We’re friends with benefits.  What more could we ask?”

“That’s true,” I said and then I reached over and tried to take him into my mouth.  Unfortunately, we sank.  So, I used my power to levitate us right at the top of the water.  We were able to easily roll onto our sides… and not sink this time.  Again, we lay head to foot and moved our mouths closer to each other’s crotch.  We were both hard as could be.  As Jason took me in his mouth, I couldn’t imagine anything could be more enjoyable.  I had to repay the favor.

And then it happened.  Jason was feeding his pleasure to me again; I could feel his excitement as well as my own.  Jason is a telepath with the ability to both read and write memories and thoughts.  I don’t know how my power works, let alone Jason’s, but he is able to share his memories and emotions with others and he was sharing up a storm!  I could tell when I did something that he liked from his biofeedback, and if I mess up.  Knowing this allowed me to adjust what I was doing and always do the right thing.  Jason was able to read my emotions and he was bringing me a great deal of pleasure.

He seemed to love it when I licked around his penis head when he pulled out of me.  I loved when he would lick along my shaft as I was going in and out of his mouth.  We each had wrapped our arms around the other.  I instinctively moved my hands to the firm globes of Jason’s bubble butt and used them to help me hold him steady as I sucked on his meat.  I took one hand and gently rolled his balls through my fingers.  His scrotum was pulling tighter as he began his trip to the point of no return.

Then I froze in pleasure as Jason began rubbing my rosebud.  He sent me a thought-message, ‘Oooo!  I see you like that!’

‘Please, don’t stop!  I love what you’re doing to me!’  Next, I felt his finger enter me and I almost lost it!  ‘OhMyGod!  Jason!  Don’t ever stop!’  Between his mouth engulfing me, and his finger invading me, I couldn’t hold back!  I felt the first jolt of pleasure; it seemed to be coming from my perineum and radiating throughout the rest of my body.  When the jolt reached my testicles, I started to cum and I shot half a dozen spurts into Jason’s waiting mouth.

I was almost out of breath from the pleasure I received, but as I came back to earth, I again began sucking on Jason again.  I took his scrotum in my left hand and stretched the skin.  At the same time, I inserted the middle finger of my right hand into his anus and massaged his prostate.

‘GAH!  That feels great now, but next time use some lube!’

‘Oh dude!  I’m sorry!  I didn’t even think of that.  Is that why you didn’t hurt me?’ I thought.

“Yeah, I used spit and it slipped right in.  That’s minus-3 for you on your efficiency report.”  Jason started to chuckle and then he gasped as he filled my mouth with his cum.  I kept bobbing up and down until Jason pushed me off of his member.  I gotta remember how sensitive it gets before he starts whacking me in the head like he said he’s going to do.  Hehe.

As Jason came down, we exited the pool and grabbed our towels to dry off.  As I grabbed my towel, I glanced at my phone; it was 4:38.  “Jason, we should prolly rinse off the chlorine and get dressed.”

“Yeah, I was thinking of taking a shower.  Are you up for that?”  I glanced down at my crotch and nodded.

As we walked up stairs, Jason asked what I was doing Friday night.  I told him I’d have to check with my social secretary to see.  He laughed and asked if I wanted to go bowling.

“Bowling?!?  Jason, I really suck at bowling.”

He replied, “You mean you used to suck.  Now you can control the ball a lot better, I’ll bet.”  And he gave me an evil grin.

“Wow!  I never thought of that!  Sure!  Let’s do it!”

“Hold on there, cowboy.  Don’t think about that 300 game yet.  The place’ll be crowded, so you have to be the same awful bowler you were two weeks ago.  But you can get a few lucky shots.”

“OK, that’s fair.”

“I’ll pick you up about seven.”

“That’s cool.”

When we got to the bathroom, we peed again and started the shower.  In minutes, we were washing each other’s hair and soaping each other up.  Needless to say, we were boning again, too.  We couldn’t get comfortable in the awkward shower, so rather than doing each other, we pleased ourselves and had a race to see who could cum first.  Jason won.  Hehe.

After drying each other off and dressing, it was 5:15 and Jason called Michelle.  She answered on the second ring.  After saying hello, and what we wanted, Jason put us on the speaker.

“So you have a missing bad guy, eh?”

“Yeah, that’s the bottom line.  Do you know of anyone who might be able to help?”

“It depends, Jason.  Where is he missing from and for how long?”

In unison, Jason and I said, “Oh crap!”

“What?”  You don’t know where he’s missing from, or you don’t know how long he’s been missing?”

I looked at Jason and he looked like he was begging me to answer the question, so I told Michelle, “Both.”

She started laughing.  “OK, quit goofing around.  Where is he missing from and for how long?”

Jason cleared his throat and repeated what I said.

“You guys are kidding, right?  OK.  What’s the missing guy’s name?”

Jason started turning red.  “Ummm… we don’t know yet.”

“Jason, is he missing now or is he going to be missing?”

“He’s missing now, but we won’t know his name until tomorrow.”

“When will you know the city and how long he’s been missing?”

I spoke up.  “Tomorrow.”

“OK, let me see if I have this.  You want some help finding a guy, but you don’t know his name, you don’t know what city he’s missing from and you don’t know how long he’s been missing.  Is that about right?”

Jason spoke again… “Can we get back to you on that tomorrow?”

Michelle laughed and said, “Yes.”  And then she hung up.

I looked at Jason and said, “I think that went pretty well.”  We both cracked up.

“Jason, I have to get going.  I’ll see you at lunch tomorrow.  I’ll get the info from Paul in the morning.”

“OK, Alex.  I’ll see you then.”  We hugged and kissed and I was on my way.  As I left, I could still hear Jason laughing.

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