It’s five o’clock on Saturday morning at the underground ‘office’ of Pete O’Brien.  In the hall outside the decontamination room, Rolf Berghoff is talking with his wife and Gil Iverson.

“Freda and I have been working on Mr. Wesker for three days now and we’re getting nowhere with him.  We think we need the help of our emergency asset.”

“That’s above my level, Rolf.  Let me call Pete and see if we can set it up.  In the meantime, can we put him out to keep him inactive, Frieda?”

“I think we will have to actually put him in a drug-induced coma.  He has shown an unusual degree of acceptance to his condition and he seems to be getting stronger.  Rolf had me run a complete DNA on him when he was brought in.  We still have only a partial result, but what we have is extremely troubling.  His DNA seems to be altered, as though an unknown agent is bonding with him.  It reacts as would a virus, but it is nothing we have seen before.  I believe Mr. Wesker has been busy in his laboratory.”

“Oh shit.”

“Scheiße, indeed,” said Rolf.  “We have been forced to use stronger and stronger doses of tranquilizer, and administer it more frequently.  At the rate he is acclimating his system to it, he will be immune in forty-eight to seventy-two hours.  He is also getting stronger and we have had to reinforce his restraints… again.”

“Let me call Pete now and get this set up.  I have the asset’s number here; I just need the OK to use him.”


= = =


“Sure, Gil, if Rolf and Freda concur.  Call Dave and have him here as soon as possible.  Charter a jet if you have to.  I’ll be in by seven.”  And he hung up the phone and started a pot of coffee.

About then a groggy teen walked into the kitchen.  “What’s up, Uncle Pete?  Are you going out of town again?”

“Not this time, Mike.  We had to call an expert in from out west to help us and Gil’s setting that up now.”

“What?  I thought you were the expert.”

“Hehe… I wish.  Actually, the expert we’re calling in will help Rolf and Freda on one of their projects.  He’ll only be here for a day, but he’s kind of expensive, so Gil had to get an OK before the guy was called in to consult.”

“I know you have some pretty cool stuff at your office, but the work there sure seems boring.”

“Mike, most people have mundane jobs, but without them, there’d be no progress.  We can’t all be members of the Avengers.  Hehe.”

“Awww, but that would be the coolest job ever!”

“I suppose it would.  But for now, why don’t you get back to bed?  You don’t have to be up early today; it’s Saturday.”

“OK, Uncle Pete.  I’ll see you in a bit.”

Uncle Pete just nodded as I walked back to my bedroom and closed the door.  I took off my boxer briefs and got back into bed.  But it was no good.  I was wide-awake, so I turned over on my side and watched Tim while he slept.  In less than five minutes, Tim’s eyes shot open and he seemed startled to see me staring at him.  “Good morning, Tim.”  And I leaned over and kissed him.

“You scared the snot outta me!”


“What were you doing?”

“Just looking at you while you slept.  What caused you to wake up?”

“Hehe… I had this feeling that someone was watching me.”

“Tell me if you feel like someone is cuddling with you.”  Then I threw the covers over us and wrapped my arms around him.

“I’m not sure… how long do I have to decide?”

“Hehehe.  Until we get up.”  And we drifted in and out of sleep for the next four hours.

It was weird.  When we woke up, we were both wide-awake.  We were still cuddling and had our legs intertwined.  When we unwrapped from each other, we hugged and gave each other a morning kiss and then got up and started the day.  When we got to the kitchen, we were surprised not to find Uncle Pete.  Tim looked out the window and said, “His car is gone, so I guess he is too.”

“He was making coffee when I got up to pee at 5:15.  Wait, here’s a note on the table.”  I read it and slid the note to Tim.  “He had to go to the office.  I bet it has something to do with the expert that’s coming in today.”


“Yeah, Uncle Pete said the Berghoffs needed him for help on a project.  It must be some project to need an out-of-towner to help with it.”

“Speaking of projects, we still have to discuss our project for our mid-term papers.”

“That’s cool.  We still have to do our homework for Monday.  Why don’t we include the planning then?”

Tim shrugged and said, “Works for me.  What else is up for today?  Are you and Ed still going to the movies tonight?”

“Yeah.  He’s really a great guy once you get to know him.  He’s funny, intelligent…”

“Intelligent?  You can say that after the confused things he’s said?”

“Yes!  Stop and think, if you don’t have facts, and you live with his hater Dad, what else are you gonna think?  He was ignorant of the facts; he’s not stupid.  What does Uncle Pete say?  ‘‘Ignorant’ can be cured; ‘Stupid’ lasts forever.’  Ed’s not stupid, just misinformed.”

“OK.  I wish I could see things the way you do.  Anyway, Jerry and I are double dating tonight, so we might see you guys at the movies.”

“Really?  Who are you taking?”

“Jerry is taking Angelina Flores and I’m taking Monica Gabriel.  We’re going to meet them there at 6:45 tonight.”

“Wow!  Both of them are HOT!”

Yeah they are.  Hehe.  Then Sunday we’re going for a Coke at the food court around noon.”

“How are you guys getting to the Yorktown AMC?”

“Jerry’s mom is driving.  Hey, why not call Ed and have him get with Jerry?  Then they can come here and pick us up.  Mrs. LeBlanc has an SUV, so there’s plenty of room.”

“Great idea, Tim.  I’ll text him and let him know.  Is Jerry serious about Angie?”

“About as serious as I am about Monica.”

“And that is…?”

“Hehehe.  You’re jealous!  Don’t worry, Mike.  I’ll tie a sock on the doorknob if I bring Monica over.”


“Mike, c’mon, dude.  You don’t see me pitching a fit about you and Ed, do you?  Look, man, you know I love you, but like you, I’ve never really dated anyone else.”

“But Tim!  She’s a GIRL!!!”

“Ummm… what part of ‘bisexual’ do you want me to explain to you?  For starters, I like boys and girls.  You know that.  Do you want me to cancel the date?”

“Nah, I’m just messing with you.  I see you chose the one with the bigger tits.  Hehe.  Get ‘em, tiger!”

“Oh… you remembered what I told Uncle Pete.  Hehe.  Yeah.  But I think the proper term is ‘Bodacious Ta-Tas’.  Jerry and I are hoping to be able to compare size and softness tomorrow morning.”

“That’s a conversation I don’t need to hear.  Warn me before it starts, OK?”

“One of the guys told me that Monica likes to grab a guy’s crotch in the movies.  I hope she grabs mine and not Jerry’s.  Hahaha.”

“Yeah, I hope Ed and I can work up the nerve to do some crotch grabbing, too.  It should be dark enough in the theater.”

“Just lay your jackets on your laps and that should hide any activity… as long as you don’t go wild and give him a hand job.  Hehe.  It’s kinda hard to explain a bouncing jacket.”

“Hahaha!  Enough!  Let’s start on our homework and get it out of the way.


= = =


Meanwhile at the Signature Flight Service’s office at the commercial side of Midway Airport, a Gulfstream 550 is pulling up to the gate.  Only one passenger exits and he walks directly through the door marked ‘Arrivals’.  Following behind him is the steward from the flight, carrying his luggage.  The steward sets the bag at the passenger’s feet and refuses the tip the man is offering.  “No thank you, sir.  It was a pleasure to serve you.”

“Thank you, Todd.  You provided great service on the flight.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the trip, sir.  Will you be returning with us tomorrow?”

“Hopefully, I will be.  What time are you scheduled to depart?”

“Sir, we can leave any time tomorrow morning after 8:00 AM.  The pilot is required to rest.”

“I have your cell number; I’ll call you when I leave my job site.”

“Very good, sir.  Have a successful meeting.”

“Thank you, Todd.”  And the steward departed.  Pete O’Brien walked over, grabbed the man’s hand, and shook it warmly.

“Hi, Dave.  Thanks for coming so quickly.  We really do have a time constraint on this one.”

“Hi, Pete.  Either you’re doing well or this is extremely important.  I’m not used to having a private jet pick me up.”

“It’s a little of each.  First, you’re definitely worth the jet, but this time it was the most expedient way.  We have a client who we’d like to have you read and he’s becoming a bit unstable.  We have until Tuesday morning, tops, to get the information from him before it becomes irretrievable.”

They walked to the car in silence and put Dave’s luggage in the back of the SUV.  Pete unlocked the doors and the men entered.  A few minutes later, Pete steered the SUV from Central Avenue onto the Stevenson Expressway north, towards the Loop.  Once they were settled in and driving at highway speed, Dave said, “Albert Wesker, eh?  From what I read from you, this is more important than I thought.”

“Geeze, Dave, I’ve known you for years, but every time you do that it amazes me.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.  So from reading me, you can see the problem facing us.  Wesker knocked off Ozwell Spencer, but we don’t know if it was personal or if he was doing it for someone else.  If it was personal, we can close this case.  But if he was working for someone else, we have to determine if the other person or group poses any dangers.  The problem is that the Berghoffs think he’s mutating.  They think he’s created another virus that’s beginning to take over his system.  They have him in a drug-induced coma, but his EEG shows that he’s trying to fight it.  He’s also gaining physical strength.  They had to reinforce his restraints twice in the last day to keep him contained.  We know we’re going to have to terminate him, but we really need to know what he knows before we’re forced to do that.”

“How long have the Berghoff’s had him?”

“Since Wednesday morning.  After three days, he hasn’t even told them his name.  They think the ‘virus’ is what’s allowing him to ignore the pain he’s under.  This morning they said they needed your assistance.”

“Yeah, it sounds like they do.  By the way, sometime this evening or tomorrow morning, I have to get to mass.”

“Hehe…  Those nuns really got to you, didn’t they?  No problem.  There’s a church near the office.  I think they have a six o’clock mass tonight and the masses are hourly starting at six tomorrow morning.  We should be able to get you back to Midway sometime between eight and nine tomorrow morning for the flight home.  Since we interrupted your sleep, we have a suite for you at the Hilton so you can catch up.  Naturally, you just have to sign for any of the services that you take advantage of while you’re there.  When you get home, send us a bill for your services.  We’ll transfer the money as soon as we get the bill.”

By now, the men were coming up on the Dan Ryan Expressway, which they took north.  At the Circle Interchange they continued north on the Kennedy Expressway to Augusta Boulevard.  Soon after, they were pulling into the gated parking lot.  In a matter of minutes, they had descended to the office and were approaching the decontamination room.  Rolf and Freda looked relieved to see them.

“Dave, you already know Rolf and Freda, but I don’t think you’ve met Gil Iverson yet.  Gil’s the linchpin of the team and I couldn’t keep the place running without him.  Gil, this is Dave Taylor.  Dave and I met at the University of Illinois in Champaign.  I was doing post-graduate work and he was coming in as a freshman.  A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.”

“Hi, Dave.  I’m sorry I had to wake you this morning.  Was the flight agreeable?”

“Hi, Gil.  The flight was excellent, and don’t worry about the wake up.  My wife and I are used to the early calls.  By the way, my wife has no idea what I do for a living, so just follow the script when you call, just as you did today.”  Then he turned to the Berghoffs.  “Where is the subject?”

Frieda turned up the lighting in the decon room and Rolf said, “He is in here.  If you look at the heart rate and blood pressure monitors, you can see that he appears to be sleeping restfully.  But if you look at the EEG monitors, he has some unusual brainwave activity.  We have not been able to discern what it is.”

“That is troubling.  Frieda, do you have the Encephelo-Transducer that we worked with before?”

“No, but I still had the schematic for it, so while we were waiting for you, Rolf and I built another one.  It is in the decon room on the counter near the laptop.”

“Good.  If you remember the last time I used it, I said that it allows me to act as a conduit and pass thought-waves from a person, through my brain, and into a computer as an audio-visual signal.  I think this might be the right time to use it.  Is it safe to be in the room with him?”

“Yes, judging by the readings on the monitors, we will be in no danger.  As well, we have a drip going to Mr. Wesker that can be increased at a moment’s notice.  And to be certain, Rolf and I each carry tranquilizer guns and Tasers.  The dosage in the tranquilizer is sufficient to stop a charging rhinoceros in its tracks.”

“Well, let me stop in the men’s room to freshen up and we can start right away.”  Dave had been in the ‘office’ before, so he was used to the security procedures and was in the system as well.  Within a few minutes he was back and followed the Berghoffs into the decon room.  First, they checked the laptop and Encephelo-Transducer.  It had to be calibrated to Taylor’s body capacitance.  As he and Frieda calibrated it, Rolf kept a wary eye on Wesker.

Once they were ready, the ET was transferred to a trolley with the laptop.  Then the ET was connected to Taylor’s left wrist.  Taylor, being right-handed, touched the metal table on which Wesker was lying with his right hand.  The circuit was completed and Taylor set the ET to record mode.  He had no trouble reading Wesker, but something didn’t seem right.  It was as if something in Wesker knew Taylor was monitoring him, even though there was no direct contact.  Taylor went into overdrive and sucked up the information as fast as was possible.

Then Rolf spoke: “He is coming out of it.  Scheiße!”  Rolf increased the speed of the drip to Wesker, but it had little effect.  Then Wesker started to move.  Rolf hit him with two darts and when he seemed to slow down, Frieda took out her tranq gun and aimed it at the man, too.

“I’m almost finished… just a few more seconds.”

Then it happened…

Wesker tried to sit up and ripped his restraints loose from the table.  Frieda and Rolf both hit him with two darts each, but it wasn’t slowing him down…


= = =


“Hey Mike!  Mrs. LeBlanc is here.  Let’s go!”

“Coming!  I’m just getting my jacket.”

We walked out and as we walked up to the SUV, Ed opened the back door for us and scooted over to the far side to the window behind Mrs. LeBlanc.  I cut in front of Tim and sat in the middle next to Ed and Tim was at the passenger door and slid it shut.

“Hey Mrs. LeBlanc!  Thanks for the ride,” I said.  Then Tim thanked her and once we fastened our seatbelts, we were off to Yorktown.

Ed was sitting behind Mrs. LeBlanc and I was in the middle seat.  There were no lights on, so I chanced putting my hand on his.  He jumped just a bit and Tim and I both laughed.  Then Jerry said, in his ‘Dad’ voice, “What are you young men doing back there?”

Mike and I replied in unison, “Nothing, sir.”  Then Ed reached over and grabbed my hand and I almost freaked out!  Now Jerry, who had turned around, and Tim, who was also watching, were rolling on the floor.  Ed was beet red!  Mrs. LeBlanc was laughing too, even though she didn’t see what happened.  Finally, we regained our composure and settled down.  Ed again took my hand and this time I held it.  The traffic was good, and in about fifteen minutes, we were at the theater.  We thanked Mrs. LeBlanc, and she told us to call her when we were ready to go home and she’d pick us up.  We said we would, and then she drove off.

Tim and Jerry walked around looking for Angie and Monica, and Ed and I were still trying to decide which movie to see.  As we were looking at the marquee, Ed told me that the vampire movie would probably be darker than the comedy or the action flick we had talked about.  (See Tim?  Ed is clever when he wants to be.)  So we got two tickets and entered.  It was playing in theater 8, so we got some popcorn and Cokes and then found our way to the right theater.  We decided to go all the way to the back row, in hopes that others would choose closer seats.  We didn’t have to bother.  The theater was almost empty, even when the movie started.  We did notice that Jerry, Tim and the girls were there, too.  They were six or seven rows in front of us.

Finally, the lights went down and the movie started.  Ed was right; it was dark.  Although we were kinda watching the movie, and looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to us, we were also looking for the opportunity to hold hands again.  About ten minutes into the feature film, I felt Ed put his hand on mine.  I turned it over so we were palm to palm.  We stayed like that for a few minutes and then the screen brightened up with a fire scene and we immediately let go of each other’s hand.  We realized that if we were holding hands, it was difficult to hold our popcorn and eat it.  Since no one else was in the top row, we just balanced our popcorn on the empty seats next to us.  Our Cokes were in the build-in cup holders in our seats.  That worked great!  Now we could eat our popcorn, or drink our Cokes, and still hold hands.

About halfway through the movie, our popcorn was gone, but we still had plenty of napkins.  We wiped our hands and then I had an idea.  I reached over and rested my hand on Ed’s thigh.  At first, he tensed up, but then he relaxed again.  A moment later, he had his hand on my thigh, too.  Taking this a step further, I moved my hand a bit higher, and shortly after that, Ed did the same.  I still didn’t want to assume that Ed was ready for more, so I took my other hand, put it on my lap and I could feel myself getting hard… only inches from Ed’s hand.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and as I continued to feel Ed’s thigh, I used my other hand to put Ed’s hand on my hardon and press it in place.

He froze.

Then he started to slide his hand up and down my hardon.  At the same time, he put my hand on his hardon.  I returned the favor.  Without even thinking about it, I turned towards him and pulled his zipper down so I could get may hand in his pants.  Then I lowered my own zipper for him.  I wasn’t worried about getting caught since: A) no one was near us, and B) we still had our jackets at the ready… just in case.  Ed was wearing boxers and my hand slid in there easily, but I was wearing boxer briefs.  Ed figured it out.  He just went in from the top and grabbed me.

So now we were slowly stroking each other and I figured we could go like this almost forever, but that was not to be.  Ed tensed up.  I whispered one word to him: “Napkin.”  He heard, and in next to no time, he was stuffing some napkins in his pants and wrapping them around his member.  He kept his boxers dry and cleaned himself off at the same time.  He looked over at me, gave me a smirk and he sped up stroking me.  I barely got the napkins in place.  Bastard!  Hehe.  I left the napkins there for a few seconds while I removed the lid from my empty Coke cup.  When I retrieved the napkins, I put them into the cup and replaced the lid.  Ed copied me with his Coke cup.  Once we adjusted ourselves and zipped back up, I took a chance and tried one more thing.  Ed was watching the movie now, so I grabbed his chin, turned his face towards me and gave him a kiss.  Just then, someone said, “Fag!”

I almost barfed, but Ed started laughing, just as the rest of the audience did.  The voice came from the movie.  FARK!  That scared the snot out of me!  I don’t think Ed even noticed, thank god.

Five minutes later, the movie ended and we collected our popcorn boxes and cups and carried them to the trashcan at the door.  Tim, Jerry and the girls were already gone by the time we got to the door of theater 8, but we found them in the hallway a moment or so later.  The girls had called their ride and Jerry and Tim wanted to wait with them.  Since they wanted to wait near the door so they could see when their ride got there, Ed and I stood off to the side, away from everyone else, and talked about what happened.

We were whispering.

“Ed, that was awesome!”

“No kidding!  I never had another person see or touch me before!  We gotta do that again!”

“I agree.  Dude!  You really spewed!”

“Are you kidding?!?  I thought you were gonna run out of napkins!  Using the cup was quick thinking!  Have you done this before?”

“Nah, it just made sense at the time.  Look, over at the door… Jerry and Tim are waving at us.  Let’s go.”  Jerry had called his mom and she was there in twenty minutes.  We were home fifteen minutes after that.  I’m glad I had a chance to kiss Ed in the theater, because we didn’t get a chance later.  We thanked Mrs. LeBlanc and waved as they pulled away.

As we entered the house, Tim and I started talking at the same time… twice.  Finally, I told him to go first.  He said that he and Monica were snogging most of the night and that the rumors about her were true!

“Did she grab Jerry’s crotch, or yours?”

“Mine, duffus!  Hehehe.  But I still have blue balls.  How did things go for you and Ed?”

“Well, neither of us have blue balls.”  And I smiled at him.

“You’re shitting me!  You BOTH got off?  That’s fantastic!  You lucky dogs!”

I just laughed and nodded.

“Let’s take our shower and get to bed.”

“Lead the way, Tim.”


= = =


Suddenly, Wesker just stopped moving.

“Good Lord!  What stopped him?”

“That would be me.  I hypnotized him and caused him to freeze in place.”

“Dave, you must teach us how to do that!”

“I can’t, Rolf.  You have to be born with the ability.  I have a team out west that is searching the globe for others with powers.  We look for strange happenings and follow up on them.  Usually it’s nothing, but a month ago, we found a 15-year-old kid named Alex who has psychokinetic abilities.  He was on a bus that rolled over a dozen times at least, but he wasn’t so much as scratched… the rest of the 38 passengers died.  But let me finish this read.  I can feel Mr. Wesker trying to break free.  I just need three more seconds… Done!

“Do you have some kind of containment field that we can place him in?”

Just then the intercom sounded.  “No, Dave.  That’s why we have to terminate him as expeditiously as possible, but we have to be sure that he’s not acting under someone else’s orders.”

“Pete, from what I read as I was downloading, Wesker was working on his own.  I’ve got the last twenty-three years of him on the laptop and the program should start making it understandable by humans in less than an hour.  In the meantime, keep Wesker immobilized while the computer works.  It’s 5:30.  I’m going to Mass.”

“Let me drive you, Dave.  Rolf and Frieda, can Wesker be flash-frozen?”

“Yes.  We have a cryogenic chamber here.”

“Let’s get him in there and start the deepfreeze.  Where is it?”

“In the storage room.  It’s portable, so we can bring it over here.  Gil, can you get it please?  I’d rather have Pete here incase anything happens with Mr. Wesker.”

“OK, Frieda.  I’ll be right back.”

A moment later, Gil was rolling the chamber down the hall.  When he got to the door, he opened it and rolled the device in.  Pete stood back in the hallway, ready to handle any emergencies that might happen.  When the chamber opened, it raised to the lever of the table and Wesker was slid into it.  Once it was sealed, liquid nitrogen was pumped into it and in seconds, they had a ‘Wesker-sicle’.  Five minutes later, Dave released Wesker from his hypnotic spell.  Even though he was frozen by liquid nitrogen, Wesker tried to move.  As he did so, his limbs cracked and separated.

“Good grief!  How was he able to do that?” said Pete in disbelief.  “Dave, I’m going to stay here with this thing for right now.  The church is two blocks away.  The alley we drove up to get to the parking lot is actually Elizabeth Street.  Take it west to Noble.  Take Noble south, past Walton, to Chestnut Street.  Right on the north-east corner is Saint Boniface.  Mass starts in fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks, Pete.  I’ll be back in an hour and a half.”

“Leave your phone on vibrate, just in case.”

“Will do.”  And he left.

“Frieda is that thing still moving?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.  You know that with so many limbs cracked, this ‘thing’, as you call it, will not be able to be reanimated.”

“Yes.  Gil, we need to rent a crematorium.”

“There’s an animal cemetery a mile from here.  I’ll arrange it now.  I assume we want to do it tonight.”

“Yeah.  The sooner the better.”

“Be back in a minute.”


= = =


“The crematorium is a go.  They’re waiting for us.”

“OK, let’s get this thing out to the van.”

Twenty minutes later, they were stuffing the body of Albert Wesker into the oven at the crematorium.  The body had cracked into seventeen pieces and they spread each piece out in the metal container.

“Pete, at 1,700° Fahrenheit, the body will take two to two and a half hours to be cremated.  After that, the fragments have to be crushed into powder.  What should we do with the ashes?”

“Gil, you need some time off.  How about a week in Hawaii?  Don’t they have an active volcano there?  Why don’t we see if Mr. Wesker is volcano proof?  I’m sure you can hire a helicopter to take you over the volcano and let you drop the ashes into it.  Enjoy your trip.”

As Pete was driving back to his office, he dialed Mike’s cell.  When it went to voicemail, he left a message.  “Mike, this is Uncle Pete.  I’m staying downtown tonight, but I should be home around ten tomorrow morning.  If you have any problems, see the neighbors.  I love you both.”  Then he dialed Tim’s cell and left the same message.

Ten minutes later, he was back in the office.  Frieda, Rolf and Dave were going over the downloaded information from Wesker.

“Dave, you said you got twenty-three years of info from him?  Does that mean you can tell us where the bodies are buried?”

“It seems that Mr. Wesker had his fingers in several pies.  I was explaining to the Berghoffs that this should help you guys end a lot of corruption, especially with the government allowing you to use their global network.”

“That sounds great, Dave.  Frieda, once you have a backup of the data stored in a safe place, why don’t you allow your husband take you on a trip somewhere.  Just be back in a week or so.  Oh yeah… Rolf, charge it to the company.  You two deserve it.  Right now, I’m taking Dave to the Hilton.  Don’t stay here too late tonight.  Dave?  Let’s blow this pop stand.”

They all said their goodbyes and in a few minutes, Dave and Pete were on the way to the Chicago Hilton and Towers on Michigan Avenue.  When they pulled up to the front door, the bellhop took their bags from the back of the SUV and the valet gave them a claim check for their car.  A few minutes later, after they were escorted up to their suite overlooking Grant Park and Lake Michigan, they tipped the bellhop and closed the door.  If you would have had your ear to the door, the last thing you would have heard was, “Dave, I’ve missed you so much.  Let’s make up for lost time.”


= = =


At 6:00 AM, Dave and Pete were sharing the Jacuzzi with their morning coffee.

“Pete, did I tell you that my son, Glenn, came out as gay on his birthday last January?”

“That’s something, especially with you being so firmly entrenched in the Church.  The kid has balls.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too.  I also learned that my wife was a homophobe.  She freaked out when he told us and actually slapped the poor kid.  He didn’t know that I knew it already, so he had his friend Mike sit near me and he sat near his mom… poor choice.”

“Have you talked with Amy about it?”

“Well, I ‘reprogrammed’ her.  Her homophobia is gone.  I had her apologize to Glenn and then to Mike and his mother, Maggie Whelan, our neighbors.  By the way, Mike is Glenn’s boyfriend, but he didn’t tell us that until the next week… of course, I already knew that, too.  Hehe.”

“God!  I’d hate to have you for my dad!  Especially with all the crap that I did in high school.”

“Well, it was actually good for Glenn that I knew.  He seemed a bit out of sorts a few months earlier and I put my hand on the back of his neck to console him.  I read him while he was insisting that nothing was wrong.  Glenn started high school this school year and it turned out that a junior at his school saw him and his boyfriend holding hands.  Glenn and Mike didn’t realize it at the time, so Glenn was confused about why the guy kept calling him fag and things like that.  I called the section leader for the area that covers the high school, and she had a guy ‘talk’ with the junior and straighten him out.”

“You promote violence now?”

“No, nothing like that.  He’s a telepath, like me, and he ‘reprogrammed’ the kid.  It’s so much easier to reprogram than to punish.  Face it; we have to learn hate.  Reprogramming just helps people to unlearn bad habits… like when I reprogrammed you to stop smoking.”

“Yeah… that was a blessing.  Times have changed and I lost at least three lucrative contracts because my clothes smelled of tobacco smoke.”

“I’m glad I could help.  How are your boys doing?”

“All things considered, they’re doing well.  We had ‘the talk’ after about a week or two of them being with me.  I told them that I saw them showering with each other and then I came out to them as being bisexual.  That worked great.  Mike is gay and Tim is bisexual, too.  At dinner on Friday night, they said they both had dates.  Mike with a guy in his English and History classes and Tim with a girl in his English class.  He and his friend Jerry are double dating.”

“How’d it go?”

“The dates were last night, so I’ll find out when I get home, I guess.  I haven’t had any calls from the Police or disgruntled parents, so it couldn’t have been too bad.  Hehe.”

“Pete, my coffee cup is empty and I think I’m wrinkly enough.  Let’s take a shower and get some breakfast.”

“That sounds like a plan.”  And the men stood and drip-dried so they wouldn’t get too much water on the floor when they walked to the shower together.


= = =


“I really love coming to Chicago.  I’m going to have to bring the family next time.  It’s a great place for a vacation.”

“Let me know when you do and I’ll have a limo waiting for you.”

“You’re on!”

Pete exited the Stevenson at Central Avenue and soon they were at Signature Flight Services.  They kissed while still in the car and then Pete grabbed Dave’s luggage and they walked into the office/terminal.  Todd had been called when they were leaving the Hilton, and he and the pilot were ready to go.  As Todd took Dave’s luggage, Pete gave him a farewell hug.

“Have a good flight, Dave, and don’t be such a stranger.”

“I promise.  Hug the boys for me.”

“And you hug Amy and Glenn for me.”

Dave followed Todd to the Gulfstream and climbed aboard.  Traffic was light on Sunday morning, so the plane took off almost immediately.  As it did, Pete walked back to the car for the short ride back to Lombard, but first he texted the boys that he was on his way.


= = =


In twenty-five minutes, he was pulling into the driveway.  When he walked in, he was surprised to smell fresh coffee brewing.

“Welcome back, Uncle Pete!”

“Thanks, Tim.  Do I have you to thank for the coffee?”

“Not this time; Mike made it.  Don’t worry; I supervised him.  Hehe.”

“Hey!  That’s not true!  I did it on my own!  Hehe.  Welcome home, Uncle Pete.”

“Thanks, Mike, and thanks for the coffee.  What do you guys have scheduled for today?”

“Mike and I are gonna ride our bikes over to the mall and meet with Jerry and Ed,” I said.

“And Angie and Monica,” Tim added.

“Do you have enough money?”

“Well… we could use a few dollars more…” Tim answered.

“Yeah, girls can be expensive.  Hehe,” Uncle Pete said, and he took out his wallet and gave each of us twenty dollars.

“Wow!  Thanks, Uncle Pete!” Tim said.

“Yeah, thanks, Uncle Pete!” I echoed.

“Well, I was up all night, so after a cup of coffee or two, I’m going to bed.  I’ll be up around six.  Come to think of it, I’ll leave some money on the kitchen table.  When you get back, call Rosatti’s for a pizza if I’m still sleeping, and wake me when it gets here.

“Thanks, Uncle Pete!  We’ll be back around six then.”

We gave Uncle Pete a hug, and rode our bikes to Yorktown.

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