Imagine returns with tons of goodies, and we’re not talking about Halloween leftovers, either! This month we’ve added 2 new stories, discovered 2 great ways to speed up the Shack forum, and grabbed all of last month’s chapters and continued them this month! Speaking of continuation, the Tabloid’s brought back 2 tall tales! Can you guess what our lucky number is?

Download PDF: Volume 15

  1. Help Speed Up Voy! in Workshop by
  2. Family II: Chapter 7: Shopping in Library by
  3. Mike Morales’ Essay in Library by
  4. Backtracking: The Sort (The UI 2!) in Library by
  5. Just a Chance at Love in Library by
  6. PAIN II: The Target in Library by
  7. The Boy From The Woods in Library by
  8. The Shack’s Top 10 Television Series in Community by
  9. Comsie’s Fun Facts: #5 in Community by
  10. Comsie Talks: The Comic Book Effect in Community by
  11. Uncle Jim’s Gallery in Community by
  12. TurtleBoy’s Top 10 Most Hated Things in Community by
  13. The Erickoey Virus: Expect the Unexpected in Tabloid by
  14. The Orvus Ultimatum: The Hunger in Tabloid by

Published November 1, 2012