As I got to the bus stop the next morning, I was surprised to see Jason standing there.  “Hey Jason!  I thought you were working today.”


“Hey Alex!  Nah, today’s only Thursday.  I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday, remember?”


“Haha.  I must really want to go bowling.  I thought today was Friday.”


“Hehe… yeah, I guess you do.”


“Looks like I got here just in time.  Here comes the bus.”


“Alex, if Paul is wearing shorts, let me sit next to him, OK?”


“Sure.  Why?”


“I’m wearing shorts, too, so it will be easy to get skin-to-skin contact with him to download the information.”


“But he said he’d get the information for me.”


“OK… how are you going to explain wanting to know where and when it happened?”


“Good point.  I’ll just ask him the guy’s name.”  By now, the bus stopped in front of us and I let Jason on first.  As we suspected, Paul was waiting for us and waved when he saw us.  Paul was also wearing shorts, so Jason sat next to him and I got in the row ahead of him at the aisle.  This made sure that Paul would be turning towards me, and as planned, his knee was touching Jason’s knee.


“How’s your brother doing?” I asked.


“Not bad, all things considered.  His spirits are still up and he seems more concerned about classes and assignments than court dates.  I’m sure he’ll change when the court date gets closer.  I just wish I could get up to see him.”


“Has he heard any more from his ‘friend’ who left him holding his stash?”


“Tyler Nelson?  Nah – the guy just disappeared.”


Then Jason spoke up.


“When did all this happen?  When was the last time Jordan saw Tyler, and where?”


I gave Jason a bit of a surprised look.  He made eye contact with me and slightly nodded his head.


“Jordan said the last time he saw Tyler, he was acting a bit paranoid.  That was Sunday afternoon in Jordan’s dorm room.  Tyler asked Jordan if he’d hold something for him while he went to visit his mom.  That was the last time Tyler was seen.  Then Monday morning, the police came into Jordan’s dorm room and asked about the package.  Jordan told them that is was something that he was holding for a friend.  The cops brought in a dog and he went right to the package.  The rest is history.”


Again, Jason asked, “Why did the police come to Jordan’s room in the first place?”


“They were looking for Tyler and someone said he was in Jordan’s room.”


“Does Jordan have any roommates, Paul?”


“He has one, but he wasn’t there at the time.  Jordan said he has a girlfriend off campus and stays there a lot.”


“What’s his roommate’s name?”


“He didn’t say and I didn’t ask.”


“Thanks, Paul.  Now when I count to three, you’re going to remember a boring ride to school and forget all about this conversation.  One… Two… Three.”


Paul stretched and yawned; then he asked, “Are we there yet?”


I laughed and said, “Mister, if you ask that question one more time, I’m gonna turn this bus around and take you home!”


Paul laughed.  “I wish!  It’s too late anyway… we’re here.”


On the way off the bus, Jason put his hand on my shoulder and touched my neck.  Then I felt him uploading Paul’s Skype conversation from the night before.  He followed with a thought-message, ‘I’m sorry about that.  Paul was easy to hypnotize, so I just had him volunteer the answers.’


When we entered the school, Jason and I walked over to Glenn Taylor’s area and, again, saw Glenn, Mike and Ron shooting the breeze.  After we greeted everyone, Jason and Ron walked off to their first classes.  Jason looked back and called to me, “I’ll see you at lunch.”  I gave him a thumbs-up sign and they kept walking.


I turned to Glenn and Mike and asked, “So all still seems well?”


“Yeah,” Mike answered.  “Ron’s really a nice guy.  Not many juniors talk with freshmen.”


“That’s great!  Just keep your guard up and let Jason or me know if things change.  I have to get to class.  I’ll see you guys at lunch.”  Mike and Glenn said goodbye and I was on my way.


= = =


Throughout my morning classes, I was torn between paying attention to the teachers and reviewing what I knew about Jordan’s problem.  Something didn’t seem to match up quite right, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Finally, it was lunchtime and I headed for the cafeteria.  After getting a drink, I found Jason, Glenn and Mike in the usual area and grabbed a seat.  Glenn and Mike still don’t know about P.A.I.N., but after eating their lunches (in their normal hurry), they left for some ‘personal time’.  As they left, Jason spoke first.


“Alex, something is missing here.  The story doesn’t make sense.”


“I know, right?  I think Jordan isn’t telling everything to Paul.  I wish we could get to Phoenix to talk with Jordan, but I don’t know how to get there, and if I did, I wouldn’t know how to approach the subject with Jordan.”


“Are you up for a road trip on Saturday?”


“To Phoenix?  Sure, but how will we get there?”


“I bet we could pique Michelle’s interest, and not only does she have a car, but she has a budget for travel from P.A.I.N.  We can call this afternoon and see what she says.”


“That’s brill, Jason!  Could we take Paul with us?  I think he’d be our key to getting a meeting with Jordan.”


“You’ve read my mind.  As for the story that we have so far, I don’t think Jordan is totally innocent yet.  I really have to read him to see what he’s hiding.  We’ll have to invite Paul, so do that in your Chemistry class, but stress that we don’t know if we have a ride yet.  After we talk with Michelle, you can let him know for sure on the bus tomorrow morning.”


= = =


In Chemistry class that afternoon, I asked Paul if he could go with us to Phoenix.  If we weren’t in class, I’m sure he would have been doing backflips.  “Of course I can go!  When are we going?”


“Don’t get your hopes up too high, Paul.  We still have to find a driver and I won’t know for sure until later tonight.  If she can’t drive us, we can’t go.  I just had to make sure you were available.”


= = =


On the walk from the bus stop that afternoon, I told Jason what Paul said, and he said that was perfect… assuming we could get Michelle to sign off on it.  Dad had some chores for me to do, and I had a ton of homework, so I had to get right home if I wanted to go on Saturday.  We were both a bit disappointed, but Jason said he’d text or call with Michelle’s decision.  Now all I can do is wait.  At least it’s only a few hours.


= = =


At 5:15, Jason called Michelle.


“Michelle, I think we have more of the answers, but I don’t think we have all of the facts yet.”


“What do you mean?”


“We know that the friend’s name is Tyler Nelson, and the weed was left in Jordan’s dorm room last Sunday, and Sunday is the last time Jordan saw Tyler.  But from reading Paul, it just seems that Jordan wasn’t telling his brother everything that went down.”


“What would you suggest?”


“Umm… I think a trip to Phoenix would answer a lot of questions.”


“Would Jordan talk with you?”


“I’m not sure, but I know he’ll talk with his brother.”


“You don’t have your driver’s license yet, do you?”


“No… That’s the next thing I want to talk with you about.  Could you drive us up there on Saturday?”


“Just you and Paul?  What about Alex?”


“Alex would be coming as well.  Would you drive us up there?”


“So you want me to drive three hormone-infused teen boys for two hours, stay there a while, and then drive two hours back again?”


“If it makes you feel any better, Alex and I are gay, you know… and Paul has a girlfriend.”


“Hehe.  You really want to go to Phoenix, don’t you?  OK, I’ll drive you.  What do you have planned for when we get there?”


Jason laid out his plan and for the next ten minutes, Michelle and Jason discussed it to be sure it would work.  Satisfied that it would, Michelle said she’d pick him up at 9:30 Saturday morning.


Jason thanked her and as soon as he ended the call, he set a text to Alex.


the trip is on! be at my house by 9:30 sat. ill tell all at lunch. let paul know to be ready for pickup nlt 10:00


When I read Jason’s text I pumped my fist in the air, screaming, “YES!!!”


“Alex, are you all right?”


“Yes, Mom.  Sorry.  I’ll keep it down.”


“What was that all about, Hon?”


“Michelle is driving Jason, Paul and me to Phoenix!”


“That’s nice.  When is this happening?”


I gave her the information and she asked if I had enough money.  I told her I had thirty dollars saved up and she gave me another twenty to go with it.  That was cool.


After supper, I hit the books to get the homework out of the way.  Sheesh!  Each of my teachers must think that only they give homework.  I finished about 10:30.  Then I brushed my teeth and washed up.  Once back in my bedroom I turned off the light and slipped off my boxer briefs before getting into bed.  Fifteen minutes later, I put my washcloth on the hook and went to sleep.


= = =


The next morning I gave Paul the particulars of the trip so he’d be ready for the pickup.  Paul was as excited as a puppy when his master returns.  I thought he was gonna wet himself!  Glenn and Mike were still doing well, so I told them I’d see them at lunch.  At lunch, Glenn and Mike did their usual ‘speed eating’ routine and left for ‘personal time’.  Once they were gone, Jason filled me in on the plan that he and Michelle came up with.  Simply put, I would get Paul out of the room and Jason would ask questions while Michelle would determine if the answers were true or false, and if anything else was being held back.  If something was being held back, Jason would ‘get physical’, so to speak, and download what he needed.


Then the conversation shifted to bowling!  This was going to be fantastic!  Jason kept reminding me that if I showed off too much, I’d draw attention to myself.  We agreed that I should only use my powers four times each game.  That seemed fair, so now all we had to do was get to the bowling alley.  Hehe.


The afternoon classes went great!  We had the normal Friday ‘20 Question Pop Quiz’ in Chemistry.  Mr. Zorojan put a number at the top of our page in place of our name.  I think he picked them out of a hat.  With the Pop Quizzes, he had the students correct them, so by having a random number instead of our name lessened the chance that the ‘corrector’ would cheat for a friend.  When we got our papers back, I had a 95 and Paul had a 90.  Paul was really into the class today.  I’m sure the good news about the trip to see his brother had a lot to do with it.  My last two classes flew by… something about doing my homework seemed to work.  Hehe.


To celebrate, I called Mom and told her that I was going to Jason’s house for a swim.  She said to have a good time and be home before six o’clock.  Today Jason also invited Glenn and Mike… and they both accepted.  When Jason and I got there, we hurried and stripped naked on the patio, and waited in the pool for Glenn and Mike.


They came in the back gate and when they saw our clothes on the benches near the pool, they got a little nervous, but started stripping anyway.  We could tell that both of the guys were boned up already and they were nervous about removing their underwear.  Jason grabbed my arm and guided me to the shallow end of the pool so the guys could see that they weren’t alone in the boner department.  That gave them the courage they needed and soon they were jumping into the water to join us.  Like the last time, we had a game of water polo, also like last time, Glenn and Mike won.  This time was a little different, though.  Whichever team scored not only kissed their teammate, but they also gave him a couple of strokes.  Towards the end of the game, it was getting so that everyone was kissing and stroking on a goal.


Unfortunately, we were still all so hard that we couldn’t stand it.  Jason broke the ice by having me sit on the edge of the pool and swallowing me.  At first, Glenn and Mike just stared, but soon, Mike had Glenn sit on the edge of the pool and he swallowed Glenn.  As horny as we were, and with the show we were putting on for each other, it didn’t take Glenn and me long to cum.  To me it felt great, but Glenn was cumming so hard his body jerked several times.  I noticed that Mike, like Jason, swallowed.


After we recovered, Jason and Mike took our place on the edge of the pool and Glenn and I did the honors.  Jason and I had an advantage… Jason used his telepathic abilities to let me know how I was doing.  He also used them to make sure that he was doing what I liked the first time.  Needless to say, Jason blew his load before Mike.  But when he did, like Glenn, Mike’s body also was jerking as he came.


When we were finished, Mike and I slid back into the pool and kissed our respective partners.  Suddenly, Glenn said, “Wow!  I can taste both of us!”  Jason and I chuckled and Glenn and Mike turned crimson.


“So can we, Glenn, so can we,” Jason said through his chuckle.


“Yeah,” I added, “we didn’t mean to embarrass you guys.”


Then Mike spoke up.  “This was fantastic, but I’m still a bit self-conscious being naked outdoors… and with you and Jason able to see us.”


“I’m not that avid a nudist either, Mike, but I did enjoy myself.  Hehe.”


“Can we do this again?” Glenn asked.


“Sure!” Jason replied.  “Most weekdays Dad is working, and the weather will be warm enough until December.  One thing though, I have to be here and I can’t make it every day.  Just ask at lunch on the day you want to join us and I’ll let you know if it’s good or not.  Most school days it will be, but on weekends, Dad will be around.”


“Thanks, but Fridays are usually the only days that Glenn and I could make it.  I have cross country practice and he has soccer practice.”


“Yeah, and depending on the soccer schedule, I might have a soccer game on Friday,” Glenn added.


“Well, let me know what the game schedule is and if we can’t see you here, we’ll watch your games.  And Mike, when are your meets?  I bet we could get to a lot of those, too.”


“Thanks, Jason!  That’d be great!” Mike answered.  “But now we have to get going.”


“Me too,” I added.  “Mom want’s me home before six.”


We got out of the pool and dried off.  Jason asked if the guys wanted to take a shower, but they said they had a bit of a walk and had to get going now.  Jason and I wrapped our towels around us, so Mike and Glenn wouldn’t feel more self-conscious than they already did.  When they were dressed, we said goodbye and started picking up our clothes before going into the house.


We walked upstairs and left our clothes in the bedroom, then walked back to the bathroom.  After taking a leak, we got into the shower and washed each other… paying close attention to each other’s crotches and butts.  Hehe.  Like last time, we had a ‘beat off’.  This time I won, but Jason was right behind me.  After we dried each other and dressed, I gave Jason a hug and a kiss and said I’d see him at seven.


= = =


When I got home, I found Dad in the kitchen.


“Another Friday night off?”


“Yeah, Sensei Lee looked at the books and saw that no one was signed up for the late classes tonight, so he decided we should just go home.”


“That’s cool.”


“No kidding.  By the way, what are your plans for tonight?”


“I’m going bowling with Jason and probably for a burger, and then we’re going home.”


“Are you spending the night at Jason’s house?”


“We hadn’t planned on it.  Do you want to get rid of me for the night?  I’m sure I could stay there.  But tomorrow I’m going to Phoenix with Jason and a couple of other people.”


“Could you pack an overnight bag?  Your mother and I want a little privacy.”


“You’ve got it, Dad.  It should be no problem.  I’ll pack a bag and call him now.”


I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth, and then called Jason as I was changing my clothes for our date tonight.  When he answered, I put him on the speaker so I could continue packing.


“Jason, Dad wants to get rid of me for the night.  Can I stay at your place?”


“Sure, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’d love the company.  Pack a bag and we’ll pick you up at seven.”


“Thanks, Jason.  Dad’ll be happy.”


After hanging up, I finished packing and brought my bag downstairs.  I left it in the hallway and went into the kitchen.


“Dad, I’m staying at Jason’s place tonight.”


“You said you were going bowling tonight.  Here, take this.” And he handed me a twenty.


“Thanks, Dad!”


“When will you be home on Saturday?”


“Around eight.”


He handed me another twenty and said, “Stay with Jason Saturday night, too.”


“Wow!  Do you want me to stay Sunday night?”


“Hehe.  Don’t push it.  Now set the table.”


= = =


I was just finishing dinner when the doorbell rang.  I hurriedly said good night and grabbed my bag.  As expected, it was Jason at the door and his dad was at the curb.  I climbed in the back seat and said, “Hey Rick!  Thanks for the ride.”


“Hi Alex.  Have you and Jason been behaving?”


“Sure… and if you’ve heard different, I deny it!”


“Now you sound like Jason.  Hehe.”


“Dad, Alex is going to try his power with bowling.  He’s going to hold it down to four times per game so it doesn’t look suspicious.”


“Yeah, that’s sounds like a good plan.  Much more than that and you won’t get the suckers to bite.”


“Wait a minute,” I said.  “I’m not gonna gamble!”


“Excellent choice, Alex.  With your power, it would be unfair and anything you won would be stolen.”


“Yeah, Rick.  That’s how I feel, too.”


Just then, we pulled up to the bowling alley and Rick let us out.  “Rick, I’m going to leave my overnight bag is the car, if that’s OK with you.”


“That’s fine, Alex.  Jason, call me when you’re ready to come home.”


“Will do, Dad.  Thanks.”


= = =


In the third frame of the first game, I got a 7-10 split.  These are nearly impossible to pick up without powers, so I decided to put my power to the test.  I’ve seen a couple of guys make this on YouTube.  One was right-handed and the other left-handed.  They did it the same way.  They threw the ball so it would hit the outside third of the pin on their bowling-hand side.  For a righty, that would be the ten pin.  For a lefty, it would be the seven pin.  In both cases, the target pin flew back, hit the back wall of the lane, and bounced back and knocked down the pin on the opposite side.


I’m right handed, so I aimed the ball for the right third of the ten pin.  I had imagined this shot a dozen times at least, so I was able to keep my eyes open as the ball hit.  As expected, the pin flew to the left and back.  When it bounced forward, I used my power to guide the ten pin into the seven pin and knock it down.  Jason ran up and hugged me as I was jumping up and down.  The bowlers in the adjoining lanes came over and congratulated me, and the bar sent over a Coke right after it was announced over the PA system.  This beat the heck out of the gutter balls that I usually threw.  If they did this for picking up a spare, I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I bowled a 300 game!


The rest of our three games were a lot tamer than that.  I didn’t want to call any more attention to us.  It was a bit unnerving, to tell you the truth.  I corrected the path of a couple of balls and ended up with a strike on one, and nine pins knocked down on the other.  I also saved a few spares, but none were so awesome as the 7-10 split.  When we finished I had a 178, a 182 and a 185, for an average of 181.67.  That was better than my usual 173 average, but still not as good as Jason’s 194 average.


As soon as we finished bowling, Jason called his dad for a ride home.  By the time we changed our shoes and settled the charges, we only had to wait a couple of minutes for Rick to arrive.  Jason had been up since five Friday morning to get to the hospital, so he was kind of tired.  When we got to Jason’s house, we talked with Rick for a while and, because Jason was falling asleep, we went to bed.


I woke up around seven on Saturday; old habits die hard, hehe.  Jason was spooning me.  As I was starting to separate from him, he said, “Alex, if you have to pee that bad, just go.”  And he released me, rolled over and went back to sleep.  I made it just in time.  When I finished, I brushed my teeth and took a shower.  As I was finishing the shower, Jason stepped in and joined me.  He brought his toothbrush with him.  I think he knew his breath was less than fresh.  After he brushed and rinsed, he hugged me again.


“Alex, I’ve been thinking about what you said the other day.  You know, about finding a real boyfriend.  I think I already have one.”  And he kissed me.


“Anyone I know?” I asked.  We both laughed.


“Yeah.  You do.”  And he kissed me again.


I soaped up the washcloth and started washing his back as I hugged him.  We were both hard as steel.  I moved away from him so I could wash his chest and stomach.  Like me, Jason will never see a six-pack, but also like me, he wasn’t fat, either.  I slowly descended to my knees and I hugged him again as I washed his butt and the back of his legs.  Again, I pulled away and washed his legs and crotch, keeping his penis for last.  After sudsing his penis, I stood up and grabbed the handheld showerhead and aimed it at him.  I turned him around so the water was cascading down his back, as I made sure all the soap was rinsed from him and me.  He turned around and faced me as I rinsed him from head to toe, pausing a moment at his crotch.  I handed him the showerhead and he replaced it on the wall.


Then I returned to my knees and took him in my mouth.  He drew in a quick breath as I started manipulating him with my hands and mouth.  I must have been doing all right because he didn’t send me his biofeedback.  As I held his testicles, his scrotum shrank to nothing and his testicles were on either side of his steel-hard rod.  When the head of his penis began to swell up in my mouth, I knew he was almost there.  I bobbed up and down twice more and the floodgates released.  I was surprised by the amount and the thickness of his cum.  Jason’s knees started to buckle and he began to fall.  I pulled him from my mouth and supported him for a moment while he recovered.  Without a word, he lifted me to standing and took my rock-hard member into his mouth.  He no longer needed to ask if I was enjoying what he was doing; I’m sure my moans were testimony enough.  In less than two minutes, I was blowing my load down his throat.


I leaned on his shoulders for support and slowly sank to my knees in front of him.  When we were at eye level, I remembered Glenn’s comment from yesterday.  As our lips locked, I repeated it.  “Wow!  I can taste both of us!”  Although we didn’t break our kiss, we did giggle a bit.  The water was beginning to cool, so we turned it off, exited the shower and dried each other off.  We walked back to Jason’s room and got dressed.


“Rick must be up.  I can smell the coffee.  Did I tell you that I started drinking coffee about a week ago?”


“I have a cup every now and then, but I really don’t like the taste of it that much… yet.”


We were ready to go and headed down to the kitchen.  Rick was sitting there reading the paper with a cup of coffee in front of him.  As we walked into the kitchen, Jason got two bowls, two spoons and two coffee cups and put them on the table.  Rick looked up from his newspaper and said, “Hey guys.  How did you sleep?”


“I think Jason was asleep before he even got in bed.  As for me, I slept like a baby.”


“What’s that mean, Alex?  You cried all night and pooped your pants?”


“Jason, Alex is our guest.  We have to at least pretend we like him.  Hehe.”


“Whoa!  Can you feel the love?  This must be why you two are my second favorite people in the world.”


Second favorite?  Who’s your favorite?”


“Everybody else.”




“By the way, Rick, Dad told me not to come home until Sunday morning.  I guess he and Mom are having a Wild Weekend.  Can I sleep here tonight, too?”


“That’s fine, Alex.  Jason, why are you guys up so early?”


“Michelle is taking us to Phoenix so we can get some info in a missing person.  Paul Wilson’s brother Jordan was caught with half a ki of marijuana.  He said it belonged to a friend, but something is missing in his story.  We want to find the missing friend, but we also want to find out what he’s not telling us and why.  She’s gonna be here around 9:30.”


“Just be careful.  I know you guys have powers, but it would be better not to need them.”


“We will.  Alex, here’s your coffee.  Do you need milk or sugar?”


“Nope.  Mom drinks hers black and I can’t let a cootie-infested woman outdo me.  Hehe.”


“Well, the cereal and milk are on the table, so dig in.”


= = =


Thirty minutes later, we were clearing the table and loading the dishwasher.  Soon after that, we heard the doorbell.  “That must be Michelle.  Are you ready to go, Alex?”


“Yep.  Bye, Rick.  Thanks for the hospitality.  We’ll see you later.”


“You’re welcome, Alex.  Just be careful, guys.”


= = =


I gave Michelle the address and she plugged it into her GPS.  “Do we have anything to talk about before I call Paul and tell him we’re on the way to his place?”


“Just that it would be a lot easier if Paul and Jordan don’t know why we’re really coming.  Alex, Jason will be asking Jordan some of the questions that we have.  If I suggest that you guys make a soda run, that’s your cue to get Paul out of the room for a few minutes.”


“Gotcha.  The plan that Jason told me about sounds pretty simple.  All we have to do is find the target.”


“Yeah, but we don’t know if the target is only Tyler Nelson, or if Jordan is mixed up in it, too.”


I called Paul and told him we’d pick him up in a few minutes.  Once he was in the car, we couldn’t talk about the case… unless Jason hypnotized him again, which I guess is possible…

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