‘Tis the season, folks. The season of magic and wonder, where dreams are realized, differences put aside and friends and family alike all come together. In this issue, we’ve mixed mystery with magic, dabbled in the art of wisdom and discovered the cure to The Erickoey Virus! But that’s not all…

Download PDF: Volume 16

  1. The Game of Men: Release your inner child
  2. Family II: Chapter 8: Hot Steel, Cold Flesh
  3. Just a Chance at Love: Chapter 2
  4. How do you define a family?
  5. The Boy From The Woods: Chapter 2
  6. Backtracking: Chapter 2: Priorities
  7. PAIN II: Chapter 3: The Facts
  8. The Shack’s Top 10 Authors 2012
  9. Comsie Talks: Disclaimers
  10. Comsie’s Fun Facts #6
  11. Uncle Jim’s Gallery
  12. The Erickoey Virus: Bombardment of the Erickoey
  13. The Orvus Ultimatum: The Immortals’ Feast

Published December 1, 2012

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