After the football games were over, Tim asked Uncle Pete what the three tasks were that he could get started on when the Berghoffs and Gil returned.


“Tim, all three are viruses or virus related.  The base virus is the Progenitor Virus.  It’s a virus that was derived from the ‘Stairway of the Sun’.  That’s a flowering plant found deep underground in the Sun Garden in West Africa.  Albert Wesker and his team found that the plant produced the virus naturally, but only when it was grown in a cave.  The indigenous Ndipaya tribe used the flower to choose a person worthy of being their leader.  Their legend said that those who survived eating the flower would be bestowed with great strength.  Wesker was one of those who survived.”


“Is that true, Uncle Pete?” I asked.


“Wesker thought it was.  In fact, he spent millions on developing it for use in bioweapons.  That’s how he came to develop the second virus, the Prototype Virus.  Wesker used it to augment and enhance his own body, making him superhuman.”


“Didn’t anyone know what he was doing?”


“Not at first, Tim.  Wesker found that the virus was… umm… let’s say, ‘less than stable’ in his body.  That led to him developing the third item, PG67A/W.  It’s a Progenitor-based serum that Wesker used to keep his body stable.  Otherwise, he’d continue to mutate.  He found through experimentation that mutations were usually unwelcomed.  We think ‘PG’ is an initialism for ‘Progenitor’ and ‘A/W’ is for Albert Wesker.  Wesker had to take extremely precise doses at exact times, or it could actually poison him.”


“Wow!  That would suck!  Did Wesker really get strong?”


“Mike, before he died, Wesker broke two reinforced wrist straps that the doctors used to hold him down.  I think Schwarzenegger would have had trouble with them on a good day, but Wesker broke loose like they were nothing.  In fact, they had been reinforced twice that day because of his amazing strength.”


“How was he stopped?”


“They lucked out; he overexerted himself and died.  They were fortunate enough to get his memories downloaded before that happened.  That’s what I was sorting out this past week.”


“You can download memories?  How does that work?”


“I’m not sure.  I just know it’s possible.  Something about brain scans, I guess.  But anyway, Wesker is gone and I have to wait for Gil, Frieda and Rolf to return to track these and other possible things.  On the plus side, I have my computers hunting the Internet for email and websites that are using these terms.  Wesker was working on these things out of the Hive in Raccoon City.  With any luck, all of his research and researchers were destroyed when Raccoon City was.  *sigh*  I can’t believe I just said, ‘With any luck.’”


“Well, that would be fortunate for the rest of us, Uncle Pete.”


“But Tim, it was soooo improper to say it that way, especially after what happened to all those innocent, unsuspecting people.”


Then I spoke up.  “Uncle Pete, it wasn’t our fault that we were spared.  We shouldn’t feel survivors’ remorse.  We should think of us being spared as a gift and use the gift to make this a better place.”


“Mike, you’re wise beyond your years.  It’s getting late.  Have you guys finished your homework?”


“Yep.  We did it this morning,” Tim said.


“Well then, why don’t you take your showers and get to bed?”


We hugged Uncle Pete and said goodnight before heading to our room to get ready for our shower.  It was a little later than usual, so we kept our ‘extracurricular activities’ to a minimum and got to bed.


= = =


Uncle Pete was in a better mood the next morning.  He said Gil and the Berghoffs would be back and they could really do some investigating.  He left at the regular time, but he told us not to make anything for him for supper; he’d be eating downtown and probably wouldn’t be home before midnight.


Tim and I decided to take advantage of having the house to ourselves, and, once our homework was finished, we decided to play with the strawberry lube again.  Tim put it best when he said, “Damn!  This stuff is REALLY slidy!”


“Yeah, Tim, and it tastes good too.”


Tim laughed and then suggested that we service each other one at a time.  This sounded like a cool way to do it, but then we had to flip a coin to see who would be first.  I won… but Tim checked the coin four times to make sure I didn’t cheat him.  Hehe.


We started by striping – both of us were boned – and then Tim had me lie on my back on the bed and hang my legs over the end of it.  Once in position, Tim knelt on the floor between my legs and gave me one of the sleeping masks that we got on our flight to Germany… or maybe it was from the flight back, I don’t remember.  We both had two, so I guess I was using one of the four.  Once it was in place, Tim started rubbing his palms on my thighs and around my crotch without ever touching my penis or my scrotum.  Heck, he didn’t even use any lube yet, but he was driving me crazy nonetheless.


I reached down to adjust myself and was rewarded with a slap on my hand.  “Ow!  What was that for?”


“Hehe.  It’s not your turn… yet.  Keep your hands behind your head.”


I did as he said, and then I begged him to adjust my penis.  It was hard as a rock, but it was still bent a bit and hurting like crazy.  He grabbed my rod and stroked it a couple of times and asked, “Was that what you meant?”  I replied with a moan.  He got the message.


He continued rubbing around my stomach and my thighs with just the palms of his hands, but he slowly got closer and closer to my crotch.  When he got close enough, he dragged his hands over my erection and then back down to my scrotum.  He spent some time dragging his hands over my crotch from left to right and then back again.  Then he covered my balls with his fingers and allowed his thumbs to reach under my scrotum.  Next he surprised me and he kneaded my perineum.  I could feel my rod jerking involuntarily as he did this.


The most difficult part for me was keeping my hands behind my head, especially when he brought his head down and breathed his warm breath on my penis and scrotum.  He kept bringing his hands closer and closer to me, but he also kept just far enough away to drive me nuts.


I noticed he removed one of his hands and I cried out when I felt the cool strawberry lube land on my shaft.  “Where did you store that, the refrigerator?  Damn!  That’s cold!”


“Is it cold?  Maybe if I rub the lube in it would feel warmer,” he said, and then he grabbed my rod and slid his hand up and down my shaft.  It took all my willpower to not grab my shaft and start stroking.  Tim seemed to understand and started increasing the speed of his strokes.  With one hand stroking me, he used the other to gently rub my scrotum.


“Oh!  Keep that up, Tim, I’m getting close… closer… GAH!!!”  And I shot with enough force to blind someone if he got too close.  Thankfully, Tim was able to see it coming and I missed him.  It felt like I shot six times before I only dribbled over Tim’s fist.  “Tim, this is sooooo much better than doing it myself!”  I panted, and then I almost passed out.


Tim grabbed my towel, and after he finished wiping his hands, he wiped my crotch and my chest.  Eventually he found himself lying on my chest, and, without warning, he put me in a liplock.  I couldn’t move him if my life depended on it… not that I wanted to.  Tim allowed me to rest while he removed my sleeping mask.  Once I could see him, I pulled him in for another kiss.  To tell you the truth, I just wanted to stay there forever.  Unfortunately, Tim wanted his turn.


I slowly recovered and got up.  Tim traded places with me and in no time had his sleeping mask over his eyes and his hands behind his head.  I started by clapping my hands and rubbing them together to warm them up.  Tim laughed and said, “C’mon, Mr. Miyagi!  Get to work!”


I told him, “You must be patient, Daniel-san,” and I began rubbing my hands on his chest.  We both laughed while I continued rubbing his chest and I slowly brought my hands down his torso, all the while rapidly moving my hands forward and back.  As I got closer to his crotch, I reduced the speed and intensity of my hands and, as Tim did to me, I started rubbing my palms on his thighs and stomach.  Having my eyes open, I enjoyed the view.  As I rubbed around Tim’s crotch and thighs, I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting.  I had to tease him as he had teased me.


I started by just grazing his penis and scrotum with my fingertips.  This was working; Tim kept pushing his crotch forward.  When it seemed that Tim couldn’t take it any longer, I squirted some lube on my hands and rubbed them together.  Once they were well-lubed, I interlaced my fingers and placed them around his member.  With my hands surrounding him, I locked my thumbs together and started slowly sliding my hands up and down his shaft.


“Oh Mike!  What are you doing?  I love it!  Keep going!”


I slowed down a little to see what effect that had on him.  As I suspected, he started humping my hands to get me to move faster.  Slowly, I unhooked my thumbs and pulled his ridged penis down over his scrotum.


“Ow!  Mike!  It doesn’t bend that way!”


“Oops!  I’m sorry… let’s see if this makes it feel better.”  I slid my hands to the base of his shaft and reached my thumbs up under his testicles.  Just as Tim was starting to moan again, I took his penis between my lips.  That did it; that started him cumming.  He kept his hands under his head as he rocked his head back and forth, grunting with every spurt of his cum.  After five strong spurts and two lesser ones, he started oozing what was left into my waiting mouth.


“Enough!” he cried, as he pushed my head off his penis.  It was still as hard as when we started.


He took his sleeping mask off and I smiled at him.  “Tim, I think strawberries and cream goes great!”  He reached up and slapped me on the back of my head.  Hehe.


Once I wiped my hands and Tim’s crotch on Tim’s towel, we got up and found clean towels for our shower.  While we were standing under the warm water, we boned up again.  Tim pulled me to him in a hug and I reached between us and stroked another load from us.


We finished our shower and, after we dried each other off, we walked naked to the bedroom.  We knew Uncle Pete would be home, so we closed and locked the door before going to sleep in each other’s arms.


= = =


On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did the same thing, though we varied our routine a bit.  All three nights we slept great, waking up hugging each other and pressing our morning wood into each other’s thighs.


On Thursday morning Uncle Pete said they were making progress at work and that he’d be home for supper at the regular time.  This put Tim and me at ease.  We both thought he was working too many hours, but we didn’t want to make him feel guilty about abandoning us.  Heck, we’ve always wanted a bit more freedom; now we had it.  Surprisingly, we found that even though we could do anything we wanted to do, we knew better than to goof off.  We still had to get good grades; that was our job, so we kept our studying up, and our grades along with it.


On Thursday evening, Tim had a beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and string beans almandine for supper.  He even picked up an apple pie for desert.  True to his word, Uncle Pete walked in the door just a bit after six o’clock that night.


“Hey, Uncle Pete!  How’s the hunt going?”


“Pretty well, Tim.  The three viruses are apparently no longer a threat.  As we had hoped, it appears that they were destroyed with the rest of Raccoon City.”


“That’s great!” we said, then Tim added, “Go wash up, Uncle Pete, supper is almost ready.”


“I’ll be right back,” he said.


= = =


Tonight’s supper was a lot different from the last ones we had when Uncle Pete was with us.  Before he always seemed to have something on his mind, like he wasn’t giving us his full attention.  Tonight is seemed that he didn’t have a care in the world.  Tim noticed it, too.  Finally, we had to ask.


“Uncle Pete, you seem much happier tonight than we’ve seen you in a long time.”


“Yeah, Uncle Pete, is something going on that you haven’t told us about?”


“As a matter of fact, boys, I got some great news today.”  He pushed back his chair, got up and left the room.  Tim and I gave each other confused looks.  In a moment he was back with a manila folder in his hand.  He handed it to Tim.  Tim opened the folder and his eyes got HUGE!




Then he jumped up and hugged Uncle Pete and I jumped up and hugged Tim.  This was fantastic news!  Before we realized it, all three of us were crying.  Talk about a bunch of wusses!


This went on for at least ten minutes before we calmed down.  Tim put the folder on the counter and he and Uncle Pete sat down.  I walked over to Tim and hugged him once more… just before I slugged him in the arm.  “Don’t call me MIKEY, dammit!”  And then I sat down.


Tim gave me a hurt look and when he saw it was doing no good, he turned to Uncle Pete for help.  Uncle Pete cracked up and said to Tim, “Hehe… you broke the rules and you got caught.  Don’t come to me for sympathy.”


Now we were all laughing.  I love my new brother.


We finally settled down and continued with supper.  Uncle Pete and I both complemented Tim on his cooking skills.  He blushed and thanked us.  A few minutes later, Uncle Pete told us that he had more good news.


“For the past four days, we’ve been backtracking all of the information that we got from Wesker.  All of our searches ended on the day Raccoon City was destroyed or the day before it.  If it was still going on, especially as much as Wesker needed the PG69A/W, then we would have found if referenced in his mental notes, at least.  Since we couldn’t find it, it seems more and more likely that the three items, and more importantly, the procedures on how to make them, were destroyed.  We’re leaving a bot running that searches for key words, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we never got a hit.”


“Wow!  That sounds great, Uncle Pete!” I said.


“What other kinds of things did Wesker leave for you to work with?” Tim asked.


“Tim, we got a lot of names of people involved in the original plots.  Most of the people were only lab rats with nothing to do with the planning of the virus development.”


“Lab rats, Uncle Pete?  Who or what are they?”


“Sorry, Tim.  A lab rat is just a run-of-the-mill lab technician… a worker bee.  No one of major interest in our searches.  And so far, all of the lab rats perished in the blast.  We hope to gain more from Wesker’s mental notes and thought images, but for now, it looks like the worst of it is over.”


“Uncle Pete, if this is over, what will you do now?”


“Mike, we still have our core business to run, as well as monitoring and testing the NSA sites as they’re added to the NSA network over the next year.  After that, we still have to develop new and improved software to help our customers.”


“Oh.  The boring stuff again?”


“Mike, it’s boring, sure, but it’s extremely lucrative.  Where would we be without geeks?  Haven’t you heard?  ‘The Geeks shall inherit the earth.’”


“Hahaha.  Nice.”


= = =


Once supper was finished, Tim and I did the dishes and then we finished our homework.  Yesterday Tim and I handed in our essays for English Comp.  We thought they were pretty good, but we aren’t the ones who are grading them, Miss Varner is.  She said she’d grade them over the weekend, much to the displeasure of the class.  Later Tim and I were thinking about it.  Miss Varner has four English Comp classes and each has fifteen to twenty students in it.  At 1,000 words each, times four classes, and that times let’s say seventeen students per class on average, and that comes out to a whole lot of reading to do for this weekend.  Remind me not to be an English Comp teacher.


Saturday came and Ed and I had another date with our ‘girlfriends’, Megan Reynolds and Amber Franklin, respectively.  We went to the dance at school.  This was a piece of cake.  We had to dance with the girls, but that’s what we’ve been doing for years anyway.  The same with the girls dancing with us.  Between dances, Ed and I became wallflowers while Megan and Amber danced with each other.  I wish I could have danced with Ed, but we’re not ready to come out just yet.  Tim and Jerry took Monica and Angie to the dance as well.


The only strange part was going to pick the girls up and talking with their moms and dads.  It wasn’t too bad, since the girls are trying to ‘prove’ to their parents that they’re straight.  It seems that someone sent both of their moms a picture of them kissing.  Why do people have to be dicks like that?


This was also helping Ed.  Megan applied lipstick before they kissed goodnight on her front porch.  You see, Ed’s dad was starting to ask why he never dated.  Ed told him that the right girls hadn’t come by yet.  This should get his dad off his back until he can get into college in a couple years or so.


= = =


On Monday morning, Pete O’Brien took the train to work at the regular time.  He walked in the door about 8:30 and checked his email while he drank his morning coffee.  He had an email from Roger Evans in England.  After reading it, he picked up the phone and called him.


“Good morning, Pete.  Shall we go secure?”




At each end a switch was thrown and the SERVICE LEDs on their phones changed from red to amber, and finally, to green…

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