2013’s First Speak Week Inspires Shy-Boy Orgy in the Back Room

Comicality’s done it again.  A, once innocent, game that was designed to promote forum activity and interaction has now been permanently sullied.  It started as a harmless discussion on sex, which most people took as an opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter and perhaps help others gain more confidence in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, it worked too well, which leaves us with the only conclusion that Comicality launched this Speak Week with a hidden agenda—to get everybody nekked.

To be fair, for anyone who replied to every single Speak Week question honestly and on time, they remained unaffected.  But that’s what made the plan so ingenious.  It was designed so that everyone who knew about the activity had to participate, otherwise they would face the consequences.

As it turned out, every single lurker, every last Speak-Week deserter and every single person who saw and didn’t reply all the way through discovered exactly what these consequences were.  Sex.  And lots of it.  It was like a volcano that had been lying dormant for thousands of years just up and decided to blow one day—and boy did it blow!

Sweat dripped down brows like molten lava, and steamed just as well, as never-before-seen shy-boy lurkers came out into the open, tearing off their clothing as if it were on fire.  It was really quite the spectacle.  Swarms of them appeared out of nowhere, some from behind the curtains, others from beneath the floorboards; poof!  Just like that.  They all knew where to go, like they were being summoned by a powerful, unseen force that was pulling at their heartstrings, no, their hormones, their lizard brains.  It was pure instinct.  Messy.  Musky.  Marshmallowy.

They all gathered in the back room, cramming their bodies, one on top of the other, while Erick bounced from leg to leg like a rabid dog, high on endorphins.  It wasn’t until the wicked cackles, and clouds of circling smoke, that the truth was finally told.  Comicality needed a charge.  A wicked soul, searching desperately for negativity, for wickedness, distress… anything.  He knew that many hundreds of people would miss the Speak Week, or feel it was too personal to answer, and he exploited it purposely so that he could charge his “Shadow Veil”.

Fortunately, the few who had avoided this tragedy by completing the Speak Week honestly realized what was happening and quickly fetched a hose.  They drenched every last shy-boy with gallons of icy-cold water, until each and every one of them had experienced so much shrinkage that continuing their activities quickly became impossible.

In all the commotion, Comicality managed to escape, with special thanks to his fully-charged Shadow Veil.  Of course, the good news is that no one was hurt during the incident and now everyone has become the bestest of friends.  So the question is, was Comicality really wrong in doing what he did?  What’s more, what will happen during next month’s Speak Week titled: “Build-a-Boyfriend”?

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