Story 2:  It Came From Above.  Genre: Horror, sci-fi, adventure, drama.

Jeremy’s always been a bit of an outcast.  He’s a nerd, by definition: gets straight ‘A’s, enjoys video games, science & technology and roll playing games.  None of which things would prepare him for what was about to happen.

It started on May 17, 2013 at 1:47 in the afternoon.  A large meteor struck the Earth, killing thousands in the blink of an eye.  But it didn’t stop there.  All around the world, reports of strange occurrences spread like wildfire, which led to Nelson High’s first and final mistake: to instruct their students to remain calm and seek shelter in the school’s basement.

The world had been invaded.

As soon as their safe haven is discovered by a large, robotic creature, people started dying.  Fortunately, Jeremy is rescued by his physics teacher, Mr. Gertrand, who pulls him out of sight, inside and old, out of use boiler, along with several other students.

After more than a day of hiding inside the boiler, the group have no choice but to seek food and water and a better place to hide.  When they exit the boiler they have to shield their faces from the putrid remains of their classmates, and as they rush too quickly to the main floor they lose two more of their group to another creature.  Mr. Gertrand pulls them together and guides them to the cafeteria to find supplies.  After they’ve collected all that they can carry, Mr. Gertrand begins to devise a plan to get the kids to a safe place.  The only problem being, they had no idea what it would be like outside the school.

Mr. Gertrand grabs a map and decides that it would be best to get away from heavily populated areas, and the group agrees to make their way outside of the city and seek shelter near a heavily wooded area.  As their plan evolves, Jeremy recalls the location of his grandparents’ summer home, and with Mr. Gertrand’s approval the group is ready to go.

When the group exits the school and sees the devastation, all they can think of is their families, and Mr. Gertrand is powerless to prevent them from leaving.  In a desperate attempt to keep as many of the students together as he can, he agrees to take them to their homes to check on their families.  Sadly, most of their homes are already gone, including Jeremy’s.  And because they spent so much time searching, they are forced to camp out in an abandoned home.

The next morning, they discover that three of their group disappeared during the night.  After a brief search, everyone decides to move on.

On the outskirts of the city, Jeremy rescues a boy named Drake, who had been trapped in his parents’ car next to his family’s lifeless bodies since the initial attack.  Despite the horror of what had happened to Drake, there’s no time to comfort him.  The clouds are turning black and moving unnaturally fast, and strange noises from all around them seemed to be getting closer by the second.  For the first time, however, the group runs into some luck.  Mr. Gertrand finds a large van, complete with keys and a full tank of gas.

Everyone wakes up in a ditch the next morning.  The van is mangled and torn as if it were a piece of paper, but everyone seems to be okay.  The attack had come out of nowhere and ended just as quickly.  The only thing that Jeremy can recall is Drake.  When they were under attack, Drake had done something to the end it.  Something impossible.  Unfortunately, Jeremy can’t recall the event well enough, so he decides to keep it to himself.  But he begins to keep a careful eye on Drake.

That evening they make it to Jeremy’s grandparents’ cottage.  The place is untouched, like the invasion had never happened, and the group celebrates by going for a swim.  The group lives in peace for the next two weeks, except Jeremy.  He keeps noticing strange things about Drake – how he disappears for hours at a time, zones out almost randomly and then… he can do things.  Unnatural things.

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