“Donny, I’m losing the ring; I can’t tell which way Tyler went.”

“Aw, c’mon, Jen; we’re too close to lose him.  What’s the problem?”

“It’s the size of the object.  I’m having trouble focusing on it.”

“Would a larger object be easier to find?”

“Duh!  Yes!  What do you have?”

“Would the bicycle that he bought be big enough?”

“Sheesh, Donny!  I don’t know if I should kiss you or punch you!”

“I’d prefer the punch… I don’t do girls, remember?  Hehehe.”

“Jennifer, is you’re guy gay, too?”

“What do you mean ‘too’, Michelle?”

“Ummm… Both of my guys are gay.  Does this mean we won’t find any straight psychic guys to date?”

“Well, the boss is married and has a family.  That makes him straight, right?”

“Sure… unless he’s bi.  Oh, kill me now!”

“Very funny,” I said.  “C’mon, Donny, upload the image to Jen so we can change the subject.”

“With pleasure, Alex.”

Donny took Jennifer’s hand and uploaded the image to her.  A few seconds later she and Michelle drove off.  Donny, Jason and I followed after them in Jen’s car.


= = =


Meanwhile, at Matt Steven’s place in Phoenix…

“Matt, you have to help me!  If you have any idea of where Tyler is, you have to tell him to turn himself in!  I’m desperate!  I could end up in jail for years just because I knew him!

“Calm down, Jordan.  It’s not the end of the world.  I bet Tyler comes through for you.”

“How can I calm down?  I could spend the next twenty years in prison!”

“Look, I can’t guarantee it, but Tyler once told me about a kid he grew up with.  I think he said the kid’s name was Chris Saunders.  Tyler said that they were inseparable when they were kids.  Not long after Tyler moved to Phoenix, I think Chris moved to Tucson.  Tyler was going to Arizona State University and Chris was going to the University of Arizona.  Tyler said that they always gave each other shit about their school choice.  He’s been to Tucson to visit him and Chris has been up here.”

“Wow!  I didn’t know that Chris was in Tucson; I thought he flew out from Tampa.”

“Oh?  You met him too?”

“Yeah, when Tyler and I started dating.  He brought Chris over to my dorm once.”

“Did any of this help you?”

“I think it did.  Thanks, Matt.  I have to get going.  Thanks again.”


= = =


When Jordan left, Matt took out a suitcase and started packing.  Unlike typical street suppliers, Matt had saved most of what he earned, knowing that someday he’d need the cash.  His Spartan lifestyle has served him well.  Over the last four years Matt had managed to save more than $230,000.  He also had an additional $25,000 that he was supposed to give to Marty on Wednesday.  Fuck it.  He needed the money more than Marty did.  He had to get away before all this shit started falling down around him.

For the last four years he spent much of his time auditing classes of interest to him.  He didn’t have a degree, but he did have the equivalent knowledge required for a BSEE, and best of all, he didn’t have to pay the $132,000 that it would have cost.  His ‘part time job’ as a drug distributor paid his way and he lived in the humble confines of the typical university student – with one exception, he didn’t have to share it with roommates.  He tried that early on with Tyler, but they realized that they were better friends than they were roommates.  They went their separate ways, but remained on the best of terms.


= = =


When Matt was almost ready to leave, he couldn’t find his identification.  It didn’t matter; his name wasn’t really Matt Stevens anyway.  He went to the safe in his closet and retrieved his money and his true identification: Charles Egan.  He checked to be certain that his Ohio driver’s license and his passport were still there and up to date.  They were.  He also took the title to his five-year-old Ford.  He still had his ‘Charles Egan’ credit cards, but he didn’t plan on using them until he got home to Toledo.  He had plenty of cash for gas, food and lodging along the way.  He made two trips to the parking lot with his belongings, but he didn’t put them into his Ford.  Rather, he opened the back of the year-old Chevy Suburban with Ohio plates, two slots over, and stored his bags in it.  He put the signed title under the driver’s seat of his Ford with a suicide note.


= = =


At 5:00 PM on the dot, another college guy rang his bell.  He put on his back pack and took the elevator down.

“Hi, I’m Dean.  Are you Matt?”

“Yes, I am.  Are you ready to drive my car to San Francisco?”

“Yeah.  My friend has my stuff in his car.  I just wanted to be sure this was legit before I got my stuff and sent him away.”

“That’s smart.  OK, here’s the key.  Let me show you the car.  It’s in the back lot.  Have your friend pull around, if you want.”

Dean ran to his friend’s car and a few seconds later he was trotting back.  Matt and Dean walked back to the rear parking lot and Dean transferred his bags from his friend’s car to the trunk of the Ford.

“All that’s left is to check your driver’s license and pay you, and then you’ll be on your way.”

Dean took out his driver’s license and showed it to Matt, who wrote down the information and made sure the picture on the ID showed the man who stood before him.  It did.  Then he took out an envelope and handed it to Dean, who counted it.

“Umm…  I thought we agreed on three hundred dollars and I could keep the change.  There’s five hundred in here.”

“That’s OK… the deal’s the same.  You still have to get back to Tucson, so I thought I’d help you out a bit.  Plane fare is about $100.  You keep what you don’t spend.”

“Hey thanks!  I really need the money, book prices are a bitch!”

“No, thank you, Dean.  I have to get there tonight and I’ll need my car in two days so I can drive back.  When you get there, take all your stuff and park the car at this address,” and he handed Dean a piece of paper with the address on it.  “Just put the keys under the driver’s seat and lock the door.  Got it?”

“It’ll be a piece of cake.  Thanks a lot, Matt!  I really appreciate it.”

The men shook hands and then Dean and his friend drove off.  Matt crumbled the piece of paper with Dean’s info on it and threw it in a trash can.  He waited a moment and then got into the Suburban and left.  As he was driving towards Tucson and Interstate 10, Matt, now Chuck again, smiled to himself with satisfaction.  Before Dean showed up, he wired his phone under the driver’s seat of the car.  He left the phone and the GPS on, but turned the ringer off.  Dean should be in San Francisco before Marty misses his money and starts calling.  The GPS will show that Matt is in the Castro District.  Chuck smiled again.


= = =


Michelle and Jen pulled up to the McDonald’s restaurant on Speedway Boulevard, just east of Warren Avenue.  Parked in the bike rack was the bicycle they were looking for, but Tyler was nowhere to be found.  Donny had already uploaded Tyler’s new visage to the crew, so they all knew who they were looking for… he just wasn’t here.

“Michelle,” Jen said with exasperation, “we’ve circled Tucson several times and we’ve finally found the bike that Tyler had, but I still can’t get a fix on the ring.”

“Jen, why don’t we get something to eat and then wrap it up for today?  We all have other things that we have to get back to doing.  I’ll send an email to the boss and let him know what we’ve found so far.  I’ll copy you on it as well.”

“That sounds great to me.  Donny has an eight o’clock class tomorrow and I have one at nine.  We both still have studying to do.  Donny even brought his books with him to make the two hour drive more productive.”

“If you can, get closer to Jordan too, just in case he knows something.”

“That should be easy enough to do; Donny and Jordan are gym buddies now.  I think they have each other’s cell numbers as well.  I’ll have him text Jordan so they can meet up again.”

“Speaking of telepaths, Jason has to work at the hospital kitchen tomorrow morning before school.”

“Well, send an email or a text if you find anything new.”

“I’ll do it, Jen.  You guys, too.”

“Will do.”  Then they walked into McDonald’s, followed by Donny, Jason and Alex.


= = =


After we ate, Michelle, Jason and I said goodbye to Jennifer and Donny and then drove home.  On the way to Jason’s house, we recapped the day and Michelle reminded Jason to read Paul a couple times a day.  The reminder wasn’t necessary; we all knew our leads were dwindling.  Monitoring Paul was almost our last hope.

When we pulled up at Jason’s house, we said goodnight to Michelle and got out.  Rick’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so Jason’s dad wasn’t home yet.  I followed Jason into the house and to the kitchen.  We got a couple of Cokes, and then I levitated us up to Jason’s bedroom.  We had enough of the manhunt for today… and now we were horny.  Hehe.  We hurriedly stripped off our clothes and I put a beach towel on the bed while Jason got out the condoms and lube.

I had been practicing my powers and soon we were both levitating.  We were vertical (for now).  We each worked on the other’s organ and soon we were so hard that a cat couldn’t scratch us.  Hehe.  The last time we did this, I led off, so this time it was Jason’s turn to be first.  It was getting to be so easy to levitate the two of us.

I raised Jason almost to the ceiling and I lowered myself until I was kneeling in thin air with my head at Jason’s crotch.  I swallowed him whole.  After bobbing up and down on him a couple of times, I tore open a condom and rolled it in place on Jason’s stiff member.  Once it was in place, I turned around, still in a kneeling position, and rose until my butt was even with Jason’s crotch.  The lube was still on the bed below us, so I concentrated and made it rise to our level.

Once it was there, Jason popped the cap from the plastic bottle and applied it to my crack, using his fingers to ensure its liquid found its target.

“Damn, Jason!  That’s COLD!  Hehe.”

Soon he was probing me with one, then two and then three fingers.  After a moment, he removed his fingers and left me feeling empty and wanting more!  I didn’t have to wait long.  He slid his hard penis up and down my butt-crack, found its target, and then entered me.

“YES!!!  Jason!  That feels great!  More!”

“Sheesh, Alex, I’m sixteen, not a porn star!”

Nevertheless, Jason began pumping in and out of me… slowly at first and then with a bit more speed.  It still hurt a bit, but I was getting used to it and the pleasure was starting to take over.  I could feel him sliding in and out of me; my sphincter clenched him tightly each way.  Soon the pain was gone and only the pleasure remained.  At both the ingress and the egress, I felt him graze my prostate and it made me squeal with delight.

“Oooo!  Have I found it, Alex?”

“No, Jason.  I just like squealing during sex,” I said sarcastically.

“Hahaha.  Whatever.”  And then he redoubled his efforts.

“Oh JESUS!  Jason!  I’m almost there!  Keep it up!”

“Me too!  I won’t last much longer…”

When I heard that, I started stroking myself like there was no tomorrow.  In twenty seconds I felt the tingling and I knew I had crossed the line of no return.  I tucked my knees up to my chest and turned in midair until I was facing Jason.  The look on his face was priceless!  No sooner had I stopped turning than I felt his urethra begin to pulse.  That did it for me; I aimed at Jason’s chest and let loose with four volleys of cum.  At the same time, Jason was filling his condom with semen.

I had to hang on or we’d fall again.  I wrapped my legs around Jason’s waist and held on while I forced myself to concentrate on keeping us in the air.  As the last throws of our orgasms waned, I started lowering us to the bed.  I’m glad the towel was there; we were covered in sweat and my cum.  We came to rest on the beach towel.  Jason pulled out of me and then rested on my chest.

Jason reached to the floor, grabbed his T-shirt and wiped our chests.  Then I grabbed my T-shirt and wiped my hands and my member; it was still semi-hard.  Jason got up and walked to the bathroom, with me following.  He flushed his condom and then drained his urine.  I stood next to him and did the same.  After flushing, I went to the shower and adjusted the water before we both got in.  As usual, we washed each other with our washcloths, paying particular attention to our crotches.

After we dried ourselves off, we went back to Jason’s room to get dressed.  That took some doing… I was intent on kissing Jason for just a bit.  As we kissed and hugged each other, we boned up again.  It was getting later and Jason had to get up at five o’clock, or we might have gone into round two.  Instead, Jason walked me downstairs and kissed me goodnight.  I took my overnight bag and walked home.


= = =


When I walked into the house, Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch and asked how my trip to Phoenix went.  I showed them the things I bought and told about meeting Paul’s brother.  I told them about swimming at Jason’s place most of the day and going to McDonald’s for supper.  I conveniently left out the parts about looking for Tyler and my fun with Jason.  Then I asked how their weekend was.  Mom giggled and said, “It was great!”  Dad nodded in agreement and winked at me.  I shuddered and said goodnight.  Mom laughed and Dad grinned.

After washing up and brushing my teeth, I returned to my room.  I stripped and slid under the covers with my washcloth.  Fifteen minutes later, I hung it on the hook and went to sleep.


= = =


Monday morning I woke up before the alarm sounded and I disabled it so it wouldn’t wake Luke.  My morning wood was with me, so I put on my robe, grabbed my towel and washcloth, and headed to the bathroom.  By the time I got there, it had gone down enough to pee.  Twenty minutes later, when I walked back to my room, Luke was standing in his bed waiting for me.

“Hey, Sport.  Do you need to pee?”

“Yes, please.”

So I lifted him out of his bed and followed him to the bathroom.  When he finished, I watched while he washed his hands and I helped him dry them.  Luke ran back to his bed and waited for me to lift him and put him back in.  Before I was dressed, Luke was sound asleep again.  I wished I could be, too.  Hehe.

Breakfast was my normal cereal and milk, accompanied by a cup of black coffee, no sugar – the same as Mom.  I grabbed my lunch and headed out at the usual time.  Jason was working this morning, so I was at the bus stop alone today.  Well, there were others there, but none of them were in my year.  We knew each other well enough to nod in recognition, but not quite well enough to talk.  Fortunately, the bus arrived in about five minutes and we quickly boarded.

“Blackman!”  It was Paul, calling from the rear of the bus.

“Wilson!” I replied and began walking to sit with him.

“Where’s Eichhorn today?” he asked.

“He works at the hospital on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” I told him.

“That’s right.  You’d think I’d remember by now.  But that’s not important.  What is important is that Jordan Skyped me last night.  Tyler is supposed to be here in Tucson!  He has a friend here who goes to the University of Arizona!  Some guy named Chris Saunders.”

‘That explains the abandoned bike,’ I thought to myself.  “That’s great news, Paul!  Have you called the police yet?”

“Nah, Jordan said not to.  He wants to talk with him first.  He’s trying to locate Saunders so he can call him.”

“But what if he runs?  Jordan could be screwed!”

“I know, right?  That’s what I told Jordan, but his friend Donny had a better plan.  He knows a couple of guys here in Tucson and he’s gonna call them and have them check him out.  If his friends can’t handle it, then Jordon will call the cops.”

“I hope this guy Donny knows what he’s doing.”

“That makes two of us.  Jordan goes to court in about three weeks.  There isn’t a lot of time to screw around.”

As Paul said that, the bus pulled up to school and we went inside.  Paul went to his locker and I went to check on Glenn and Mike.  As I walked there, I sent a text to Jason.

Donny has info on Tyler

Within seconds, Jason replied.

I know c u at lunch

As I was clearing the screen, I bumped into Glenn.  “What th-  Oops!”

“Alex, that’s why you shouldn’t text and drive.”

“Hey, Glenn, sorry ’bout that.  How are you and Mike getting along with Ron Conrad?”

“Ron is still great.  I can’t believe he’s the same guy.  By the way, Alex, didn’t Jason say that it would take about a month to be certain that Ron was cured?  It’s been a month and a half and everything’s still going well.”

“Wow!  Has it been six weeks already?”

“It’s almost seven weeks.”

“I guess now I’ll have to stop by just to be friendly.  Hehe.”

“Good.  Mike and I were thinking of coming over to Jason’s place for another swim.”

“That’s great!  Remember to ask Jason at lunch, but I think he and I have something else to do today after school…”

“Oh that’s OK; we remember what Jason said.  We were thinking about stopping by on Friday.  Neither of us have practice that day.”

“Hopefully Friday will be better.  How are you guys getting along?”

“It couldn’t be better, Alex.  It’s hard to believe that we fell in love at first sight, but crazier things have happened, I guess.”

Just then, the first bell rang, so Glenn and I said our goodbyes and headed off to class.


= = =


The morning classes flew by, especially PhysEd in third period.  That’s where I practice my powers the most.  Today we played dodge ball.  I used my psychokinesis to slow the opponents’ throws down and to increase the speed of our throws.  Skinny 5’4″ Jonathan was surprised when he lasted through the first round and even ‘killed’ one of the guys on the other side.  That should build his confidence.  I’ve done similar things with basketball and I’m really looking forward to baseball season.  Hehe.

The coach let us out a few minutes early, as usual, so we could shower before lunch.  When I got to the cafeteria, Glenn and Mike were in the line ahead of me and I saw Jason at our table.  When I got my milk and as I sat down with the guys, I heard Glenn asking Jason about swimming on Friday after school.

“Alex and I have a project that we’re working on, but I think we should be free on Friday, so that sounds good.  I thought you guys had meets on Fridays.”

Glenn spoke up.  “Normally we do, but this Friday is a bye week for me, and Mike’s cross country team has a meet at home on Thursday after school.”

“Hey Mike, that’s great!  Jason and I will see if we can get to your meet,” I said.

“Thanks, Alex.  Glenn is trying to get out of practice early on Thursday so he can be there too.”

“Yeah,” said Glenn, “but with the bye and all, I don’t expect to have much of a problem.”

“OK, so it’s settled; pool party on Friday after school.  Let me know if anything changes.”

“We will, Jason,” Mike said, and Glenn nodded in agreement.  Then Glenn and Mike excused themselves and took off for a bit of ‘quiet time’.  Once they were gone, Jason told me about the latest developments with Tyler.

“One of his friends from his home town in Florida is going to the University of Arizona here in Tucson.  Tyler’s staying with him.  Now we just have to find out where his friend is living.  Michelle is checking it out and should have the info by the time we get out of school today.  Are you ready to ride around town?”

“Sure, I’ll get my bike when we get home today and meet you at your place.  Do we have a plan?”

Jason told me what The Boss suggested to Michelle.


= = =


After lunch I talked with Paul a bit more about Chris Saunders, but Paul didn’t have a lot of information, other than he was a junior at the University of Arizona.  We couldn’t talk in any detail; today wasn’t a lab day, so we had to pay attention to Mr. Zorojan.

At the end of the day, I met Jason at the bus stop.  Paul was already on the bus.

“I read Paul a few minutes ago.  He doesn’t have a clue that you and I are the guys who Donny was telling Jordan about.  Let’s not say anything unless Paul asks us about it.”

“That sounds good,” I replied and then we boarded the bus.  Paul called out from the rear of the bus and we went back and sat with him.  Paul had a date with his girlfriend tonight, so I expected him to borrow my homework in the morning.

When Jason and I exited at our stop, I went straight home and got my bike.  In a couple of minutes, I was at Jason’s house.




The ride to the U of A dorms took about twenty minutes.  I was a bit surprised when we found Donny, Jennifer and Michelle waiting for us in the Apache Residence Hall parking lot.  “Jason, did you know they were coming?”

“Well, Michelle said she might be able to make it, but I didn’t expect Jen and Donny.”

We rode over to their cars and got off our bikes.  Jason spoke first.

“Jen!  Donny!  It’s good to see you two again!  Have the plans changed?”

“Not really,” Jen responded, “We just wanted to be here for support.  Donny and I hated to just drop the case when we were so close to finding Tyler.”

“Tell me about it,” I commented.  “That’s how I felt when we left Phoenix Saturday night.”

“Well anyway,” Jen continued, “I have a hit on Tyler’s ring.  He’s in the Apache Residence Hall.  Let’s hang out around the door and follow someone in.”

We locked up out bikes in the bike rack and followed the other three to the door.  When a guy walked up to enter, we followed him in.  Within a moment we were past the card-locked door and standing it the first floor stairwell.  The plan did change just a bit; we waited there while Jen and Michelle walked through the floors, waiting for Jen to get a hit on the room that Tyler was in.  It took about 12 minutes before we got a text from Michelle.  All it said was ‘317’.  Donny got the same message from Jen.

We jogged up the stairs to the third floor and found the girls on the other side of the building.  When we got there, Jen nodded at Donny and he knocked on the door.

“Hey Chris!  It’s Donny from down the hall!” he called out.

A few seconds passed; we heard someone walking to the door and opening it.  Chris had a surprised look on his face when he saw us, but Donny grabbed his hand and suddenly Chris smiled and said, “Hey, Donny!  How’s your Lit class going?”

“Not bad, dude.  Hey, I’m locked out of my room.  Can you let us wait in here until my roommate gets back at 4:30?”

“Sure!  The more the merrier!”  As we followed Chris in, he looked to Donny and said, “Donny, this is my best friend in the world, Tyler.  Tyler, this is my neighbor, Donny and his friends, Jennifer, Michelle, Jason and Alex.”

That was creepy!  Seriously, I have to learn how Donny and Jason do that!

We all lined up to shake hands, but as soon as Donny took Tyler’s hand in his, Tyler stood like a statue.  Chris started to say something, but Jason took his hand and Chris froze in his steps.

“Damn, Jason!  That is so cool to watch!  I’ve only had the first-person view until now.  It’s no wonder Alex likes our power.  While you have him, here’s what you can do…” and he gave Jason a few suggestions to leave with Chris post-hypnotically.

Next Donny and Jason had me hold the men as they released them from their hypnotic spells.  When Chris was released, he fell asleep and I mentally lifted him onto his bed and let him sleep.

“Alex, he’ll be out for thirty minutes, so you can let go of him,” Jason said.  Now we all looked at Tyler.  I don’t know what Donny did to him, but Tyler was as relaxed as could be.  I had Tyler sit in the chair at Chris’ desk and I released him, but I was ready to grab him again if he tried anything.

“Tyler,” Donny asked, “why did you start dealing drugs?”

“First of all, I only sold Marijuana, not hard drugs, and I never overcharged.  Phoenix is a good place to sell grass, what with all the college and university students there.  I started out just buying for myself about four years ago, and then my friends kept coming around, so I talked with my supplier, Matt Stevens.  He introduced me to Marty and at first, I was only selling to my friends, and then to my friends’ friends as well.  Then Marty started saying that I had to sell more and more.  I was having trouble doing that.  I could get forty or fifty new customers a semester, but after three years, my customers started graduating.  The new customers were just keeping me even.

“Then four weeks ago I got a call from my mom in Tampa.  She said someone had called her and said I could get hurt if I didn’t do what Marty told me.  Both Mom and I freaked out!  Not only did Marty know where I lived, but he also had someone scare my mom!  She was a nervous wreck!  That’s why I decided to go see her, but if I was gone for a few days, someone might break in and steal my inventory.  That’s why I brought it to Jordan’s room.  He doesn’t use and he’s a trusted friend.  I knew it would be there when I returned.

“I was at Sky Harbor International Airport, waiting for my flight to Tampa, when I saw the local news on TV talking about a student getting arrested for possession of half a kilo of grass.  I bought a prepaid cell phone at the airport and started making calls.  Marty was the first one I called.  He was pissed.  He said he didn’t like the ‘advertising’ I was doing.  I was scared shitless!  I knew that Jordan blew the whistle on me and Marty knew where I lived.  I called Mom, but before I could say anything, she said the same man called her again that morning.  He said his name was George and he spoke with a Spanish accent.  I knew it had to be Jorge.  I told her to take a vacation and not to come back until I told her to.  She knows where my money is, so the expenses were not an issue.

“I stayed with Frannie until some people came looking for me.  Then I called Chris and came down here.  I really don’t know what to do.  If I go back to Marty, he might kill me, and if I give myself up to the police, Marty might still be able to get at me in jail.”

Then Michelle spoke.  “Tyler, we can give you a third choice, and I think you’ll like it.  We’re going to have you call Marty and set up a meeting in the motel you stayed at when you got to town.

After Michelle explained her plan, Tyler felt a lot better.  We left with Tyler and went to the motel.  We left Chris sleeping.  Jason said Chris would wake up soon enough.  At the motel, Tyler rented adjoining rooms and then called Marty from the phone in his room.  It was about 5:00 PM, so I called Mom and told her that Rick had invited me to stay for dinner with him and Jason.  Naturally, she said that was fine.

We knew that Marty and Jorge couldn’t get here in less than ninety minutes, so Tyler gave Donny some cash and he went to get burgers for us.  In the meantime, Michelle and Jenifer explained what we planned to do and how we would do it.  It sounded foolproof, but I was still nervous about it.

While Donny was getting chow for us, Jason and I brought in some equipment from Michelle’s car.  She and Jen set it up in the adjoining room, and Jason and I added the necessary items to Tyler’s room.

Now it was just a matter of time…

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