No, this ain’t no April Fools! This is the real deal! IMAGINE 19 is out and waiting for your gander!!! Hehehehe… that sounds so dirty.

  1. The Boy From The Woods 5 in Library by
  2. Backtracking, Chapter 5: The Score in Library by
  3. Fun Facts #9 in Community by
  4. Just a Chance at Love: Chapter 5 in Library by
  5. Take the Internet Back: The Spotflux Advantage in Workshop by
  6. PAIN 2: Chapter 6: Showdown in Library by
  7. Comsie Talks: Hobby. Habit. Discipline. in Workshop by
  8. Dylan Everett in WdotW by
  9. Jeydon Wale in WdotW by
  10. Aramis Knight in WdotW by
  11. Chandler Canterbury in WdotW by

Published April 1, 2013