Pain II, Chapter 6: Showdown


We had long finished eating before Marty and Jorge arrived.  The plan was simple enough.  All we needed were the drug boss and his stooge.


Just after seven o’clock, a car drove into the motel and the driver stopped at the front desk.  The clerk not only told him our room number, but also offered to show them the way.  When the clerk handed the driver a map of the motel complex, he touched the man’s hand.  After pausing a moment, he said that guns must be checked at the desk, and he held up a cigar box.  Surprisingly, the man put his gun in the box.  The clerk picked up the box, closed the top and placed it in the safe.  He left the door closed over, but not locked.


“Sir, does your passenger have a gun?  The same rules apply for him.”


“I’m not sure; you can ask him, if you’d like.”


So the clerk walked over to the car and knocked on the window.  Once the passenger rolled down his window, the clerk shook his hand.  Again he explained the motel rules and the passenger surrendered his weapon as well.  Then the clerk told the passenger that he had to give up all weapons.  The man reached down and removed another gun from his ankle holster.


When the second gun joined the first one, the clerk walked back into the office and added them to the one he already had.  When the safe lock clicked, he returned to show the men the room they sought.


The clerk knocked on the door of the room and stepped aside when it opened.  Tyler sat at the small desk.  He stood and walked to the door.  I also stood and walked up behind Tyler, just a step to his right.


“Tyler,” Jorge asked, “who’s your friend?”


“He’s the mediator.  It’s his job to see that the meeting is productive.”


“Hahaha!  He’s not very scary, ma–”


When my psychokinesis power grabbed him and held him fast, he stopped speaking.  Jorge could see that neither of us had approached, so he turned his head to see who snuck up behind him.  All he saw was Marty exiting the car.  When Marty walked up, I grabbed him as well.  Like Jorge, Marty was dumbfounded.  I lifted the men as though they were rag dolls and raised them ten feet in the air.  The fear and surprise that Jorge felt was showing in his dark brown eyes.  He tried to speak, but still could not.  It was the fear that kept him silent, not my power.  Marty didn’t look any better.


“Marty, did you know that Jorge threatened my mother?” Tyler asked.


Marty was still unable to speak, but his mouth was opening and closing as though he were speaking faster than an auctioneer.  He finally gave up and shook his head ‘no’.


“I think you’re trying to deceive me, Marty.  Jorge, who told you to threaten my mother?”


Again, Jorge, like Marty, couldn’t speak, but he was able to point at Marty.  I psychokinetically turned the two of them towards Tyler, and as Tyler raised his hands, I lifted Jorge and Marty another ten feet in the air.  Neither man could speak yet.  We were waiting for the air to become befouled from the stench of them soiling themselves.


“Marty, if you even think about threatening my mother again, I will lift you a hundred feet in the air and drop you… after I place a bet on how high you’ll bounce when you land.  Have I made myself clear?”


Marty nodded like a bobble-head doll.  Then, as Tyler lowered his hands, I lowered the two criminals to the ground.  Once they were standing on their own, Tyler motioned them to the two chairs at the table near the door.  They walked into the room, but when they hesitated, I lifted them a couple of millimeters off the floor and glided them to the chairs.  Once they were there, they sat down, facing Tyler.  After what they thought were Tyler’s actions, they seemed to forget that I was even in the room, but I still had one more thing to do.  I held them in place while Jason stepped up to Marty, and Donny, the ‘clerk’, stepped up to Jorge.


Within moments, Marty and Jorge were nodding in agreement with the unspoken commands they received from the two telepaths.  Now it was time to set the stage for the confession scene.  I was no longer needed, since both of the men were under the hypnotic control of Donny and Jason, so I quietly left the room and waited in the adjoining room with Michelle and Jenifer.


In a few minutes, the reprogramming was complete and Marty and Jorge sat facing Tyler, as Jason and Donny left the room.


= = =


In the center of the table was the TV remote.  The men ignored it (and the microphone it contained).


Tyler picked up a sheet of paper from the desk and read from it.


“Marty, was I ever an employee of yours?”


“No,” was Marty’s reply.


“Where did I get the package that the police took from my friend, Jordan?”


“Tyler, it was a joke, OK?”


“So you’re saying that I had no knowledge that the package you gave me to hold for you had marijuana in it.  Is that right?”


“No, you had no idea that it contained grass.”


“Was I ever your employee?”


“No, you were never my employee.”


“Why did I do what you told me to do?”


“That’s simple.  Jorge told you that he would hurt your mother if you didn’t.”


“Jorge.  How many times did you threaten my mother?”


“I forget, but it was a bunch of times.”


“Why did you threaten my mother?”


“That’s simple.  To keep you in line.”


“Did you ‘keep me in line’?”


“Hahaha!  Yes.  You were scared shitless that we’d hurt you or your mama.”


“Who do you mean by ‘we’?”


“Me and Marty.  Who’d ya think I meant?”


At that point, Jen and Michelle, in the adjoining room, stopped the video recording.  Jason and Donny walked back into the room and up to the men.  Both men were told to turn themselves in and confess to threatening and coercing Tyler, to threatening Tyler’s mother, to dealing drugs, and, most importantly of all, to confess to framing Jordan and Tyler.


While Michelle saved a copy of the confession on a thumb drive, Jenifer retrieved the three guns from the motel office safe and put them into the trunk of Marty’s car… minus their bullets.


Jason gave the two men directions to the nearest police station.  They had already been programmed to waive their Miranda rights, so it should be interesting to hear what they told the police when they turned themselves in.  To that end, a micro-transmitter was placed under the collar of Marty’s sports coat.  Jen and Donny followed them to the police station, as Jason, Tyler and I helped Michelle collect the microphone and camera from Tyler’s room.  Once we had the items back in the case, I put it in Michelle’s trunk.


We double checked the two rooms, and then Tyler and I got in the back seat of Michelle’s car and Michelle and Jason got in the front.  As we drove out of the motel’s parking lot, Michelle sounded the horn twice, a signal to the motel staff to come out of the trance that Donny and Jason put them in.  Within five minutes, we were pulling up behind Jenifer’s car.  The microphone was working and both cars had tuned into it on our tracking radios.


As we approached the police station, we heard three familiar voices, not just the two we expected to hear.  In addition to Jorge and Marty, we heard a policeman, Officer Dan Janczuk.


“Gentlemen, you’re admitting to committing felonies.  I have to read you your rights…”


“Look, we know our rights.  We don’t need ’em.”


“I still have to read them to you.  You can waive them after I read them to you.”


Officer Janczuk read their rights as listed on his Miranda card.  When he finished, he asked, “Do you understand your rights as I’ve read them to you?”


“Yeah.  We got it.  Can we continue now?”


Officer Janczuk nodded and the men again told their stories of dealing drugs, threatening people and causing others to take the blame for their activities.  The officer left the men in the interrogation room while he checked with the rest of his team.  He soon returned.


“OK.  We called the Phoenix P.D. and they have a warrant out for both of you, as well as Tyler Nelson.  We’re going to book you and hold you until Phoenix drives down to get you.  Do you know where Tyler Nelson is?”


“No, but, like we said, the only reason Tyler is wanted is because of the threats that we made against him and his mother.”


“If you know how to get in touch with him, tell him to get with the Phoenix Police Department to clear his name.”


That sounded like our cue.  Michelle turned and gave him the copy of Marty and Jorge’s confession.


“Tyler, Jenifer and Donny will give you a ride back to Phoenix and drop you at the police station.  This USB drive has a copy of their confession.  Just so you have a backup, I’ve placed another copy on your cloud drive.  This confession, and the one you just heard them giving to the Tucson police, will get you off of any charges that have been entered against you.  Donny and Jenifer will see to that.  Next time something like this happens, tell the police.  Don’t go along with the scam.”


Tyler was crying.  After thanking us profusely, he got out of the car and asked Jenifer and Donny for a ride back to Phoenix.  He got in their back seat and the three of them were off.


Michelle and Jason turned and looked at me and said they were impressed with how I made it look like Tyler was the one lifting Jorge and Marty in the air.


“Well, after Jason ‘read’ Tyler, we knew he was only dealing to save his mother.  I just thought I’d give the two crooks a reason to think twice about going after Tyler later.  Jason, I hope you erased Tyler’s memory of me using my power.”


“Yeah, I did.  He won’t remember a thing.  Look, it’s already eight o’clock.  I’ve been up since five this morning and I still have homework to do.  Can we go home now, Michelle?”


“Sure Jason.”  And she started the car and drove to Jason’s house.  On the way she told us what she would put in the report to the boss.  Then she reminded us to act surprised when Paul Wilson told us about the break in the case.


I walked from Jason’s house and I got home at 8:33.  Mom and Dad were watching TV with Luke and as soon as I walked in the door he ran up to me and said it was time for him to go to bed.  Mom and Dad laughed and Mom said, “He’s been falling asleep for the last half hour, but he refused to go to bed with anyone but you.”


I laughed and picked him up.  “C’mon, Luke.  I have some homework to do as well.”  We walked up the stairs to our room, with a stop at the bathroom so Luke could pee.  Mom already had him in his pajamas, so I just lifted him up and put him in his bed.  After I turned on my desk lamp, I turned off the ceiling light, and in minutes, Luke was fast asleep.  Then I tackled my homework.


English and History were done in a flash, as was Spanish.  Chemistry and Calculus took about forty-five minutes each and I was ready for bed when 10:30 rolled around.  I put my books and homework in my backpack, and then I undressed and grabbed my towel and washcloth.  After going to the toilet, washing my hands and face, and brushing my teeth, I walked back to my room and closed the door.  I hung my towel up on the rack and my washcloth on the hook on the side of my nightstand.  Then I turned off the desk lamp.  Finally, I removed my boxer briefs and slid under the covers.  I must have been really tired.  I didn’t even have time to stroke it before I fell asleep.


= = =


I know I dream, but I usually don’t remember them.  Tonight was different.  You’d think I’d dream about me, right?  Not that night.  I dreamt about Glenn and Mike.  Well, not actually about them, but about the two guys who came to visit them.  One of the friends of Glenn’s dad came to Tucson and he brought his two sons with him.  What was really weird about the sons was that they were the same age, sixteen.  Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, fraternal twins don’t have to look alike, but these two guys looked like they had different mothers!  Tim was almost pasty white with blond hair, while Mike had a darker complexion and dark brown, almost black, hair.  It became more confusing when the boys referred to their dad as ‘Uncle Pete’.  Glenn and Mike seemed to understand, but I was totally confused.  Speaking of confused, yeah, there were two boys named Mike.  I’ll refer to Glenn’s boyfriend as Mike and the other boy as Michael.


Tim and Michael, besides not looking like brothers, didn’t act like brothers, either.  They were too close… like they kept invading each other’s ‘personal space’.  It was sort of like Mike and Glenn, or Jason and me.  It took me a while, but it finally hit me.  They were boyfriends!  But they were brothers, too.  That sounds weird, right?


Jason had a party one day while his dad was at work, and Glenn and Mike joined us.  Somewhere during the party, Tim and Michael showed up.  If I wasn’t horny enough with just the four of us being naked in the pool together, having six boys playing together naked was too much… I could feel the tingling beginning in my crotch… I was passing the point of no return…


= = =


As I was about to cream, I started to wake up and I grabbed the washcloth off the hook on my nightstand just in time to avoid having to explain the stain on my sheets to Mom.  After cleaning up, I lay back and tried to go back to sleep, but with no luck.  The alarm clock sounded, signaling that it was seven o’clock.  I slapped the clock to silence the alarm, but not quite quickly enough.


“Alex.  I have to pee.”


“OK, Sport.  I’ll be right with you.”  I got up and put on my robe, and then lifted Luke from his bed.  “C’mon, buddy, let’s go.”  As usual, Luke peed first and while he was washing his hands, I relieved myself.  I had to open my robe to pee, of course, and when I did, Luke asked if I was cleaning something.  I was confused and asked what he meant.


“Mommy uses bleach to clean stuff.  I smell bleach on you.”


Oh Christ!  He smells my cum.  “Yeah, Luke, I spilled something on my desk last night and I used bleach to help me clean it.  I guess I should have washed my hands better, eh?”  By then I was finished peeing so I closed and tied my robe and joined him at the sink, washing my hands with him.  “This should get the smell off my hands.”


“Yep!” he said, and nodded his head.


We walked back to our room and I lifted him back into his bed, and as usual, he was asleep as soon as he lay down.  I grabbed some clean underwear and my towel and washcloth and returned to the bathroom to take my shower.  Twenty minutes later I was getting dressed and going downstairs for breakfast.  I set my backpack at the front door and went to the kitchen.  To my surprise, it was Dad who was sitting there drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.


“Good morning, Dad.  You’re up early today.”


“Morning, Alex.  Yeah, your mom is still sleepy and I got up to make sure you got off to school OK.  I guess I tired her out last night.  Hehe.”


“Oh geeze, Dad!  Why do you and Mom say stuff like that to me?  That image is going to stick with me all day now!  It’s no wonder I’m gay.”


“Wait a minute!  You can’t blame that on me!  We talked about the birds and the bees three years ago, almost four.  If you have dirty thoughts about us making babies, you should be ashamed of yourself.”


“Trust me, Dad; my thoughts are far from dirty.  You and Mom seem to love to gross me out by offering too much information.  That’s child abuse!”


“Haha!  OK, son.  I’ll be good, but I can’t speak for your mother.”


We finished breakfast talking about sports and stuff.  Finally it was time to hit the bricks and get to the bus stop.  I went to the fridge to get my lunch out… it wasn’t there!  “Dad, could you give me a few dollars for lunch?  I guess we didn’t think about that when Mom didn’t get up this morning.”


Dad reached in his wallet and pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to me.  “Is this enough, Alex?”


“Thanks, Dad.  That’ll get me the Mystery Meat Special and some desert.”


“They still have Mystery Meat?”


“I think they recycle it.  There’s a sign in the john that says, ‘Flush twice…'”


“‘It’s a long way to the kitchen?’  Haha!  That sign’s been up for years.”


“Yeah, it has.  Thanks, Dad.”


I stuffed the money in my pocket and picked up my backpack at the door.  After I double checked it for my homework and books, I started the walk to the corner.


Jason was just walking up as I got there and we bumped fists as we met.  He said, “I haven’t heard anything yet today, but I did get a call from Donny last night.  Donny and Jen got Tyler to the Phoenix P.D., and to make sure everything went OK, Donny gave him a posthypnotic suggestion to calm him down.  Then Donny walked him in and stayed with him while the police took his statement and watched the confession that Marty and Jorge made.  With some subliminal persuasion from Donny, Tyler was out of the police station in just a couple of hours.  Donny took him back to his dorm and Tyler called Jordan.”


“That’s great!  I was worried that Tyler would get locked up just because he ran away.”


In next to no time, the bus arrived and as we got on, Paul called out to us.  He was smiling like the old Paul that I knew.  Jason and I hurried back to the last row.  I sat on one side of Paul and Jason sat on the other.  Paul was so animated that I thought he was going to hit me with his flailing arms.


“What has you so excited, Paul?  Did Tyler show up or something?”


“Yes!  But even better!  Tyler wasn’t running from the cops because he was a drug dealer.  Well, he was, but not really.  I mean, he wasn’t dealing drugs for the money.  His boss had something over him!  Tyler and his mom were threatened!  If Tyler didn’t deal, his boss threatened to hurt his mom!”


“Wow!  How do you know all this, Paul?”


“That guy Donny that I told you about yesterday?  He came to Tucson yesterday and met with his friends.  They must have found something really bad on Tyler’s boss, because the boss, some guy named Marty, he confessed to forcing Tyler to work for him!  Is that some crazy shit or what?”


Jason spoke next.  “Paul, you’re going a mile a minute.  So the boss is in jail?”


“Yeah!  He’s here in Tucson and he’ll be going to Phoenix sometime this morning.”


“Well where is Tyler?” Jason asked.


“He’s in Phoenix!  He turned himself in and gave the police a recording of this Marty guy confessing to forcing Tyler to deal for him.”


“Is he still at the Phoenix Police Department?”


“No!  That’s kinda crazy, too.  The cops let him go and Donny took him to his place.  Then Tyler called Jordan.  They’ve been up all night.  Jordan called me at six this morning to tell me what was going on.  This is so unreal!  Jordan’s court date was supposed to be in two weeks.  He has to get with his lawyer and let him know what’s happening.”


“I suppose your parents know,” I said.


“Yes.  Mom was crying and Dad changed his tune in a hurry.  He was saying shit like, ‘I knew my son was better than that.’  I had a little trouble not telling him how much of a jerk he was.”


As Paul was winding down, the bus pulled up to the school.  We alighted and I walked to my locker with Paul.  Jason said goodbye and went to see Glenn and Mike about swimming on Friday.  All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a great day.


= = =


Meanwhile, at Glenn’s house, Dave Taylor, Glenn’s dad, was talking on the phone with Pete O’Brien.


“Super strength, you say?  I’ve heard of it, but never met anyone with that power.  What’s the guy’s name and where is he now?”


“That’s the best part, Dave.  He’s a programmer and I offered him a job.  Gil and I are sure he’s going to accept my job offer.  His name is Stoney McGee and he’s here in Chicago.  He graduated from UIC with dual bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.”


“Stoney McGee?  You’re kidding, right?”


“Well, Stoney is his nickname.  Brian is the name he chose.”


“The name he chose?  That’s confusing.  What have you found out about this kid?”


“Dave, the short story is that he was born Patrick Moran.  At sixteen he received a patent for a search algorithm.  Mommy and Daddy decided to raid the kid’s bank account.  He sued and won.  Patrick was granted emancipation at seventeen.  He chose the new name.”


“OK, Pete, I’m interested.  Do you think he’d be willing to talk with me?”


“I told him that if he takes my job offer or not, that you’d like to talk to him.  He’s ready for your call.”


“Good.  I’ll schedule a trip to Chicago.  I have to clean up a few things here first, so I should be ready in a week or ten days.”


“Hopefully, Stoney will be here working by then.  Thanks, Dave.”


“No, the thanks go to you, Pete.  The bots that you and Gil have running are great.  I’ll call you when I get my flight confirmed.”


= = =


For once, I got to the cafeteria before Jason, Glenn or Mike.  I got the Mystery Meat Special and moved over to our regular table.  As I was setting my tray down, I noticed something going on a couple tables over.  One of the jocks was picking on a skinny kid.  I was about to call over to the jock to cut it out when he suddenly flew through the air and slammed against a bulletin board.  My jaw dropped!


“Dammit!  Stop messing with me, Ryan!  I’m tired of it!”


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