I like wearing t-shirts with messages. Messages that have a meaning to me. That’s why I have several t-shirts with gay slogans on them.

My favorite one says ‘2QT2BSTR8’ in large print on the front. I like how it makes people look, and then keep looking until they have figured it out. You can see it on their face when they finally get the message. Most of them will smile, only rarely will they frown. Some just shrug because they don’t get it.

One time I was walking down the street and a guy who was sitting on the patio of a restaurant looked up and noticed me. After a short moment he grinned and said loudly: “Too cute to be straight. Yes you are!” I wonder if the guy he was eating with was his boyfriend.

Then there was that time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We were sitting in the front row, waiting for a show to start. The woman on stage, getting ready for her performance, looked at me, paused, thought for a second and then smiled and announced to the whole audience: “Oh, now I get it! Too cute to be straight, that’s a good one!”


Another one of my t-shirts says ‘Gay is the new Straight’.

I was at a friend’s house, preparing the BBQ, while some of the neighborhood boys stood around, waiting for the hotdogs to go on the grill. One of the guys, perhaps 12 years old, suddenly whispered to me: “What does that mean? Are you gay? Really? Seriously?” Apparently I was the first gay man those kids had met up close, so they had a bunch of questions. It was nice to talk to them and answer their questions, to open their minds. They even made me prove that I was gay by giving a blowjob to a hotdog.


And then there’s the ever popular ‘Homophobia is so gay’.

I got a lot of positive comments about that over the years from all sorts of people. That just shows you, there are more people out there who support you than you might think. And who knows, showing people who you are and what you’re thinking right there on your chest might even be a way to meet new friends.

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