Comsie's Fun Facts

#1- I have never really lived in an actual house before. Only in apartments. So if you look at the stories, almost all of the characters have these big sorta suburban houses. They all have upstairs bedrooms (Which was always ‘exotic’ to me as a kid for some strange reason), and many have a fully finished basement downstairs. For some reason, I always thought that was so cool to have stuff like that. “Chris” from “A Class By Himself” had both in real life! UGH! I hated going to his house! Hehehe! I don’t know why, but I always craved that when I was younger. So I put it in almost all of the stories. Upstairs bedroom… finished basement… look for it.

#2- In high school, I practiced lucid dreaming. A LOT! And it really does work! But I warn you, you will not get a whole lot of sleep when you start. You will wake up ten times a night, at least. So… read up on it first. I still have my dream journals from back then, (I had an unnatural obsession with Eddie Furlong and Brad Renfro in the early 90’s! LOL!) and there is some really WEIRD stuff in there! But when I read the entries again, even today, I can remember every dream as though it was just last night. Every detail! (One of those dreams? A fever dream that I had when I was seriously ill. About vampire teens in a night club… which eventually led to me write “Gone From Daylight”)

#3- I used to be an altar boy at my church until I was about 13 years old! Hehehe, and NO, I didn’t get molested! 😛 Not only was I a total suit and tie Sunday school kid, but I would always be called up during service to be a reader of scriptures on Sunday. I don’t know… maybe because I didn’t stumble around when I read. Who knows?

#4- I literally have thousands of CDs in my bedroom! And they are in no particular order at all. (Except for the ones that I have autographed by the artists themselves) I know that it sounds strange, but I know where everything is at all times. I can find whatever I’m looking for in a matter of seconds. But no one else could. I guarantee you. I can’t live without music. I have a variety of songs to fit every mood that I go through on a day to day basis. And I hardly ever listen to the same CD two days in a row, unless it’s brand new and awesome. Then it might last a week. 😛

#5- The first time I ever masturbated to orgasm… hehehe… I was actually on a tour overseas with my grandmother. Something got weird with the hotel, so we got separate rooms, and I was in a big hotel in Russel Square, London, England. And I um… well… that was where I figured out how to do it for the first time. And let’s just say that I got myself a new thrill every fifteen minutes for the rest of that night! ::Giggles:: Some CUTE boys on that trip too! Mmmmmm! Made for some nice mental material! “Big Ben? Nice. Um… can we go back to the hotel now?” LOL!

#6- My father was working in a Chicago area prison to make extra money when I was still a baby. And he was there on the same night that cops brought in serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. He actually saw him, face to face, that night. (Hmmm… my dad and John Wayne Gacy… it just fits somehow…)

#7- I lost my virginity to a boy for the first time in the 7th grade! His name was David, he was strawberry blond with a few freckles. So CUTE! We were both 13 (Actually, he might have still been 12. Because I hadn’t been 13 for that long. I don’t remember.). David lived next door to me, and we could lean out of our windows and fly paper airplanes into each other’s bedroom when we wanted to goof around. The funny thing is….I lost my ‘hetero’ virginity to his older sister, Hillary, about six months later. Um… hehehe… yep! 🙂

#8- In college, some friends and I used to go to movie sets when we were broke and didn’t have anything to eat in the dorm. There were always plenty of movies being filmed around the city, and we’d just walk on the set and pretend that we belonged there. Hehehe, there are soooo many people on a film set, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get in. So we’d just walk up to the catering trucks and get a free meal when we were broke. Plus we got to meet people like Sandra Bullock, Edward Norton, Richard Gere, etc. It was awesome! Once we were on a set, and I ran into Clint Eastwood by mistake! I didn’t know that he was directing! THAT… was like… wow. Hehehe, he grunted at me. How amazing is that?

#9- Comsie is an official member of the ‘Order of the Arrow’ in Boy Scouts. Hehehe, it’s like a super-secret cult thingy. I’m technically not even allowed to talk about it. But I will say this… I will remember the opening ceremony forever. Hehehe! I will follow a hot teen boy in a loin cloth ANYWHERE that he wants to take me! ESPECIALLY if it’s into the woods in the dark! LOL!!! (Side note… this happened by a giant bonfire over the Summer at Camp Makajawan! That bonfire and the events surrounding it inspired the ideas for the parties at ‘Rainbow’s End’ for “Savage Moon”)

#10- The first celebrity crush that I ever had was when I was about six or seven years old. (I think) I was so in love! LOL! Ugh! I feel so goofy! And it was Ike Eisenmann, the little boy from the original “Escape From Witch Mountain”. Ahhhh, memories! He was cute, AND he knew MAGIC! How awesome is that? He will have a warm place in my heart forever. ::Grins:: Love you, Ike! You made a little man out of me! Hehehe!

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