Recap From Book II:

For once, I got to the cafeteria before Jason, Glenn or Mike.  I got the Mystery Meat Special and moved over to our regular table.  As I was setting my tray down, I noticed something going on a couple tables over.  One of the jocks was picking on a skinny kid.  I was about to call over to the jock to cut it out when he suddenly flew through the air and slammed against a bulletin board.  My jaw dropped!


“Dammit!  Stop messing with me, Ryan!  I’m tired of it!”


It was the skinny kid.  Oh my God!  He has a power!  There were only a few of us in the cafeteria at the time, and even fewer of us noticed what happened.  Jason walked up, and rather than asking me what happened, he grabbed my forearm and read me.  Next he walked up to all the people in the area and wiped the incident from their memories… all except Ryan and the skinny kid.  When he finished, he walked over to the skinny kid and asked him if he was all right.  Then he motioned me to his table.  I picked up my tray and walked over.


“Alex,” Jason said, “this is my new friend, Ethan Cruz.”


“Hey Ethan, it’s good to meet you.  I’m Alex Blackman.”  And I shook his hand.


Jason looked back at Ethan and asked, “What was that with Ryan?  What was he doing to you?”


“Ryan’s an asshat!  I just didn’t feel like putting up with it today.  Sheesh!  You’d think he could find something better to do than mess with me all the time.”


“But Ryan could have been hurt when you threw him across the room,” I said.


“I-I didn’t throw him across the room…”


“Sure you did.  You’re a psychokinetic, like me.”


“L-like you?  You mean I’m not the only one?”


“I guess not, but you really have to be careful so you don’t hurt people… even when they antagonize you.”


“Ryan is such a dick!  He’s always calling me ‘fag’ and stuff like that.  Today he did it once too often, I guess.”


“Still,” Jason answered, “you really need to be careful with your power.  All the ‘I’m sorrys’ in the world won’t bring a person back to life.”


“Yeah, I guess…”  Ethan’s voice trailed off.


“Ethan, I just told you about my power and as of now, only you and Jason know about it.  I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it that way.”


“Mum’s the word, Alex.  I was about to ask you the same thing, but I guess my secret is out now.”


“Nah, you’re safe still.  I wiped the incident from everyone’s memory but Ryan,” Jason said.


“You did what?!?” Ethan asked.


“Oh.  I said I wiped their memories.  I can do that.  You see, I have a power too.”  And Jason smiled at him.


I looked over to the food service line and said, “OK, let’s change the subject.  Here come a couple of our friends, Glenn and Mike.  I really don’t want them to know about my power.  OK?”


Ethan nodded.


Mike walked up first and, seeing a new face, looked at Ethan and said, “Hi.  I’m Mike Whalen.”  Once his tray was on the table, he reached over and offered his hand.


Ethan stood and offered his hand in return.  “Hi.  I’m Ethan Cruz.  Glad to meet you, Mike.”  Then the scene was repeated with Glenn.  The two newcomers sat down and started digging into their lunches.  In next to no time, small talk began and Ethan started to feel more relaxed.  When Mike and Glenn finished their lunches, they excused themselves and were off for their ‘personal’ time.


“Do they always do that?” Ethan asked.


“Do what?”


“Eat and then leave like that.”


“Yeah, pretty much,” Jason replied.  “I guess they don’t like crowds or something.  Since it seems to be Question Time, I’m next.  Are you gay or bi?”


“Wh-whadda ya mean?”


“Well, I was told by my boss that anyone who has a power is either gay or bi.  Which one are you?  I’m gay.”


Jason said it so matter-of-factly that Ethan didn’t know how to react, so I jumped in with, “I’m gay, too.  I don’t tell that to everyone, so, like my power, don’t tell others without asking me first, OK?”


“You guys are messing with me, right?” Ethan asked.


“Nope.  It’s all true.  So which are you?”  After he asked, Jason looked at Ethan and smiled.




Ethan’s response was almost inaudible.  With that one word, Ethan looked doubly scared, petrified even.


“Ethan, you’re among friends,” I told him.  “There’s no need to be nervous.  Look, with two thousand students here, at least two hundred are gay.  Hopefully, half of them are males.”


“Whoa.  I never thought of it that way.”


“I know, right?  That’s how I reacted when Jason used the same corollary on me.  But it pretty much makes sense when you think about it.”


“So how many others do you guys know?  I’ve been scared shitless to even look for a boyfriend.  I was afraid I was going to have to hide my true self until I got to college.”


“We know a few others, Ethan, but we can’t tell you who they are until we ask them if it’s OK first.”


“I see what you mean… are you going to tell them my name when you ask them?”


“Nah.  We’ll just say we met a guy and we found out that he’s gay.  Then we’ll ask if they want to meet you.  If they say yes, we’ll introduce you.  If not, then both you and they are still safely tucked away in your respective closets.  Hehe.”


“OK, go ahead and tell them.  Knowing I’m not alone is a lot better than not knowing.”


“Ethan, we should be able to introduce you guys by lunch tomorrow… the end of the school day at the latest.  There’s one very important thing to remember though.  Don’t tell them about our powers.”


We started to pick up our trays and get ready for our afternoon classes when Jason made another comment.


“Oh yeah… one more thing… stop using your power to get even.  It makes you a bully, too.”


“It what? … Oh geeze!  I see what you mean.  Christ!  That really sucks.  I’ll do better, Jason.”


= = =


Chemistry was interesting.  I didn’t see Paul at lunch, so when we got to class I asked him how he was doing.  We had a lab today, so we could talk a bit more freely.


“I IMed with Jordan at lunch.  I got a burger and almost swallowed it whole so I’d have more time to talk with him.  His lawyer said the charges should be dropped by tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow?  Why so long?”


“I don’t know, Alex… some legal stuff I guess.  Mom and Dad are paying the lawyer, so we might as well listen to him.  But look, it’s working out a lot better today than it was a couple of days ago.  Pretty soon this should be history.”


“Yeah, that’s cool.  So… what are we supposed to be doing here?”


“Lemme check the instructions…  We have to check the specific gravities of the solutions listed, once we prepare them.”


The rest of the day dragged by.  I’m not sure why.  I guess I was concentrating on other things and I couldn’t focus on my classes.  Eventually, the day was over and I met Jason at the bus stop.  He told me that he saw Ethan and Ryan talking with each other at one of the other bus stops and Ryan seemed to be a bit nervous.


“I think Ryan might have learned his lesson,” I said.


“Let’s hope so.  Ethan could really hurt him if Ryan tries to get even.”


“I think I’ll have to show Ethan how to defend himself without others knowing he’s doing it.”


“That might help him out, Alex.  Go for it.”


“Let’s board the bus.  I’d hate not to get a seat.”


We got on the bus and I saw that I had nothing to worry about.  Paul had a couple of seats reserved for us.  It’s amazing how freshmen are afraid of upperclassmen.  And crap, Paul was only a sophomore.  Hehe.  As we walked to the seats that Paul reserved and I felt the angry stares of the slighted freshmen.  I kinda felt guilty.


“Paul, you don’t have to save us seats all the time.  It’s really not fair to the freshmen.”


“C’mon, Alex, it’s tradition.  We were in the same boat last year, remember?”


“Yeah, and I remember it really sucked, too.  Now we’re doing what we bitched about last year.  Whatever happened to our resolve to change things when we could?”


“Haha… you’re kidding, right?”


“Not really.  I used to get pissed when I was told I couldn’t take an empty seat just because an upperclassman said I couldn’t.  Two of my best friends are freshmen here this year.  I sure as heck couldn’t tell them that they couldn’t sit in an empty seat because an upperclassman might want it.”


“Blackman, if you’re trying to make me feel guilty, it’s working.”


I smirked at him.


Paul got up and walked over to a couple of freshmen and told them he was sorry for chasing them out of their seats.  Then he walked back and sat down again.  I just shook my head.


“What?  I apologized.”


Try as we might, Jason and I couldn’t help but smile as we took the seats that Paul saved for us.


“OK, Paul, starting tomorrow, no more chasing freshies from their seats, OK?”


Paul took a deep breath and sighed.




“C’mon, Wilson.  Say it like you mean it, dammit!”


“All right, already!  I’ll be good.  I promise.”


“That’s better,” I told him and Jason shook his hand… leaving a post hypnotic suggestion to make sure he didn’t do it again.  Hehe.


When we got off at our stop, Jason confirmed that Glenn and Mike told him that they would be coming over to his place after school tomorrow.


“That’s cool.”  Then I remembered my dream.  “You know, last night I had a dream about Glenn and Mike.”


“Was I in it?”


“Yes, you were in it.  Don’t get jealous.  Hehe.  In fact, it took place at your pool.  What I remembered most though, was that Glenn had a couple of visitors with him and they were gay too.  We all swam nude and had a great time.”


“That’s great!  How old were they?”


“They seemed to be around our ages, but I couldn’t quite tell.  One was named Mike.  I remember that specifically because Glenn’s boyfriend is Mike, too.  I think the other guy was Tom or Tim.  Something like that.”


“I hope your dream comes true.  We should ask Glenn about it tomorrow when they get here.  Speaking of the pool, are you coming over for a swim today?”


“Of course!  The weather’s been great and I could stand to get a bit wrinkled.”


We walked to Jason’s house and I followed him in and to the kitchen.  I observed what was becoming our routine by getting a couple of Cokes out of the fridge as Jason nuked a bag of popcorn.  When it was ready and we sat at the kitchen table to eat it, we started the conversation with Ethan as the subject.


“He seems like a nice enough guy,” I said.


“He had some hard times though.  Gimme your hand and I’ll show you what I mean.”


I gave Jason my hand and immediately he uploaded Ethan’s recent memories.


“Wow!  Ryan’s been an asshole to him,” I said, as I saw the memories of what Ryan had done and how often.  “Ryan’s lucky he didn’t snap sooner.  When you saw Ryan talking to him at the bus stop earlier, were you able to make out what they were saying?”


“I got a little of it, but the gist of their conversation was Ryan saying he was sorry and Ethan was reluctantly accepting his apology.  I wonder if Ryan has any idea of how much his bullying hurts, or how Ethan could have done a lot more than just throw him against the bulletin board.  Ryan seemed to have woken up, that’s for sure.”


“Are we going to take this on?”


“I think I’ll call Michelle tonight and tell her I want to talk with Ryan.  Michelle will make the decision, but I think she’ll let me talk with him.”


“We’ll probably see Ethan in the cafeteria now, so that will help a bit.  You have to work tomorrow morning, right?”  Jason nodded.  “Then I’ll see if I can talk with Glenn and Mike and ask if they want to meet another gay guy.  I’m sure they will, but I still have to have their permission before I introduce them as gay to Ethan.”


By now we were finished with the popcorn and Cokes and I followed Jason out to the pool.  It was warm out and the water looked great.  I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, then my T-shirt was gone, soon followed by my shorts and then my boxer briefs.  I thought I was doing pretty good, but as I looked up, Jason was already jumping in the pool.  I followed scant seconds later.


The water was cooler than the air, but still warm.  I don’t know how I survived without a pool for so long, especially in Arizona.  We swam about eight or ten laps of the pool.  Then we met at the center of the deep end and just relaxed and kicked our feet to stay afloat.  Jason swam over to the side of the pool and grabbed a volleyball that we had used in the past for water polo.  We tossed it around for a while and then I levitated us so we were actually standing on the surface of the water.  It took a lot of concentration, but I was able to keep us both on top of the water and we tried some soccer moves.  Jason wasn’t any more sure of himself than I was as he attempted to walk on the water, and it was my power.  Finally, I just let both of us drop back into the water.


We glided to each other and shared our first kiss of the day.  We kept sucking on each other’s lips.  As I sucked on Jason’s upper lip, he sucked on my lower lip.  Then we’d switch and I’d suck Jason’s lower lip as he sucked on my upper lip.  All the while we were hugging each other and feeling our engorged penises rubbing each other.


Jason made the first move and reached down and grabbed hold of me.  I reciprocated and felt his heart beating through his member.  If you’ve ever tried to masturbate in the bathtub, you know that water is not the best lubricant, and we were so hard that there was very little loose skin on our penises to slide as we moved our hands up and down each other.  I began to float on my back and I raised Jason as well.  We were soon lying on our sides, head to foot.


Eventually our hands were replaced by our lips as we gently sucked the other’s penis into our mouths.  This was much better.  I held us so we never broke the surface of the water.  I swallowed Jason to the root.  His head was entering my throat.  I felt it expanding as it entered and I pulled back to stop from gagging.  Then I’d swallow him again.  All the while I felt the same thing happening to me.  Our movements were so synchronized that it was almost as though I was sucking myself.  I could feel Jason’s penis head swelling and having difficulty entering my throat and at the same time I was having trouble entering Jason’s throat.


We were perfectly synchronized, so much so that we passed the return point simultaneously.  As I felt the cum flowing through Jason’s urethra, I felt my orgasm begin as well.  As my mouth began to fill with Jason’s seed, I was distracted by my own eruption and I lost control of our bodies, causing both of us to sink a couple inches beneath the surface of the pool.  I recovered before we sank entirely.


I think I felt four strong spurts before Jason started to dribble through my sucking lips.  I know Jason was providing his bio-feedback, but I lost track of how many pulses I fired into his mouth.  I only knew that I was becoming too tender to touch and we both involuntarily extricated ourselves from the other’s mouth.  We sank to a standing position and embraced each other again as we shared another kiss, and we tasted our semen as our tongues stirred it in our mouths.


After resting in each other’s arms, we climbed out of the pool and walked hand-in-hand to the pool house and retrieved towels.  Jason wrapped his arms around me and used his towel to dry my back.  When he finished, he draped the towel around my shoulders.  I returned the favor when he finished.  We dropped the towels into the towel bin and walked back over to retrieve our clothes.  Once we had them, I wrapped my arms around Jason and glided us back into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom.  We set our clothes down and walked to the bathroom to relieve ourselves and to shower the chlorine water from our skin.


I love showering with Jason.  We start by washing each other’s hair.  There is no more sensual thing outside of sex that I have ever experienced.  Then we soap our washcloths and hug each other as we wash each other’s back, all the while we’re kissing.  I don’t think we’ve said two words to each other since we first kissed in the pool.


When we finish washing each other’s back, I turn with my back to him, and Jason continues to wash my chest and arms.  Then he squats down and washes my legs and feet before he stands up and runs the cloth between my butt cheeks.  By now I’m hard as a rock and I can feel that Jason is as well.  Jason reaches around me and gently begins to rub my penis until I cum again.  He holds me to keep me standing.  Soon Jason has milked me dry and we both turn around and we repeat the procedure with me ministering to Jason.  By the time I get to ‘washing’ his penis, I’m hard again and I let it slide between Jason’s legs and under his scrotum.  We’re finished for today, but this memory will serve me for many nights to come.


We rinse the remnants of the soap and semen from each other and step out of the shower after turning off the water.  We each grab a towel to dry the other.  In a few minutes we’re back in Jason’s bedroom and getting dressed.


“Alex, that was a great workout!  I’m seriously tired.”


“Well make sure you get to bed early tonight, you have work at the hospital tomorrow.”


“Gah!  5:00 AM is an ungodly hour to get up.  Do you want to take my shift tomorrow, Alex?”


“Hehe.  Nice try.  You can do it.  I have confidence in you.”


“It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just that I really don’t want to get up that fricken early!”


I kiss him on the cheek.  “You’ll be fine, Jason.  Think about all the cute men you see there every day.”


“Yeah, there is that,” he says smiling.  I smack him on the back of his head and we both giggle.


We walk back downstairs and to the door.  Before I open it to leave, I wrap my arms around Jason for a goodbye kiss.  “I love you, Jason.”  Wow!  I think that’s the first time I told Jason that!


I look at Jason and he’s holding back a tear.  “I love you too, Alex Blackman.”  We hug again and I open the door to leave.  “Don’t forget to ask Glenn and Mike about meeting Ethan,” he says.


“I’ll remember,” I tell him, and then I’m down the steps and on my way home.


= = =


The next morning as I get on the bus, I see that Jason’s post-hypnotic suggestion has worked.  Paul is sitting in the middle of the bus, but he does have his own seat.  I walk back and join him.


“Sup, Paul?”


“It’s a great day to be alive.”


“What brought that on?”


“I really don’t know, but I’m not going to chase it away.  How’s your day starting off?”


“It’s really good.  I haven’t had any problems with the ‘rents in weeks.  That alone is worth smiling about.”


“I know what you mean.  Now that the charges are being dropped against Jordan, my folks are getting back to normal, too.  Let’s hope it stays that way.”


“Amen!  What’s up for the weekend?”


“Just hanging at home tonight, but tomorrow Maggie and I are going to the movies.  Then Sunday I’m going with Maggie to her grandmother’s house.”


“Geeze!  When’s the wedding?”


“Look, Blackman, if you wanna get laid you have to play by the rules.  When are you gonna get a girlfriend so you can pop your cherry?”


“It’ll be a while, Paul.  I still need money to support a girl, and it doesn’t look so good in the job market… unless you want to finance me.”


“Oh look… we’re at school.  See you later, Alex.”


“Ah yes… the fair weather friend.  Hehe.  Have fun this weekend, Paul.  I’ll see you in Chemistry.”


We got off the bus and I walked over to Glenn and Mike’s locker area.  They were talking with Ron Conrad, so at least that is still going well.


“Hey guys!”


They each greeted me and as I start talking with Glenn, Ron takes off for his first class.


“Guys, Jason and I met a new gay guy yesterday.  We told him that we had a few more gay friends and he said he hasn’t found any yet besides Jason and me.  Would you guys like to meet him?  It’s OK if you don’t.”


Mike looks to Glenn and they both shrug their shoulders.  “Sure, why not?” Glenn replies.


“Cool.  I’ll bring him over today at lunch.  But now I have to get to class.  I’ll see you at lunch… Oh yeah.  Will you be taking our bus tonight, or will you go home first and walk over?”


Mike spoke up.  “I think we’ll take your bus.  It’ll save some walking.”


“That’s great!  Hey, I gotta get going.  I’ll see you at lunch.”


= = =


Jason was in the cafeteria first today and Glenn and Mike were next.  I was enjoying my shower after PhysEd, so I was a couple of minutes late.  I realized that I was the only one who knew that Glenn and Mike had said they’d like to meet another gay guy, so I introduced them to Ethan again and all three of them looked at me like I was crazy.


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, almost in a whisper, “I told you guys that I’d introduce you to another gay guy at lunch.”  A little bit louder I said, “I just have,” and I smiled.  It took a few seconds, but the three guys finally figured it out.


“Ooooohhhh!”  That was Mike as he realized what I meant.  Then he shook Ethan’s hand again.  “It really is good to meet you, Ethan!”


“Yeah, Ethan, I’m glad to meet you too.”  And that was Glenn.


“Are you guys boyfriends?” Ethan asked.  They smiled and nodded.


“That explains a lot.  Now I think I know why you leave right after you eat,” concluded Ethan.


They giggled.  “Speaking of leaving, we’re finished eating.  We have to go for our ‘walk’ now,” Glenn said, and the boys got up smiling, and left.


“Wow.  I think I’m jealous.  Hehe.”


“I know, right?  Speaking of boyfriends, Jason and I are becoming more than just friends too.”


“God knows we’ve been fighting it,” Jason added.


“Awww… I wish you guys the best.”


“Ethan, so you’ve never had a boyfriend?”


“Not really.  I’ve met a lot of boys that I like, but I’m always afraid to let them know that I’m gay.  Rejection, or worse, is scaring the hell out of me.”


“We’ll keep our eyes open for any unattached guys for you,” I offered.


“That would be great, but don’t tell them what you’re doing.  I’d rather just meet them and see what happens, if you know what I mean.”


“Don’t worry, neither of us are matchmakers,” Jason said.


“I’ve only got another year here, so even if I have to wait for college, it won’t really be that long a wait.  At least now I know some other gays I can vent with.  I guess my biggest question is whether I’ll go to U of A or Arizona State.  I’ve been accepted at both.”


“Are you out to your family yet?”  Again, that was Jason.


“Almost.  I told my brother and sister and my mom, but Mom suggested that I wait until the last tuition check clears before I let Dad know.”


“Haha!  That’s funny, but kinda sad, too.  My Dad knows I’m gay and he has no problem with it.  Mom died years ago, but Dad hasn’t remarried… yet.”


“Jason outed me to my dad!  He was so pissed that he drove off in a huff.”


“Jason!  You didn’t!  What were you thinking?”


“Haha.  Blackman, I’m gonna smack you silly!  Ethan, what really happened was Alex’s dad came home from work early one night.  We were in the driveway, in the DARK I might add.  Alex and I just got there and I was about to go home and gave Alex a kiss goodnight.  Just then, Alex’s dad turned in the driveway.  We froze like deer in the headlights and Mr. Blackman just backed out of the driveway and drove off.”


“Haha.  Yeah, and then I went inside and I had to tell Mom before Dad told her.  That was an interesting night, to say the least.  It all ended well, though.  Mom still loved me and when Dad came home, he came up to my room and scared the hell out of me; he fricken HUGGED me!  He said, ‘I love you Alex.’  Talk about unexpected.  So yeah, Jason outed me.  If he didn’t want to kiss me, Dad would never have caught us.”


“God!  I’m glad that turned out OK for you guys.”


While Ethan was talking, the bell rang, ending lunch.  We picked up our stuff and, after dropping off our trays and trash, we went to our next classes.


= = =


When classes were over for the day, I met Jason, Glenn and Mike at the bus stop and we found seats on the bus near Paul.  He was actually sitting with one of the freshmen and they were having an animated conversation.  He almost missed us when we sat down.


“It looks like someone has turned over a new leaf, eh, Paul?”


“Kiss off, Blackman.  Hahaha.”


“Aw.  And I thought it was ‘Sit on the Bus with a Freshman’ day.”  Paul’s new friend cracked up at that one.


Paul introduced us to Jimmy, the freshman, and the bus took off.  The ride seemed faster than usual with all the teasing Paul and I were doing to each other, and before we knew it, we were at our stop.  We said goodbye to Paul and Jimmy and exited the bus.


The walk to Jason’s house didn’t take long and when we entered the kitchen, Jason and I got the popcorn and Cokes going.  While the popcorn was being nuked, Mike and Glenn took their turns in the bathroom just off the kitchen.  We talked about how we were looking forward to swimming today and in next to no time, the popcorn was gone and we walked out to the pool.


Glenn and Mike were still a little bashful about stripping in front of us, so we did our best not to look at them as they removed their clothes.  Soon enough, Jason and I were running full tilt to the pool and we cannon-balled our way into the water.  Fortunately, the clothes were never in danger of getting wet.


“Last one in the pool is gay!”


“Hahaha!  So are the first three, knucklehead.”


“Oh… I guess it doesn’t matter then.”


“No, Jason, not a bit.”


Jason and I put up a net in the middle of the pool for volleyball.  In no time at all, the game was on.  Naturally, it was Glenn and Mike against Jason and me.  At least we weren’t creamed like we were in water polo last time.  We could easily hold our own against them.  In fact, we won the first game, while Glenn and Mike won to the second.  We were on the third game when we decided to switch partners, so it was Glenn and Jason against Mike and me.  Mike and I knew our boyfriends weaknesses, so we did our best to take advantage of them.  The only problem was that they knew ours, too.


But we were great sports in game three.  In the first two games we would kiss our partners when we scored.  In the third game, we kissed our opponents.  Hehe.  This worked out well.  Everyone received a kiss on every point.  By the end of the game (which Mike and I won) everyone was showing wood.  Next came the fun part…


Like the last time Glenn and Mike were over, Glenn and I sat on the edge of the pool while Mike and Jason drove us crazy with their attention.  Jason brought me almost to climax and then he’d back off as he kissed my stomach and chest, and let me settle down a bit.  He did this six times before I developed a hair-trigger and fired as soon as he took me in his mouth the seventh time.  Jason didn’t seem very surprised.  Then I remembered his power.  The bum knew exactly what he was doing.  Hehe.


Mike was trying the same thing with Glenn.  He knew his partner well enough to judge when he was ready to shoot, and he’d back off at the last minute, causing Glenn to never quite go over the line.  Like me, Glenn could only take so much stimulation before there was no backing off, regardless of what Mike was doing.  I was coming down from my orgasm when I looked over and realized that Glenn could no longer be stopped.  Unlike Jason, Mike seemed to be surprised when the dam broke and Glenn flooded his mouth.  But Mike was a great player and he refused to spill a drop.  Like last time, Glenn and I slid off the edge of the pool and kissed our partners.


Hahaha!  Jason still had all of my cum in his mouth and he transferred it to mine.  I was so surprised that I swallowed it.  I still had some on my tongue, so I licked it off on Jason’s forehead.  Let’s see him lick that off.  Hehe.


I looked over and saw that Mike was already sitting on the side of the pool, so I helped Jason up, and when he bent over to kiss me again, I licked his forehead again.  Jason was laughing his ass off.  He stopped abruptly when I swallowed him to the root.  As I was bobbing on him, he shared his bio-feedback with me.  What he felt, I felt.  It had never been this intense before.  This went on for several minutes.  Just as he had done to me, I was bringing Jason almost to the edge and then backing away.  Finally I felt Jason beginning to orgasm.  The head of his penis grew larger in my mouth and I could feel the pulsing in his urethra as the cum was pumping to its release.


Then it happened.  I had closed my eyes for a moment…  When I opened them I saw that we were in midair, above the pool.  Looking down I saw that Glenn and Mike were staring at us, and Jason still had his eyes closed… until he read the panicked emotions I was sending to him.  I did the only thing I could do.  I released us and we splashed down in the water.


“Whoa!  How the heck did you guys do that?” Glenn asked.


“I-I think I just kicked off the floor of the pool.  That was insane!” I said, hoping we didn’t float in the air too long.  “I don’t think I could do that again if I tried!  That was so awesome!”


Jason picked up my cue and moved away from me and over to Mike and Glenn.  He bumped into Mike’s knee and, seemingly realizing he had done it, he turned and jumped away with a “Sorry man,” and bumped into Glenn.  A split second later he asked if anyone wanted another Coke.  Mike and Glenn both said they did.  Realizing that Jason had just erased the incident from their memories, I said I was ready for another one too.


As Jason walked past me to get to the ladder, I whispered, “Nice save!”  He smiled.


Jason grabbed a towel and walked into the house for the Cokes.  We followed him out of the pool and I got three more towels for Glenn, Mike and me.  As I walked back to them, I tossed a towel to each and we dried off before going to one of the tables on the patio to wait for Jason.  That only took a minute.


When Jason got back, he set the Cokes in the middle of the table and we helped ourselves.  Then Jason said, “Alex, tell Glenn and Mike your dream.”


I did, and as I was coming to the end of the story, I noticed a very confused look on Glenn’s face.  “What’s the matter, Glenn?  It was only a dream.”


“Yeah, but two weeks ago my dad returned from a trip to Chicago and he told me that a friend of his was coming to visit.  He wanted me to see if I could entertain the guy’s two sons… Tim and Mike.  He said that his friend Pete had adopted his sister’s son and the son of his best friend.  His sister and the other parents were killed in the meltdown at Raccoon City last year.  Although Tim wasn’t Pete’s nephew, he always called him Uncle Pete since he was over so often.  What the heck, Alex, are you psychic?”


I just shrugged, then I stole a glance at Jason, who was also shrugging.  “That’s quite a coincidence,” I told him.


“Yeah, that’s probably all it is,” Jason agreed.


Then the conversation shifted to other things.  Finally, Glenn and Mike had to go home.  Jason offered to let them rinse off in the shower, but they said they were almost dry already.  Then I realized that we had been naked since we got out of the pool and no one seemed to feel uncomfortable.  Glenn and Mike even brought their clothes over to the table and started dressing while facing us, as we continued talking.  I’ll have to ask Jason if he had anything to do with that.  Before long, they were dressed and Jason and I hugged Glenn and Mike.  They didn’t seem to notice that we were still naked.  That was good.


When they left, I asked Jason if he had ‘helped’.  He said he didn’t.  And when we took our shower to rinse the chlorine off, I gave him a ‘special’ thanks for helping me with my floating stunt.


Then I went home.


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