Over the past few weeks the Vampire Warehouse, forum to the GFD Blood Bank, has been transformed into a battleground.  Werewolves in lab coats have left several of our vampire leaders under siege, stranded within the warehouse’s basement.  Thus far the vampires have been able to hold their ground, but their walls have been penetrated on numerous occasions.

Fortification is failing, and our numbers are dwindling.  These werewolves are relentless.  The fact of the matter is, without reinforcements, the Vampire Warehouse will be overrun, and soon.

This is a call to arms!  Any and all vampires are needed to help battle the masses before it’s too late.  Without your help, the Vampire Warehouse will fall and in its place will mark the Rise of the Lycan’s Generic Pharmaceutical Pharmacy.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Werewolves are ferocious enough as they are.  Imagine how much stronger they will become when disease and infection are no longer an issue.

So please, put on your armour, unsheathe your swords and help defend what is rightfully ours.  Bring your journals with you and keep a record of your progress so that our scribes can put your heroic actions in the history books.

Once the battle has been won, send your records to turtleboy@imagine.csob.me

May The Great Comicality be with you, Brothers.

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