Gather round, young ones, and let me tell you of the olden days!

When the internet was still young and many people had to listen to the lovely sounds of dial up modems, a small community was founded in a dark corner of the web. It was just a little shack out back, but it was growing fast. Bright rainbow colored light drove out the darkness, the walls were plastered with pictures of shirtless eye candy, and all kinds of creatures gathered to join the community. There were ducks and dragons and wolves, there were boys and men from every corner of the world, and there were even some of those mythical creatures called ‘girls’. Of course there was always some bickering going on among the Shackers, as they came to call themselves, just like in any other family. For that’s what they were, a family. And the glue that held the family together, the main reason why all those different people had come together, was a guy with the colorful name ‘Comicality’.

Most Shackers liked to stay anonymous, and yet they were wondering if they had ever met another Shacker out on the streets, at the ballpark, or maybe at a Hanson concert. After all, the world is small and who knew how many lurkers were hanging around, building up the courage to join the party. The solution was simple: they needed a secret sign to recognize each other by. But what? The sign had to be connected to Comicality, but it had to be something that could easily be explained away to any outsider who might see it and ask about it. That’s how the C was born. For one week, every Shacker would draw a capital C on the back of his hand with a permanent marker (rumor has it that it had to be the hand that was used for masturbating). Then they would just go after their normal business, but always keeping an eye out for that magical letter on other people’s hands.

Now I don’t know if anybody found another Shacker that way. And I don’t know any of the stories that were told to explain that sign. But I do know that it was a huge success, if only because it made so many people paint their hands and feel good about themselves for belonging to such a great community. For one week they could proudly show who they were, even if many of them didn’t have the courage yet to show it any other way.

You really had to C it to believe it!



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