Trick or Treat, by Wolfie


Halloween – the perfect excuse to put on a silly costume, get drunk and make a fool of yourself in public. Or to go out into town and watch all the drunken fools in silly costumes. Either way, it would be a fun night.

I was sitting at Fat Tuesday’s with a couple of friends, slurping a tasty Screaming Coyote daiquiri. The place was packed with young people from the nearby college, many of them in costumes, most of them at least a little buzzed already. That year’s favorite costume appeared to be the horny priest, judging from all the guys in robes and roman collars and with big fake bulges. Though there were quite a few pimps with fancy feathered hats strutting up and down the street as well.

While I was trying to decide if I should have another Screaming Coyote or switch to a Sex On The Beach, a couple of girls came over to our table. “Excuse me, are you gay?” one of them asked me. “Uh, actually yes, I am.” I replied. “How can you tell?” As it turned out, it wasn’t because she had good gaydar. “Well, doesn’t it say ‘Too cute to be straight’ on your shirt?” She got me there!

With that question answered, the girls explained why they had come over. They wanted to play a trick on one of their guy friends and were offering to buy me another daiquiri if I would help them out. They were going to dare the guy to kiss another guy (i.e. me) and snap a few pictures of it. I was a bit hesitant at first, wondering what they would do with those pictures later after everyone had sobered up again. But all my doubts vanished when I actually saw the guy and I just thought, “Hell, this may just be a trick for those girls, but it sure would be a treat for me!” So I agreed to play along.

The girls started working on their friend right away, trying to get him to agree to the dare. I tried to read his face from a distance to judge his reaction while they were talking. Most guys would balk at such a dare, but this was Arizona and ASU was known as one of the top party schools where students would do almost anything to have fun. Sure enough, the guy just shrugged, grinned and said, “Why not?”

He came over to me and said, “Hey, I’m David. Let’s do this thing and earn ourselves some drinks!” With that David sat down on my lap, put his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. All around us girls hooted and cheered, guys laughed and cellphone cameras flashed. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. The kiss lasted much longer than I expected, and at one time there was even a little tongue involved. David didn’t seem to mind my hands on his butt either. It felt like he was getting a little excited down there too. I definitely was!

We got a big round of applause when the kiss finally broke. With a quick, “Bye!” David went back to his friends, a goofy grin on his face. I enjoyed my free drink and continued chatting and people watching with my buddies.

As we all know, you never buy a drink, you only rent it, so eventually I made my way to the bathroom to return it. I had barely pulled the zipper down when another guy stepped to the next urinal. It was David, still grinning sheepishly. “Hi again!” he said. “That was fun, wasn’t it? We should do it again.” I noticed that his eyes kept wandering down to my open zipper and it finally dawned on me – that guy was just as queer as I was. No wonder he didn’t hesitate to accept the dare.

Thanks to the alcohol in my system, I was quick to reply, “Your place or mine?” David’s smile grew even wider when he wrote his address on a paper towel and told me that he’d meet me there in an hour.

It was turning out to be a very happy Halloween!

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