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The wolf stood quietly in the corner, observing the crowd, scanning it, watching it closely. It had taken his eyes a while to adjust to the semidarkness, but now he could make out all that was going on around him. All kinds of animals had come together peacefully tonight to celebrate. Wild animals from the forests and deserts, domesticated animals from the farms and ranches, even some pampered pets. There were so many animals packed in a fairly small and enclosed space that the wolf felt slightly claustrophobic. But he was fighting down the feeling, building up the courage to leave his dark corner and join the others. And as his anxiety went down, his excitement went way up.

Eventually the wolf started to move towards the hot mass of bodies. Many of them were rubbing and grinding against each other, slowly dancing to the soft music that was playing. A tiger noticed the wolf and motioned for him to come closer, encouraging him to become a part of the big pack. When they were finally face to face with each other, the tiger put his soft paws around the wolf and pulled him close, caressing his fur, tenderly rubbing his belly. The wolf just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

Soon other animals joined the pair. A bright blue cat, a flamboyant poodle, a gray donkey, a woolly lamb, and many more. He could feel their paws and muzzles all over his body. The heat coming off their bodies made the wolf sweat. He was panting now, getting more and more excited. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that the party would be this great.

After what seemed like hours, the wolf left the dance floor to get some refreshments. He was parched and drenched in sweat. Just as he was ordering a drink at the bar, the tiger appeared next to him and purred seductively. Apparently he wasn’t going to let the wolf get away that easily. Not that the wolf minded, he really enjoyed the tiger’s company and the soft touch of his paws. They sipped some tasty cocktails through straws before they made their way into a dark corner where they continued to make out for a while. Eventually though, they had to let go of each other when the party was closing down. The tiger handed the wolf a card with an email and internet address, growled a last time and vanished through the thinning crowd.

The wolf left as well and headed to his car in the parking lot. There he removed his suit, looked at the card again and smiled. It had been his very first furry party, but it surely wouldn’t be his last.

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