Blue Rose


Like the lone horizon,

Distinct only at a distance,

The angel’s summit and

A mortal’s grass bed.


Like the sunlit edge neither

Ship nor lark can reach.

Existing only so that we

May know true beauty.


Like seeking the light

And warmth, every day.

Yet turning a blind eye from

The pain of blazing beams.



Like standing in heavy rain,

Happily suffering violent

Whippings, to know the awe

Of unearthly lightning.


Like the beauty of the

Discharge that unites

Two souls, only to scorch

And pierce a distant third.


Like the passion of a

Sacrifice, unrecognized,

To bring fruit to the whole

So that the third half may die.



Like throwing a bottle

Into the ocean, a frail

Parchment, lined with a

Love that could never be.


Unattainable, like you.

Unattainable, like a blue rose.


Lil’ Octopus

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