Comsie's Fun Facts


#1- Superman was actually the first official ‘comic book‘ ever printed. Before then, they were all merely short, solitary, strips in the newspaper.


#2- The very first Captain America comic book cover has a dashing picture of him bursting into 3rd Reich Germany and physically punching Adolf Hitler in the mouth! (As was parodied in the recent Marvel movie). Hitler actually responded in anger to this cover in real life, even calling Captain America a ‘Jew’.


#3- The creator of the Wonder Woman character (And her magic lasso that made you tell the truth)… was also the inventor of the lie detector.


#4- Stan Lee is known for making a cameo appearance in many of the Marvel made blockbusters of the past 10 to 15 years. But does he appear in ALL of them? The answer is no. Stan Lee intentionally avoids being seen in movies based on some of the darker, more violent, Marvel characters. So if you’re looking for him to pop up in movies like “Blade”, “The Punisher”, or “Ghost Rider”… don’t hold your breath.


#5- Conan The Barbarian was a comic book first. The Schwarzenegger movie came much, much later.


#6- The Sam Raimi “Spiderman” movie was originally going to be directed by “Terminator/Aliens/Titanic/Avatar” director, James Cameron. Even before he started work on “Terminator 2”. But after years and YEARS of disputes over ownership rights and legal red tape, the script and budget and the whole idea was abandoned completely. It was another 10 years before anyone even attempted to make it again.


#7- Is Superman Jewish? Speculation continues with the belief that, YES… he is! The story of Superman is allegedly a sci-fi re-telling of the story of the childhood of Moses (Except, instead of his parents putting him in a basket and sending him down the Nile River, he was put into a spaceship and sent to Earth), mixed with the stories of immigration to America from a destroyed and war torn country. (Like many early immigrants traveled to the US once Hitler came to power.) The idea of ‘The Superman’ is a much older concept that Charles Darwin embraced in many of his theories, and was later embraced by Hitler as well during the Holocaust. In the comic books, Superman’s birth name is ‘Kal-El’. In Hebrew… the word Kal-El can be roughly translated to…’The Voice Of God’.


#8- The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book was NOTHING like the movies or the cartoons that followed! In fact, the comics were so dark and so violent that the blood in the book had to be drawn ‘black’ instead of red to meet the demands of the comic book code. And instead of fighting actual flesh and blood ninjas, the Foot Clan members had to be turned into androids for the animated series.


#9- One of the reasons that older comic books are so valuable and rare these days is because many parents and guardians got rid of their children’s collections to support the war effort during WWII. Comic books that might have sold for MILLIONS today… probably just ended up in a recycling trash bin somewhere.


#10- A female character was added to the Batman series, not by choice, but by force. The writers were ordered to give Bruce Wayne a love interest because the concept of him being a bachelor, with only a young boy as his live-in companion, was much too racy an issue to have in a comic book.

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