There is a plethora of good story telling packed into its forty pages of text. The author uses good descriptors and writes the story in such a way that it seems as though the reader is watching a movie being played out instead of it being read. With statements such as “It’s like a big glittering Vegas marquee with the words ‘I’m Totally GAY’ sprawled across it, surrounded by digitized dancing men in sailor uniforms and thong underwear, singing show tunes while their families look on in shame,” the story is packed with easy visualizations.

The character dialog is smooth flowing and even though going back and forth between different characters with environmental descriptors being placed in-between, the dialog is easy to follow.

The story details the emotions that are well known to most that have had similar situations in their lives while dealing with homosexuality, and continuing to try to fit in with society’s definitions of normal behavior.  The author clearly depicts the emotions that one would go through and the doubts that may interfere with going ahead and seeking a possible outcome that could bring happiness and fulfillment to the main characters.

One of the main characters, Gary, is torn between his longing to have a happy life, wanting to accept his homosexuality and the fear of rejection that might come from acting on that longing, and being ostracized from his family and society as a whole. The author creates an interesting twist on this fear with the introduction of Jamie and the possibility that even though he has given Gary indications that he is interested in him, he could just be playing some cruel joke.

An interesting thing to point out is that while the author gives a description of the characters, he leaves the reader room to fill in the blanks, so to speak, on what the characters look like so that the reader places his own interests as to what beauty is in the visualizations that are obtained from the reading.

The sex scene in the story is slightly long, but tastefully written. The author once again shows his mastery of the descriptive and leaves the reader a sensuous road map to follow to the climatic conclusion. The scene is written almost as if the author were giving the reader bonus material as the story will carry itself without it.

Thru and thru a great read and well worth the price. Five stars across the board.

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