It happened on Halloween, of all days.  Comicality was pounding away on his keyboard, trying to get his next chapter done in time for the following morning so that he could fall into a deep, candy-coma, when all of a sudden: blood.  Lots and lots of blood.  It was gushing profusely, spraying all over his monitor and keyboard.  It was like each one of his fingertips had decided to explode simultaneously… and they did.

It was a bloody mess.  Looking at his keyboard, it was impossible to distinguish the ‘G’ key from the ‘H’, not that you could see a difference on a regular day, as Comicality writes so much that the typeface on each key had long-since faded away.

No one can say that we didn’t see this coming.  Comicality writes and releases more stories than anyone on the Internet that any of us know about.  In the past month alone, Comicality has published more than 10 chapters to several of his most popular stories, including Billy Chase, Gone From Daylight, Jesse 101 and Waiting Outside The Lines.

In the hospital, Comicality is facing multiple surgeries.  Doctors are admittedly baffled at what to do to fix the problem.  There have been numerous ideas, but the lead seems to be padding Comsie’s fingertips with industrial strength silicone and lots and lots of skin grafts.

Because Comicality writes all of his stories for free, the hospital bills are going to bankrupt him, which is why we, as his faithful followers, must step up and show him the support he well and truly needs and deserves.  Donate to the “Save Comsie’s Fingers Fund” by either buying his Kindle eBooks or visiting the Shack Forum and donating as much as you can scrounge up.

We need Comsie’s fingers back, if for no other reason than selfishness: we love his writing, and without his fingertips we’ll never read another of his stories again.  So support the Save Comsie’s Finger Fund today: or

In the meantime, however, I vote that we change Comsie’s name to Stumpy.

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