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#1- Studies show that people read 25% slower on computer screens than they do text on actual paper.
#2- “Facetiously” is one of the only words in the English language that contains all 5 common vowels (And the letter “Y”) in alphabetical order.
#3- You can actually see your own nose at all times, all day, every day. But by a very young age, your brain has trained itself to block it out. (Hehehe, you’re looking at it right now, aren’t ya?)

#4- Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, was an extra in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”.

#5- If you were to eat an entire polar bear liver, chances are you’ll die from it. Human beings can’t handle that much vitamin A.

#6- Your fingers don’t actually have any muscles in them. The muscles that move the fingers are all located in the palm and forearm.

#7- Honey is one of the only foods that doesn’t spoil. Like…ever. You could feasibly eat 3000 year old honey from ancient Egypt and be just fine. (I wouldn’t advise it though. I’ll just take their word on that one)

#8- The first on-screen kiss between two members of the same sex was in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1922 movie “Manslaughter”.

#9- The word ‘Terrific’ was never meant to be a compliment. The actual definition of ‘Terrific’ is “To make terrible”.

#10- Until recently, when the law was changed…the Age Of Consent for minors at the Vatican was TWELVE! The youngest Age Of Consent in all of Europe (And pretty much everywhere else in the world). Since the Vatican is technically considered its own country and can make its own laws…as long as they have sexual relations with a minor within the walls of the Vatican itself…they cannot be charged with any sort of sexual misconduct. Umm…wow….


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