It was announced on the Shack Forum near the end of October that Johnny had stroked luck with his bare hands and won thousands of pounds in the lottery.  The post itself seemed innocent enough, as he had declared that he would be spending his fortune on Christmas gifts for the family.

Unfortunately, money corrupts even the most innocent of souls.  Our dear Johnny fell victim to temptation and hopped a plane to Brazil, where he was later seen exiting a ‘hotel’ surrounded by 30 UbEr-sexy boys.  He would have gotten away with his sexcapades if it wasn’t for the fact that he had bragged about a temporary tattoo that he had gotten on his inner-forearm of a nude Bort.

This tattoo was seen exiting the brothel, while Johnny attempted to hide underneath a blanket.  Little did Johnny know that several other Shack members frequent this exact ‘hotel’.  After recognizing the tattoo, Johnny was followed to a rented mansion where he was seen hogging all the hotties to himself.

We haven’t yet reached out to Johnny for comments.  We’re hoping, after seeing this article, that he’ll confess to his betrayal and share all of the super-sexy details with us.

So, Johnny, if you’re reading this: BUSTED!  Now please share.

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